Is HGH Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Almost a third of Americans aren’t covered by health insurance, which leaves many stranded in need of healthcare. Financial strain and HGH therapy often go hand-in-hand, as even those with insurance can get denied coverage. In order to get HGH therapy covered by insurance, you’ll need confirmation of medically necessary treatment from a doctor.

How to Get Health Insurance to Cover Human Growth Hormone

First, contact your child’s doctor. They’ll be intimately connected with your child’s case, and can understand which condition they have in order to solidify coverage. Some plans may outright not cover HGH therapy regardless of what your doctor says, and you might be stuck with the out-of-pocket bill.

What if HGH is not covered by insurance?

That’s where we come in. Big Pharma raise prices simply because they monopolize the market, and you might be wondering how you’ll afford the necessary treatment for your child.

At HGH Vallarta, our endocrinologists will assess your child’s case and determine the appropriate steps. We then help get to our clinic in Mexico, where HGH is significantly cheaper. The continuity of care assures you’ve got a pharmacy and endocrinologist consistently monitoring your child’s treatment, and the affordability ensures you can provide financially.

Our services include airport pick-up, an in-person appointment with your child’s doctor, and return home with an official diagnosis and medication. Traveling to Mexico, where you can get the total care package and HGH injections, is still somehow cheaper than purchasing HGH outright in the USA.

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