Traveling For Medication During Covid-19 | Your Health Is Our Priority

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During the last few months, we’ve been asked repeatedly about traveling for medication during the pandemic. As normal, most of our clients have doubts about the safety of travel, and whether or not it’s even permitted due to the essential travel restrictions. So let’s jump in and have a look at some of the details.  

The first point to note is that the US Embassy states the following:-

“Essential activities include medical services and supplies, public safety, fundamental economic functions, government social programs, and critical infrastructure.”

This information is also backed up by the Department of Homeland Security which states:-

“The U.S. and Mexican governments further recognize critical services such as food, fuel, healthcare and life-saving medicines must reach people on both sides of the border every day.”

In these references it clearly states travel for medication is deemed essential, therefore you are allowed to travel.

To allow you to travel safely and without issues, our doctor provides you with a travel letter in both English and Spanish stating that you are traveling for medication. This is provided before you travel for you to print out and take with you.

How To Travel for Medication Safely

Travel by air may seem a bit daunting given the fact we are in the midst of a global pandemic. However, don’t stress! If you follow some simple rules you can travel with peace of mind and the trip can be enjoyable. There are a few points to make on-air travel before getting onto the basics.

We noted a lot of concern about being in a closed cabin while flying, However, modern aircraft circulate and filter the air constantly within the cabin, making it extremely difficult for viruses and germs to circulate and pass between passengers. What we recommend is to practice social distancing if possible and pick a seat in an empty part of the plane.

One important thing you will need is a facemask, there are hundreds of options available on Amazon, with varying styles and grades. We also recommend taking a sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, which should be used frequently. Other than these two basic necessities you should try to keep a 6 feet distance from others, avoid touching your face, and clean your hands often.

Hear From Clients Who Made The Trip

We have many clients who continue to visit us and collect their medications, without any issues. We appreciate the concerns about traveling for medication during the pandemic and we do our best to make the whole experience as easy and smooth as possible. Here is a Google MyBusiness review from one of our clients, expressing his experience with HGH Vallarta.

“I was shopping online for HGH Medications for my sons and came across HGH Vallarta. I was stunned by the difference in price for the same medications in the US versus the package offered by HGH Vallarta. I was very intrigued but frankly quite nervous about making a trip to central Mexico in the midst of a global Pandemic. I contacted HGH Vallarta and received an immediate response from Damian. I was very impressed by his promptness and attention to detail, his response rate was 100% at all times of the day. I seriously doubt whether I would have made the trip if there was someone else other than Damian.

When I landed in Puerto Vallarta, everything worked exactly as Damian promised. The medications, letter from the physician, cooler and cold packs were ready for me upon landing. There were no surprises at any point, Damian followed up with me at every step of my trip including checking to see if I reached back home safely in the US.

I absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Damian to anyone looking for huge cost savings in procuring HGH Medications with very dependable service. Damian makes the challenging logistics seem very easy and is a pleasure to work with throughout the process.”


Traveling for medication during the pandemic is allowed and the trip can be super simple and safe if you follow the basic guidelines of social distancing. However, if you have any doubts or would like to discuss please reach out to us and we can address your concerns.