What is the best HGH for Men?

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HGH is a human growth hormone, a protein that is produced naturally by the human body in the pituitary gland. HGH does a lot for the body, with the main purpose being to maintain healthy tissues and enhance bone density and muscle mass. It plays an active role in a vast variety of physiological aspects, ranging from cell growth and reproduction to keeping age-related issues at bay. So, what is the best HGH for men?  

There are many brands of HGH available and essentially the answer is, there is no best one – they are all made up from 191 amino acids and have the same purpose. Some of these brands are Norditropin (a best seller), Omnitrope (the best deal) and various others.

Levels of HGH Produced by Men Naturally

Interestingly enough, females tend to produce at least double the average level of human growth hormone as compared to men. This is likely because females are in need of HGH due to the fact that they bear children.

For most men, the average level of HGH in the bloodstream tends to be just under 5 nanograms per milliliter. Naturally, this varies from individual to individual, and can depend on a range of factors including genetics, nutrition, exercise, stress, illness, and age.

As men grow older, the level of the human growth hormone present in the bloodstream tends to decrease. Generally, a 10% to 15% drop in HGH levels is experienced by males that are over the age of 30.

The Importance of Adequate HGH Levels in Men

A lack of human growth hormone does not reflect a pretty picture. As men age, the HGH levels drastically decrease—it’s essential to be able to maintain these levels, as HGH is an important element of ensuring a good quality of life.

Everything from performance at the workplace to physical prowess can be impacted by a lack of HGH. A dip in motivation and a loss of interest in things they were previously passionate about, as well as an overall lack of energy and high stress.

Growth hormone deficiency as an adult can impact the immune system, metabolism, cellular reproduction, libido, cognitive functioning, and overall fitness. It’s essential to realize when HGH production has significantly decreased and what can be done to help the body to function at optimal health.

Merits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

Depending on the age, lifestyle, and pre-existing illness or disease, HGH can go a long way in enhancing the overall physical functioning of the average male.

More Muscle Strength

HGH can work to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in muscles and tendons, thereby enhancing muscle strength as a result. This can help build the capacity of a male to exercise and improve their body composition significantly.

Better Bone Strength

HGH is responsible for the regulation of bone growth in individuals at developmental stages, particularly during puberty. In adult males, the use of HGH treatment can work to enhance bone mass through the IGF-1/growth hormone combination.

Improved Cognition and Mood

It doesn’t just enhance physical functioning, but actually plays a role in boosting cognitive functioning and mood as well. HGH therapy in adult males who are deficient in the hormone can bring about enhanced focus, better overall mood, and improvement in cognition.

Enhanced Healing

The human growth hormone also has an impact on bones, as evidenced by its effect on bone density and strength. Through the use of HGH, males can actually promote bone healing, speeding up the regeneration of bone, such as in the cases of fractures. It minimizes wear and tear in muscles, tendons, and bones, and expedites the healing process.

Solution to Erectile Dysfunction

HGH treatment is also potentially a remedy for erectile dysfunction in males, as the hormone is also responsible for sexual maturation and functioning of the reproductive system. A deficiency can show a marked decrease in libido, and with the help of HGH supplements, men can seek to acquire better sexual functioning.

Better Quality of Sleep

A lack of sleep has a significant impact on the overall quality of day to day life, and with the help of HGH, individuals can take advantage in a notable improvement in the quality of sleep they are experiencing.

If you feel like you could benefit from the use of human growth hormone injection treatment, talk to a licensed professional for the right kind of guidance. A better, fitter you could be just around the corner!