Pie and Beer Isn’t the end to a Perfect Dream Body

Pie and Beer Isn’t the end to a Perfect Dream Body

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In the game of life, there are some things that are fact. For starters, it takes a lot of work and discipline to achieve a healthy, dream body. There are no two ways around it. But, there is more to the story. 

You do not have to be so obsessed and on the straight and narrow at all hours of the day to get the perfect DreamBody. In fact, you can totally reach this point and stay there with the inclusion of pie and beer in your diet.

The trick is knowing how to use these two mediums correctly in your pursuit of the best body ever. And that’s exactly what you are about to learn.

Scare Tactics

Have you ever seen an ad on TV or in some magazine where they show a slate of foods and beverages that are “unhealthy” and next to them is a list of activities? They tell you how many calories the said object contains and what physical event you’d have to do and for how long you’d have to do it right next to it to burn off the calories you consumed.

Honestly, this is sort of a bunch of BS. The truth is, all calories are not created equal because some are healthier than others. But when it comes to weight gain, your body really doesn’t know the difference. If you consume more than you burn, you will get fat. It’s pretty much that simple.

To go back to the chart, you might see a piece of chocolate cake with 360 calories listed next to it. Then you would see a graphic of a person running and it would say that a 180-lb male would have to run at 6 miles per hour for 45 minutes to burn off that cake.

The unknowing reader would then gasp and get really scared because he is sure as hell doesn’t want to run for 45 minutes. God forbid he’d have to exercise! But here’s where this story takes a twist.

If you replaced that cake with avocado, guess what would happen? You would still technically need to run for 45 minutes to burn off what you ate because an entire avocado is also 360 calories.

The rub here is obvious. Avocado is a healthier source of calories. But, it is still the same amount as the chocolate cake.

Add pie and beer to the equation and you can see how everything pans out. If you have a small slice of pie and a light beer, you can still obtain a perfect Dream Body, provided you don’t go overboard.

So there is no need to obsess too much about what you are eating and drinking in the big picture.

Moderation Wins the Race

Here’s something you might not have thought too much about in recent history. If your diet is tighter than a flea’s ass for weeks and weeks and weeks, you are likely going to be in good shape. Not just on the outside either, but the inside too.

This means the good bacteria in your stomach is hitting on all cylinders and you are easily able to break down foods.

When you reach this point, your body is better able to handle junk food when you eat it. So even if you threw caution to the wind one night and ate an entire pie and washed it down with a six-pack of beer, you would rebound really quickly.

It would only become a problem if your entire diet consisted of pie and beer. Or, if you got derailed from one serving of pie and beer and then fell completely off the wagon. That’s entirely on you hombre. You have to execute discipline in these situations and do not allow that to happen.

Workout Ethic

We briefly eluded to exercise earlier, but we must expand on this topic because it is definitely the swing subject. Let’s do a for-instance. If you come to Puerto Vallarta on vacation and have no intention to be physically active, you are stacking the odds against yourself.

There is a very good chance you’ll encounter some tasty beer and maybe even some pie. If you go balls to the wall while remaining relatively inactive, you could be facing weight gain. That is a big problem if you are in a quest to achieve or maintain a perfect Dream Body.

The way to deflect from this end result is by working out. And not just going for a piddly-ass jog on the beach. It should be a good, solid, deliberate workout where you get a good swell on and sweat going.

If you were to do this every day, chances are you can get away with consuming a generous amount of pie and beer, and never have to worry about a thing. Your body will be in need of calories anyway to replenish what you lost.

The Fast Factor

Here is one last thing to contemplate about pie and beer. If you are one of those knuckleheads who still believe in eating multiple meals spread out through the course of the day, then you are more prone to get fat from pie and beer.

But, if you’ve come to your senses and have devised a plan to eat say, two meals a day between 11 am and 6 pm, guess what? You will be all but impervious to the effects of pie and beer.

The main damage done with excessive eating and drinking occurs in the late-night hours. People who consistently eat after 7 are in the worst shape. It’s because your circadian rhythms change and your organs want to go to sleep after 7 pm. This is especially the case with your pancreas.

If it has a chance to stop pumping out insulin earlier in the evening, then you can get by without gaining fat. But if 10 o’clock rolls around and you take out a pie and a beer from the fridge and start noshing, you’re screwed.

Stop eating and drinking early, eat less often and you will stay safe.

Pie and Beer Day

If you play your cards right, every day can be pie and beer day. Regardless if you are in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, or anywhere else on the globe. When it’s all said and done, it really is calories in vs. calories out. And if you embark on some of the strategies mentioned above, you can have the best of both worlds at all times.