Screwball by Netflix | Tony Bosch, Biogenesis & The Rise of HGH in MLB

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Tony Bosch and Screwball by Netflix | The Rise of HGH in MLB

First off, if you haven’t seen the Screwball Documentary by Netflix I would recommend heading over and watching it! To give a brief outline, the documentary dives into the usage of HGH in Major League Baseball and how Tony Bosch (Anthony Bosch) built his business of treating MLB players with HGH and Testosterone to enhance their performance.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – We give it a 5 Star Review

Here is the official Screwball trailer to give you an idea:-

When you hear the word “screwball,” probably the first thing that comes to mind is a nitwit. And true, someone who conducts themselves in a way that would warrant scrutiny by passersby can easily be coined as a screwball. But that’s not where we’re going today. We are going to be talking about the movie called Screwball.

A quick word of warning though. There are a few Screwballs out there that you can watch. Make sure to get the documentary version. And if you do have some weird form of fixation on watching actual screwballs, you can always visit a local mall or big box store.

Meaning Behind Screwball

The movie Screwball has a double meaning. In baseball terms, a screwball is a nasty pitch that hooks down at an angle and tries to get the batter to swing and miss. It’s a thing of beauty when done to perfection.

Screwball, the movie, blends both meanings together. It does have something to do with the baseball industry, which we’ll get to in a second. But more importantly, it’s about one individual who happens to be a screwball himself. And you could even go as far as calling him other things too once you see this.

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Screwball | Tony Bosch | Biogenesis

The main gist of Screwball is there is a “doctor” by the name of Tony Bosch who starts running an anti-aging clinic called Biogenesis down in FL in 2012. He builds up a pretty good clientele and name for himself, and before you know it, Major League Baseball (MLB) players start to come knocking on his door.

Now during this time, there were no sanctions on administering HGH or testosterone to people in the state of FL. So this rang a bell with the players who’d venture off to his clinic to get their HGH dosage under the radar.

One of these players is someone you are probably very familiar with by the name of Alex Rodriguez. You may know him more notably as “A-rod.”

The Screwball Scandal

The movie goes on to show how he was super sneaky about how he obtained his HGH for men. There was very little ethics involved with Bosch and his business. Although he claimed to be a doctor, he was not. He got some kind of faux degree in Belize that was more like a certification without the actual credential you need to be a functioning doctor.

But since FL had such loose restrictions, he was able to skirt the system and treat whoever he wanted, including kids! The main thing he needed to do was get his hands on the merchandise so he could then forward to said parties involved, such as A-rod.

He skillfully did this by having his dad listed as the Medical Director, who was an actual licensed doctor. That allowed for a loophole where he can access HGH, testosterone and really any steroids he wanted.

The problem was, MLB does not condone the use of such performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) for the benefit of gaining an unfair advantage over the rest of the players. But, at this point in time, their testing was not up to par.

Then when players started morphing from skinny-ass punks to Samsons over the course of a few years, and cracking 60-plus balls out of the park, eyebrows started to raise. Enter the brass from MLB and investigations started going on.

The Guilty Parties

A-rod was the most notable person tagged for use of PEDs and he put up a hell of a fight to avoid penalty. But there was no happy ending to his story, which you will see when you watch the movie.

Other players thrown under the bus include:-

If you followed any of these players careers, you can see the transition from mediocre to exceptional over time.

The Thick of the Plot

Here’s where Screwball really gets interesting. A former employee of Biogenesis named Porter Fischer was disgruntled and basically became irate when Bosch was not paying him. And he, himself, was using the juice, and was pretty freakin jacked!

You can only imagine that his temperament was related to his overindulgence in an HGH prescription handed to him from Bosch. But that didn’t matter. He invested a marginal amount of money into the company and expected to get it back in a short amount of time with interest.

Well, sadly for him, he got nothing back. He then sought vengeance by being a whistle blower and handing over a bunch of notebooks with MLB players names in them to investigators.

That’s when the players got their due and Tony Bosch eventually got shut down.

Safe Instead of Sorry

Overall, Screwball was actually a very good film. It was uber stressful, but that’s to be expected with a subject matter like this. The producers did a fantastic job with the re-enactment scenes that featured kids playing the roles of the adults involved, and having them lip sync the words that they were actually saying.

And this included F-bombs and all! And speaking of which, if you are sensitive to course language, you best be on guard because there is plenty of it to go around.

Lastly, there is a valuable lesson to be learned from watching this film. There is nothing wrong with getting HGH for sale, as long as you go through the right process. These baseball players tried to dodge the system.

If you feel you are above the law like them, you have a slim chance of getting by. You are always best served by visiting a reputable outfit like our anti-aging clinic at HGH Vallarta. We have real people with real doctors who give you real HGH in the right doses.

Take note of this by watching Screwball. You will be doing your body way more justice than if you try to take a sketchy approach.

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