The Dangers of Low Testosterone and Its Fatal Symptoms

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What are the dangers of Low Testosterone?

You may be at risk for severe medical problems like a sudden heart attack if your level of testosterone is close to zero. A treatment shall lower that risk for you. Low testosterone has dangers but not just like the typical danger because it can also cost you your life. So, What are the dangers of low testosterone?

Research revealed that low levels of testosterone can lead to higher risk or cardiac arrest in men.  

A Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute study team published their study findings in the Heart Rhythm. The study examined levels of the sexual hormone in 149 patients. These patients experienced sudden heart attacks. The study found that the patients have low levels of testosterone and high levels of estradiol among women and men.

“Because [unexpected cardiac arrest] is generally fatal, we are continuously looking for behaviors to forecast which patients are vulnerable so we focus on preventive measures,” said Sumeet Chugh, MD, an author of the study, in a certain news release that goes along with the result of the publication. “If experts wait until somebody has a [abrupt cardiovascular arrest], it is generally too late for a cure.”

This kind of development has the potential to unsettle men in Puerto Vallarta, CA who have not that much active life that can boost the levels of the hormone testosterone. If the effects of low levels of the hormone testosterone become apparent, there are solutions and treatment available at HGH Vallarta.

You can ask for a consultation, free of charge with your preferred specialist that can help determine your current levels of testosterone and subject you to a full medical examination.

Through a testosterone treatment program at Puerto Vallarta can give a perfect solution to low levels of testosterone. Your specialist will supervise the testosterone injection or if you want you can ask for self-administered creams that can be absorbed by the body.

It is never late to take care of your body even at your golden age. Specialists and doctors who are knowledgeable and well trained in low-T like HGH Vallarta are there to guide and work things with you.