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Do you remember going to school as a child and there was a fat kid in your class? He often got picked last in recess and get ridiculed on the reg by the bullies. Who, mind you, were usually tall and fat themselves.    

This poor kid would also have a nickname deemed to him. In my school, it was Chunk. But honestly, he was a bit of a jerk anyway, so he kind of deserved the title.

Fast forward to today, and things have changed quite a bit. There is usually a fit kid in class who gets picked last in recess, which barely exists these days and gets ridiculed by the bullies. And in this case, all of which are fat, and most are tall.

Nowadays, most of the kids in the class are fat and there are one or two thin kids. And bullying has gotten out of control. Neither one of them said scenarios are cool or acceptable, and they need to be stopped.

What has happened?

You may be wondering where this is all headed, so let’s put things into perspective. If the fat kid, the skinny kid, and the bullies all changed their diets, there just may have been some solidarity and decorum.

All kids involved would be able to come to a healthier weight, they would have better brain function and they surely would’ve been able to better control their hormones. Thus, putting them in a better mood.

This would lead to better grades, better relationships, less angst, fewer fights, and more high fives during gym class. And the exact same thing can happen today. Provided gym class still exists, which is another reason for all this commotion to occur. But that’s a whole other conversation.

How does this affect you?

Great question! Here’s how it affects you. When you go through an HGH cycle, you are really trying to create order in your system. Much like those in school, years ago. You want balance, you want harmony and you want peace.

All of this can be made possible by losing the excess pounds you’ve accumulated over the years. Part of this revolves around focusing your attention on HGH before and after you lose weight. But there is another element you have to take into serious consideration. It’s called diet.

HGH Diet Variation

If you check the archives, you’ve already been told about the importance of keeping your diet clean and healthy to get the best results with your HGH dosage. But here’s something that you may have neglected—HGH diet variation.

Just what does this mean? Well, even the good-intentioned folk who take up the practice of following a prefabbed diet plan might find success in the beginning. But over the course of time, the weight loss suddenly comes to a halt, which leaves them feeling depressed, alone, alienated and like their existence is in question.

Well, maybe not that drastic. But they do end up feeling frustrated. And then they try another diet plan, only to go down the same road of frustration once again.

Sooner or later, they say screw it and go back to eating junk food all day long. That’s called a relapse, which never yields anything good in the way of results.

And this is where the variation comes in. Simply put, yes follow a healthy diet that is rich in HGH and testosterone-boosting foods. Yes, eat healthy and clean. Yes, eat in a time-restricted window. And yes, try to always finish by 7 pm.

But… also vary the foods you eat, vary the amounts you consume, and vary your time-restricted windows.


OK, to make this a bit easier on your eye and ear, here is some more detailed information. Eating three meals a day between 9 am and 7 pm is a good example of time-restricted eating.

And if you are currently doing this, great job! But every week throws in a day of longer fasting, such as 24 hours. You will only be eating one meal on this day, instead of three.

Congratulations, you just shocked your system, so you will boost your metabolism.

You can also try this trick of the trade. Eat three meals a day between 9 am and 7 pm three days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then on Tuesday and Thursday eat two meals a day and eat between 11 am and 6 pm.

By following this alternating pattern, you keep your body guessing and it cannot adapt. The end result once again is a higher metabolism that can lead to more favorable weight loss.

Another problem with diet plans that is often not addressed is you end up eating the same thing over and over again with the same amount of calories. This is what leads to adaptation and plateauing.

The best way to avoid this is by alternating what you eat on a regular basis and having one feast day a week. For example, come up with a meal plan where you have something different every day of the week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Then on one day, eat a higher amount of calories than any other day of the week. That is your feast day or overfeeding day. This doesn’t mean, polish off a meatball sub pizza with spaghetti slathered across the top.

Still eat healthy foods. Just consume more. Once again, this will shock your system and prevent your body from adapting.

The Final Supper

It’s little changes like this that can cause your HGH Diet to work more efficiently for you. Give this thing called diet variation a try and enjoy the results you get. Not only will you be able to keep your body and mind in great shape, but you will also avoid the fat kid complex.