Celebrities on HGH: New Fountain of Youth

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HGH has seen the “who-is-who” in the celebrity world line up to get an ounce of this newfound fountain of youth. In a celebrity world where looks matter a lot, very few would want to be left out of this new wonder hormone.  

Those who have used it can attest to the numerous benefits that come with it. From increased libido to weight loss, delayed aging, and faster healing, HGH has left no room for doubt about its wonder-working capability. Here is a list of ten celebrities on HGH who considers HGH as their new fountain of youth.

Celebrities using HGH

Sylvester Stallone

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s you probably know him as rocky or rather Rambo. Now picture that perfect body and well build up muscles, impressive right?

Mr. Stallone was once found by the Australian Airport authorities carrying HGH vials. This was the first time this celebrated action figure owned up to having used HGH. In an interview after the incident, Mr. Stallone had this to say;

“…the important thing about HGH is that it takes all the wear and tear…the power to recuperate is very limited so all it does is that it expedites”

If you have seen Stallone in action then you can agree the outcome is pretty impressive.

Nick Nolte

Nick has had one of the most successful careers in the film industry. The seventy-seven year has been part of more than eighty films and TV shows in his career. Despite what he looks like now, Mr. Nolte had his moments in his hay-days. His looks earned the title of the sexiest man alive by the People magazine in 1992. In an interview with Larry King, Mr. Nolte admitted to having used HGH.

“I had a frozen rotator cuff that I’d been working on for five years, and after this testosterone and growth hormone, I was able to free it, and it came back”

That was back in 2000 when he first noticed that he was aging and parts of his body weren’t as it used to be. Thanks to HGH, he was able to revitalize them.

Oliver Stone

When looking for an action movie idea, Oliver Stone is your man.

Oliver has made a career out of writing some of the kickass movies ever seen. Starting from Scarface, War drama platoon and born on the fourth of July among other award-winning movies. This 72-year-old world-renowned scriptwriter has acknowledged the benefits of HGH terming it as “fitness-boosting and energizing.”

50 cent

In an investigation carried out by the government probe into the use of HGH and testosterone, 50 cents, Mary J Blige, Timberland among other entertainment moguls’ names came cropping up. The sudden rush of this new anti-aging agent has been at the center of the cosmetic and plastic surgery center in the recent past. It is quite understandable for someone like 50 cent to be inclined to use HG. After such a near-death experience in May 2000, who wouldn’t want to live to the fullest?

Suzanne Sommers

Suzanne, a 72-year-old business lady, actor and health spokesperson doesn’t look her age. While her age mates are battling with old age in homes, Suzanne is still as vibrant as a fifty-year-old. Her identity over the years has been that of a real health enthusiast. She admits to taking HGH to cushion her from the effects of aging.

“I take just what has been lost in the aging process to keep my system running optimally and protect against the diseases of aging.”

Looking at her today, the HGH must have clearly worked!

Tyler Perry

Tyler was also caught up in the 50 cent HGH and steroid probe. Much as he is not significantly as muscular as 50 cent. Even without the ripped abs and full biceps, Tyler still looks great. He probably used the HGH for its weight loss effect, if so, then it definitely worked!

Those who don’t know him, he is the face and brain behind Madea. Or did you think that Madea Simmons was someone’s vindictive grandma?

Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte is a former Yankees pitcher with an impressive track record of 2020 strikeouts and 219 wins. Behind his impressive repertoire of off-speed pitches and curveball is the energizing influence of HGH. He admits to using this hormone to speed his recovery from his injury.

“In 2002 I was injured. I had heard that human growth hormone could promote faster healing for my elbow,”

This particular injury cost him two days of his career. It was the first time he was benched because of an injury in his entire career. Thanks to the fast recovery ability of HGH, Andy was able to get back on the field within a short period of time.

Dwayne Johnson

Did you smell what The Rock was cooking? It looks like HGH was part of the recipe.

Dwayne Johnson aka the rock will definitely be remembered as the most muscular actor in the history of the film industry. From being a professional football player to a professional wrestler to an impressive actor, Dwayne’s career has been anything but dull.

It was only in 2016 when he was arrested by the Australian authorities for allegedly trafficking HGH and steroids that his secret was revealed. Although there were some unclarified rumors surrounding the whole incidence, I must say the results were pretty impressive.

Will Smith

Is it just me or does Will Smith looks nothing of his age? I mean does he even grow old?

Many fifty-year-olds would be battling with potbellies and grossly wrinkled faces but not Will Smith. Will Smith has been a media sensation since he was 17 years old. Frankly very little has changed in terms of his talent humor and most importantly his physique. He is definitely juicing up with HGH. Or is he a vampire?

Dixie Carter

Talk about beauty and brains in a man’s world, Dixie Carter comes to mind.

Dixie Carter is a businesswoman known best for her former role as a promoter and chairperson of impact wrestling. Dixie Carter is the complete package of both looks and brains. To augment the perfect look, Dixie admits to using HGH for its “fountain of youth” properties. To her, it is all about looking and feeling younger.

I do not know about you, but for me, if celebrities on HGH made what they are today, then sign me up for the next vial!