HGH Muscle Growth: Permanent or Not

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HGH or Human Growth Hormones have been used for different purposes but it is most known for being helpful in the increase in muscle mass. A lot of people are afraid that if they use HGH muscle growth, the muscle mass that they have gained will disappear over time.   

So, is there any truth to this belief?

Steroids, as well as physical activity, have the power to increase your muscle cells in size. On the other hand, HGH benefits Mexico City human growth hormones and physical activity also increase the size of muscle cells and also multiplies them by helping promote the growth of new ones.

The human body is a highly adaptive machine. It has been designed to sustain through a lot of things, especially physical strain. A person who is used to doing rigorous physical work will naturally have bigger muscles than those who do not. However, when an active person reduces his physical activity his physique will progressively adapt by decreasing the extra muscle mass, which is no longer used.

The same works the other way around. If a person who previously did little to no physical activity starts working out at the gym will gain more muscle mass, especially if he uses steroids. Steroids quickly inflate the existing muscle cells with water and protein. On the other hand, human growth hormones which have been used extensively in muscle building will help stimulate the growth of new muscle cells aside from inflating the existing ones.

Muscle memory

Fortunately, there is this beautiful thing

We know as muscle memory. Once the mass has been developed, it will quickly get restored regardless if there has been inactivity. A person, who has started from nothing, if he wants to build a good physique, might take years to be able to do so. On the other hand, a veteran bodybuilder who has stopped for some time can easily get back into shape within a few months of hard work. However, if he uses HGH Mexico City and steroids, he will be able to get his old form back in a few weeks.

The body is different from the mind. The mind might think that it wants the body to look fashionable but all the body wants to do is function efficiently. The body will always remove unnecessary muscle and save as much fat as possible. It does the exact opposite of what the mind wants.

In order to prevent the body from removing excess muscles, it has to be used all the time. This means you have to stay active at all times. You have to work out on a regular basis. If you want to prevent your body from storing more fat, you have to let it know that food is in abundance and there is no need to store. You need to consume small meals throughout the day which is filled with protein and low in carbs.