How to Boost HGH Naturally

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The natural HGH booster has steps to make it productive; however, these steps must go hand in hand. You have to follow these steps in close tandem. Skipping any of these will lessen its effect in boosting the secretion of HGH.  

Take a Deep sleep

The human growth hormone is produced naturally by the body in pulses, and the majority of these pulses happen during deep sleep. It is because HGH plays a vital role in the repair and restoration of the body that commonly take place when we sleep. In the 3rd stage of sleep, the brain will secrete growth hormone where blood pressure, brain temperature, heart rates and breathing are at their lowest levels. Getting into the 3rd stage of sleep, however, is usually interrupted by several factors such as the environment, sleep or diet. Getting a deeper sleep often will help maximize the release of human growth hormone in our body. In order to have a sound sleep at night, avoid exposure to blue light before bedtime, reading books will also help you fell asleep and as well as having a comfortable room to relax.

Intermittent Fasting

Refraining from eating will help boost and increase the secretion of HGH in the body one study have shown that it can increase hormone levels by almost 500 percent. Intermittent fasting means eating every day but it involves a specific time of the day. The most common type of intermittent fasting is missing breakfast and having the 1st meal at lunch, this allows you to perform 14-16 hours fast from the dinner night. You’ll still eat 3 meals per day excluding breakfast: one at noon, at 3 pm and last meal will be taken around 6 pm. By following this, it allows your organs to rest, most especially your liver which plays a vital role in balancing hormone in our body including growth hormone. The metabolism of those who skip breakfast was not altered by daily fasting and eating breakfast doesn’t boost metabolism. Consequently, there is no calorie difference between people who take their breakfast and to those who do not (Betts et. al 2014).

Intense Exercise

Aside from sleeping, having a full intensity workout will boost HGH production in the body this is achieved by HIIT or high-intensity interval training, this involves alternating periods of high-intensity activities having only a short period of rest, for about 15 to 30 minutes. Because of the metabolic nature and increase lactic acid, high-intensity exercise will boost HGH levels. Moreover, long-term exercise will not only optimize general hormone function but it will also decrease body fat, both of which can boost HGH levels.

Reduce Body Fat Levels

The level of body fat and the production of HGH in the body is inversely proportional this means that an increased level of fat will lessen the production of HGH. Maintaining low body fat will help optimize the production of human growth hormone. Consequently, obesity can also cause reduction of HGH levels and sugar intake can lead to obesity, it is important to reduce sugar intake. A study by Hansen Ap. et al. have found out that nondiabetic individuals have 3-4 times higher HGH levels compared to individuals with diabetes, who have impaired carb tolerance and insulin function.

Avoid Eating too much before Bedtime

The body releases HGH at night, eating a lot before bedtime will lessen the production of HGH, LJ et. al found out in their study that food with high protein content and high carbohydrates will increase insulin level and can stop some of the growth hormones that are released during nighttime. Though further research is needed to prove this theory. It would be better to avoid eating protein base or protein carb 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep.

Healthy Diet

In order to take effect the natural HGH booster, an individual must have a nutritious and a healthy diet. Eating pineapple before sleeping will help stimulate the release of serotonin and melatonin that influences the secretion of HGH, raw chocolate is also a good source of tryptophan that also stimulates the secretion of HGH. Eating organic foods is also a good way to increase HGH levels naturally. The following foods will also help enhance HGH secretions: Almonds, walnuts, bananas, beef liver, broccoli, brown rice and many more.

Laugh More

As they say, Laughter is the best medicine, this also holds true in increasing HGH naturally. A study by Dr. Berk of Loma Linda University have found out that laughter can increase HGH levels, they did this by drawing a blood sample from the experimental subjects before watching funny videos and results show that they had 87% more HGH levels when compared to those who do not.