HGH for Sale in Riviera Maya

Are you considering beginning growth hormone therapy. If so, learn all about buying HGH in Riviera Maya and why it might be the best option for you. Our staff are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding the use of HGH. We have years of experience working with certified doctors to help our clients.

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Get HGH in the Riviera Maya in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Get in Touch

Our expert staff are here to answer any questions you have and arrange fast delivery of your medication.

Step 2 Bloodwork

We will Direct you to a local lab where you can have your blood drawn. For more information on which tests are required click here or get in touch.

Step 3 Delivery

Once you have confirmed your blood draw we can deliver your medication to where you are staying with your prescription, travel letter and travel cooler.

Why buy HGH in Mexico?

Buying while in Mexico will save your wallet. Prescription medication is much cheaper in Riviera Maya, as Mexican pharmacies are free from the restrictions of Big Pharma. We still able to carry brand-name prescription drugs, from companies such as Pfizer and Novartis, just without the extra cost. Therefore, you might want to visit the pharmacy during your vacation to save loads of cash.

How to buy HGH while in Riviera Maya

To get HGH in Mexico, follow our simple, three-step process-

Step 1: Complete the necessary blood work

Your endocrinologist will want to understand what’s going on with your health before starting treatment. Therefore, visit one of our recommended labs to complete some tests.

Step 2: 24 hour shipping

We can send HGH in Riviera Maya right to where you are staying, ready for pick-up as soon as you arrive. Just grab it during your stay and return home with your growth hormone.

Step 3: Travel home

With each purchase, our pharmacy includes a travel cooler alongside your prescription and a signed doctor’s letter.  It’s completely legal to travel across the border with your own prescription medication, but our experience says these steps help ensure a smooth journey.

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