Top 10 Things to Win During Times of Crisis

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OK, it’s pretty obvious that the world is F’d up right now. Let’s just call it like it is. But what does that mean for you? Well, first and foremost, it means do NOT panic! For the love of everything merciful, the REAL situation that’s going on right now has nothing to do with a virus. It’s fear. Fear of pandemic. Fear of the unknown, fear of the known, and fear of everything in between. Let’s see the top 10 things to win during times of crisis, besides optimizing your hormones, including HGH!  

Do you know what happens when you live in fear? You attract more fear. And you also boost your stress levels, which then boosts cortisol—a hormone that leads to weight gain and a compromised immune system. Then you end up fat, scared, and more prone than anyone else to contract ALL diseases.

How fun does that sound? I agree… not very. Then as Bob Newhart once famously said, STOP IT! Don’t live in fear, don’t sleep in fear, and don’t let any thoughts into your head that will make you feel like the end of the world as you know it is right around the corner. Because believe me, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, let’s focus our attention on something positive. And that would be 10 things to win during times of crisis. And you have a pretty big crisis on your hands right now. But there is always a seed of benefit hiding beneath the rubble somewhere. You just have to surrender and be willing to find it.

1. Positive Mental Attitude

There’s nothing like a little PMA to get you going in the right direction. Are you aware that you can make yourself happy every single day? Actually, I would go as far as saying that being happy is a choice.

If you are struggling with a positive mental attitude, try this drill. Every day that you wake up, think of three to five things that you know will make you happy. It could be a serial watching a funny TV show, talking to someone on the phone who has always been able to pick you up, going for a walk in the sun, or playing a musical instrument.

Every single day, make sure to include these activities. You already know what the bad news is, so there is no need to harp on it. Turn your attention to the good and do not let those thoughts out of your mind.

2. Stay Focused on Your Goals

We’re going to expand a bit more from point one above. Now it’s time to get out a pen and paper and write down your goals. Heck, you’re in quarantine for God’s sake! You have plenty of time to really dial in what you want in life and get laser-light focused.

Spend some quiet time in a chair with your eyes closed and come up with a clear and concise vision of what you really want in life. Write down a handful of goals and use them to motivate yourself every day. They can also bode well in making you happy. Act like you are already in possession of those goals and they will manifest right before your very eyes.

3. Eat Right

Sadly, one of the popular trends that have been sweeping the world during COVID is the dreaded “quarantine 15.” In layman’s terms, people have been eating later, eating more and consuming highly processed comfort foods while their asses are glued to the cushions of their couch. This has quickly added 15 lbs. of flab to their bodies, leaving them feeling helpless, hopeless, and restless.

If this has happened to you, it’s not too late to change the game. If it hasn’t, now is the perfect time to prevent it altogether. And the easiest solution is to simply clean up your diet.

Personally, being homebound should make eating right a lot easier than when you were going to work. Think about it. You don’t have temptations at the office, you don’t have business dinners and you don’t have after-work gatherings at the all-you-can-eat and drink restaurants to contend with.

The only thing that’s lacking is your personal discipline. Some tips are to stop eating by 7 pm, fast for at least 13 hours a day, and avoid snacks between meals. Focus on consuming whole foods that are as close to natural as possible and stop eating when you are satisfied. That’s it, really.

4. Exercise

It shouldn’t even be a question that exercise is also of major importance during a crisis. Not only can it keep your weight down, but it can release endorphins and boost your mood. You don’t even need to make it complicated.

With all the gyms closing, you can easily do some bodyweight drills right from the comfort of your living room. Or you can go for a walk or bike ride. By going outside, you’ll also expose yourself to vitamin D, which is an immunity booster.

5. Optimize Your Hormones

Let’s go back to exercising outside for a second. When you get sun exposure and a vitamin D release, you also get a dopamine boost. This hormone is responsible for elevating your mood.

Additionally, vitamin D is a precursor to the release of testosterone, which is very important for muscle gain and preservation. And here’s another piece of trivia for you. When you eat certain foods like raspberries, salmon, and broad beans, you get elevated levels of HGH.

Do you see where this is going? Add said foods to your diet, get sun exposure every day and you’ll be able to balance your hormones. And as one more safety precaution, you can take a trip down to our clinic and get treatment from us to balance your hormones. Then your crisis will be downgraded from a raging fire to a tiny little spark.

6. Be Honest With Yourself and Others

This should always be the case—crisis or no crisis. But with the world in a very uncertain position, there’s no time like the present moment to be as real and honest as possible with yourself and with others.

Tell people close to you that you love them, tell people who have wronged you that their D-bags and their services are no longer needed, and get rid of all the mental obesity that you’ve been failing to shed for months on end.

It’s time to clear your life completely of any clutter that can be holding you back or down. Now, more than ever, you have to be straight-up with yourself and all of those in your inner circle. That is the best way to move forward and make progress.

7. Cut Loose all the Things That are Dragging you Down

People, places and things can all bring you down and keep you down for the count if you let them. Right now is as good a time as any to purge ALL of the stuff from your life that you do not need or can keep you living in an unhealthy environment. And when I say ‘unhealthy,” that means both physically and mentally.

If you have been seeing someone, for example, who you are now finding out is a narcissist, it’s a great time to cut them loose. With so many business closures, the likelihood of seeing them out on the streets or bumping into them at a social gathering is next to none.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to eliminate them and heal from their aftermath. The same can be said about anyone who has wronged you, held you back or dragged you down.

Do the same with any type of regalia that you are holding onto that reminds you of someone who is not a good influence in your life. Take the chance to ditch it right now, while you can.

This whole process of purging is quite therapeutic and you will feel so much better after you did it.

8. Breathe

Obviously, if you don’t breathe, you don’t live. But let’s take breathing one step further. Set aside 5 minutes each day to JUST breathe. Sit in a quite place, close your eyes and take big inhales in through your nose. Then take slow exhales out. Do not think about anything else other than your breath.

This is a form of meditation that can really put you at ease and relax your entire body. When you become relaxed, it further balances your hormones and takes away all the stress you might have about your financial situation, the riots, and the fears that you have been holding inside. Just breathe through all of it.

9. Never Quit

The only quitters that ever win are those who quit smoking or drinking. So, if that has been a habit that you’ve been trying to break, then please do quit that. But, under all other circumstances, do NOT quit on life!

In fact, never ever ever give up on anything. Have you ever gone through a really dry stretch of weather? Or a really cold snap in the winter? Did you give up on life then? I’m guessing you didn’t

Instead, you sat back, maybe angrily, but just let things go, and eventually, you came back to balance. Well, you need to have the same type of will right now. Know that, although this might feel like it’s going to go on forever, it won’t be. Be patient, take it one day at a time, and never give up hope.

10. Be Smart

Last but not least, you need to be smart about the situation. And that involves focusing on the solution and not the problem. Like mentioned about an hour ago, you and everyone else already know what the problem is. Instead of focusing on it, direct your attention to the solution.

And just what is the solution for you? That’s what you need to find out. Yeah, there’s a chance that there will be a ”new normal” to contend with that looks nothing like your old normal. That is absolutely fine. You just have to figure out how to make the best out of the situation.

That’s where being smart about it comes to the table. Don’t wallow in your sorrows, don’t throw your diet out the window and don’t make any of the mistakes eluded to earlier.

Stay present at all times, focus on that which you want and not on that which you don’t, and make yourself happy every single day. Follow that advice and the rest of the tips illustrated, and you will make it through this crisis strong, safe and sound.