Human Growth Hormone HGH and Sleep

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Sleep does the body a lot of good. Aside from helping you regain your strength, sleep makes it easier for you to exercise. On the other hand, exercise also makes it easier for you to sleep and the human growth hormone of HGH is closely tied with both.  

The human growth hormone is an essential part of the body’s endocrine system and it is generally active during a child’s growing years. It is a must to note that it is not only the physiological factors, which make children taller. During sleep, HGH goes into the bloodstream and this process is a part of sleep’s repair and restoration function.

The human growth hormone is a complex protein that comes from the pituitary gland. Aside from its main function of growth promotion, it also helps preserve healthy tissues in the body even into adulthood. The release of the growth hormones is non continuous, the release can be more likened to a pulse. It has been proven scientifically that exercise and sleep help the release of the hormone. In healthy and normal people, the period for HGH release is during the initial phase of Stage 3 sleep at night.

If a man were to stay awake all night instead of go to sleep, there will be no surge in the release of human growth hormones. After a time of no sleep, extra hormone is released when sleep finally resumes and then the patterns deviates from what is normal during slow wave sleep or SWS.

There was an experiment done by scientists where they prevented people from seeing daylight and other environmental clues that tell them time. The subjects were able to see their own sleep schedule that became so different from the normal cycle.

The trial has been conducted plenty of times before and the only difference this time was that the scientists evaluated the blood levels of human growth hormones, as well as when the hormone is released. They discovered that there was a significant decrease of the levels of hormone levels released during sleep. They also found out that the SWS period of the night became shorter and the first REM period was early.

During middle age, the decreased quantities of human growth hormones in the body starts and this unique condition has prompted interest in the use of hormone supplements in order to retain youth and the body’s functions. There have been some reports of the efficacy of the supplement but it has been widely accepted. However, several medical authorities such as the FDA has not approved supplemental HGH although it has been approved for a few pathologies.

Famous personalities and elite athletes have been reported to use HGH and they do this in order to improve their performance. This is not in accordance to the rules of most sporting bodies and authorities frown upon the practice. Authorities look at the use of HGH as comparable to that of steroids. Doctors are against it even if it is for the improvement of one’s performance because there are various side effects connected to them.

On the other hand, the use of HGH is not as hazardous as the use of steroids. However, majority of the community in the medical field still does not accept the practice but the relationship between HGH and sleep cannot be denied. They also cannot deny the fact that good sleep leads to better performance.

ESPN, the famous sports channel, even had a write-up floating the notion that sleep it magic solution for athletic performance. Everyone knows and understands the necessity of regular and good sleep.

Athletes also suffer from lack of sleep due to the demands of their schedule and traveling from one place to another. Furthermore, there are athletes who frequently have issued with immune-suppression and chronic reduction in sleep that they can perform well. Sleep deprivation, even in regular people, can also suppress the immune system.