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About Kids and HGH

We provide a cost-effective solution of HGH for kids to promote growth and pediatric endocrinology services to families. Typically, families who use our services are already working with a child endocrinologist at home and are just looking for a financial solution to affording growth hormone for kids. We assist them in getting HGH for kids injections at an affordable cost, and also medical advice if needed.  Families are welcome to work with our endocrinologists. In either case, our services endeavor to remove the middle-man and change the narrative of costly prescriptions for necessary treatment.

3 Steps to Finding Your Childs Growth Potential

The first step is diagnosing your child and determining if growth hormone is safe for them to take and if it will work. In order to do so, your doctor will want a few questions answered.

1. Identifying your childs potential

Certain factors such as birth weight and parents’ height control a child’s growth and the height of your child. Our doctors use this detail and growth charts to establish potential goals.

2. Are your child’s growth plates still open?

With an Xray of your child’s left hand, doctors can determine their bone age. If your child’s growth plates are still open, they have a chance to increase their stature and stimulate bone growth.

3. Is it safe for your child to take?

To check this, an endocrinologist will need some blood work to inspect your child’s health condition. They will examine the blood for biomarkers that determine your child’s general health.

Growth Charts – How to make kids grow taller

It’s normal for children to grow at their own pace. Everyone matures differently, and our differences should be celebrated. Everything from genetic differences, sex, physical activity, hoours of sleep, and proper nutrition, lifestyle and health issues, and environmental conditions influence a child’s growth and determine how tall the child grows. 

Of course, we care about our children and want to make sure they’re healthy eating a balanced diet. When children naturally come in all shapes and sizes, what constitutes “normal”? How do parents and doctors determine whether a child’s development is healthy?

In order to track regular growth, doctors use growth charts. They’re incredibly useful tools implemented during annual physicals to measure maturation, growth spurt and taller kids depend on them.

Why do doctors use growth charts?

During regular check-ups, your child’s pediatrician will measure their height and weight. Growth charts show the average height and weight of children the same age. By featuring percentiles with which to compare, doctors can tell if individual kids are growing normally.

Small deviations from exact average are expected, of course. As stated previously, tons of factors are at play that make children different. However, if an extreme deviation occurs over multiple years, it might indicate a broader health issue, such as growth hormone deficiency. Therefore, doctors rely on growth charts to get deeper insight on your child’s wellbeing and child’s growth.

How to Grow Taller for Kids

If you’re concerned about your child’s growth, it might be time to talk to a doctor and ask for a medical advice.Our clinic can connect you to a pediatric endocrinologist who specializes in taller kids and children’s growth.  If you and your child’s doctor determine HGH is the right solution, we can assist you throughout the entire process. Get in touch today to start cost-effective growth hormone treatment – growth hormone injections for your child.

What tests does the doctor need?