What Are Genotropin HGH Pens?

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Genotropin HGH Pens 

Genotropin HGH Pens treat children with growth failures caused by the inadequate restriction of growth hormones. It also treats patients with Prader-Willi syndrome, confirmed by correct genetic testing. Use Genotropin for the following:

  • Growth failure due to Turner syndrome

  • Children born small for their gestational age

  • Idiopathic short stature

  • Use on adult patients

Aside from treating children with various growth problems, Genotropin is also prescribed for adult patients who suffer from:

Patients with GHD either alone or related to various hormone deficiencies which are the effect of a disease in the pituitary gland.

Patients who had growth hormone deficiency during their childhood because of idiopathic, genetic or congenital disease.

Dosage and administration

Allocate weekly doses into 6 or 7 injections. Remember that Genotropin must never be injected intravenously. Conduct HGH therapy only under the care of a physician with experience in diagnosis and management of growth failure. Patients who suffer from growth failures associated with Prader-Willi syndrome, Turner syndrome, Idiopathic short stature, or adults with GHD benefit from therapy with Genotropin.

For Pediatric and Adult Patients

Genotropin dosage should be based on the needs of individuals, be it children or adults. The response of children to Somatropin tends to decrease with time. However, the failure to promote any growth during the first year of treatment warrants a closer look by the physician. Adults have two options when it comes to dosing – weight-based regimen or non-weight based regimen.

Preparation and Administration

Genotropin HGH comes in 5mg and 12mg color-coded cartridges for easy identification. The pen delivery device that comes with it makes administration easier and pain-free.