How Hot Yoga can Help you get the Perfect Dream Body

How Hot Yoga can Help you get the Perfect Dream Body

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Did someone say yoga? Perhaps the first vision you have of yoga is a roomful of ladies with yoga pants and tank tops on, holding themselves still in various positions while Zen-like music softly plays in the background. Let’s take a look at how Yoga can help with your Dream Body. 

Or, you may see a beach setting in Cancun where there is a refreshing breeze blowing and yoga mats strewn about with a batch of yoginis getting into position.

Either way, you would be predominantly right in thinking that yoga is a practice highly frequented by women. But… there is no sign outside any yoga studio that says, “Women only.” That means it’s fair game for you as a man, too.

So why not enter this world with all guns blazing? There’s not a thing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is probably even more beneficial for men because they tend to be more like walking cinderblocks than women.

And to go one step further, a particular style of yoga, known as hot yoga, can actually help you get the perfect Dream Body. Here are some of the ways how.

Fat Burn

We might as well start right at the top. A perfect Dream Body cannot have tufts of fat dripping off of it. Would you get advice on bodybuilding from someone who has a dicky-do? It’s not likely.

Well, hot yoga delivers bigtime in its ability to melt the fat around your belly, back, arms, cheeks, and everywhere in between. It’s an all-encompassing activity that can quickly get you down a few pounds in weeks.

If you have never visited a hot yoga studio before, just take this into account. A typical Bikram class, which is highly popular, is 108 degrees. You can sizzle your nuts in heat like that out on the streets from a seated position.

Just take a second and think about the impact yoga poses in heat like this can do. Instead of frying your sack, you can fry some calories for energy, and in turn, burn a lot of fat. This can get you one step closer to a Dream Body.

And Bikram is one of many classes you can find in a hot yoga setting. Most places have power yoga, yoga sculpt, yoga circuits, and many more. These are generally a little cooler at around 95 degrees. But they still get the job done in the fat-burning category.

Bendy Body, Baby!

There are good news and bad news about what you’re about to learn. When you do hot yoga, you are hyper-flexible. This makes you feel good about yourself because you didn’t know you could bend as far as you do.

However, when you leave and your body goes back to normal, you experience a bit of a wake-up call. The bottom line is, you get a false sense of flexibility that you may not have in all other hours of the day. But that being said, you DO improve flexibility drastically. And that is another component of having a perfect Dream Body.

So hot yoga can improve your range of motion and make you more resistant to injuries. This is a big bonus that is often overlooked with beefcake workouts. And as one more added bonus, it can improve your posture. Then you won’t be all hunched over and look like a dork when you are doing your beefcake exercises.

Strength to the Rescue

Hot yoga is not just about improving flexibility and posture, and burning fat. There is definitely a strong component about it that cannot be overlooked. When you are repeatedly going from plank to down-dog to chair pose to tabletop, your muscles get a high amount of activation.

This leads to more strength. And having strength is definitely part of also having a perfect Dream Body.


You can call it definition, muscle tone, being ripped, jacked, svelte, or cut. It’s really all closely related. And part of the perfect Dream Body is having a high amount of muscle definition with little body fat.

You already know that hot yoga can build strength. Well, the way this works is, your muscles get taxed through the medium of tension. In doing so, they get stronger, but they also grow in size and become more defined.

The end result is a favorable one. You end up looking more toned and you will gain more looks when you walk down the street with revealing clothing.


Do you know how many people are afraid to show their bodies in public? A very high amount! If you wrap all the advantages of hot yoga together, you would see that it has the ability to not only shape your body but also shape your confidence.

You may not think of confidence as part of having a perfect Dream Body, but it indirectly is. If you can walk around with your head held high, knowing that you worked hard to get into the shape you’re in, it can impact all other areas of your life.

Thus, having a perfect body applies to both the outside and inside.

Closing up Shop

There is never any better time than the present moment to obtain a perfect Dream Body. The question then becomes, what are you waiting for? No one is holding you back. And if they are, get rid of them because they’re a bad influence.

If you have never thought about hot yoga as a viable practice to get your body in the best shape ever, then you might want to change your thought process right now. Give it a spin and watch the magic happen.

Even if you were to do two classes a week, you can likely see improvements being made. But just know that a Dream Body takes a lot more work and attention to detail than that. You will achieve much better results with a daily regimen.