HGH for Muscle Growth: HGH Benefits

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People who have just come across HGH or human growth hormones, especially those who would like to start using it, often ask if is it effective to use HGH for muscle growth. Most also want to know how much muscle growth they will gain from HGH.   

Well, there is no standard answer as each person’s body reacts differently to HGH and the results depend on a few factors. When done in optimal conditions, most people gain about 20% to 30% of lean muscle during 4 to 5 months of usage. However, the results are only noticeable after 2 months of usage.

What are the factors which, affect muscle gain with the use of HGH? To name a few, the factors are genetics, age, diet, lifestyle, quantity, and quality of sleep, previous usage of steroids, and workout.

For first-time users of HGH Tijuana who are in fairly good health; who work out 3 to 5 times a week; who get an adequate amount of sleep; and who eat a protein-rich diet, there is a significant increase in muscle mass in 4 to 5 months. At just 4 IU per day, HGH can help an already physically active individual to gain 20 to 305 more muscle mass.

The initial HGH cycle will always have stellar results. The succeeding cycles will not be able to match the initial one because of a few things:

During the initial cycle, the high levels of HGH surprise the body. It helps expand the muscle ceiling by up to 30%.

After the initial HGH cycle, the ceiling is already pretty high and the body is only designed to retain just enough muscle needed for daily workout routines.

A physically active individual using growth hormones to build his muscles will eventually reach his muscle ceiling.

If you are new to HGH Tijuana and you want to build your muscle, you will be very happy to know that HGH can help you. Being able to push through your previous muscle-building limit should be enough motivation to try harder.

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