HGH For Weight Loss

Bungee cords are fun to use when you are looking to tone your muscles and get in a good workout from home or while traveling. What do they have to do with weight loss? Well, they are a tool in the journey to better health as is using HGH to lose weight.

And as you are probably well aware, there is no quick fix when it comes to monumental changes of the body. You have to be patient, you need to be disciplined and there is zero time for loafing around.

Even the smallest of steps executed on a daily basis can have a major impact on your wellbeing. A steady diet of HGH injections to lose weight is just the tip of the iceberg.

Forging a regular practice that includes a solid diet plan, workout schedule and most of all, fasting strategy, can come to the forefront as a three-prong approach to melt fat away from your body in a short duration.

All of this magic can only happen when your HGH levels are on an even keel. If you think about most of the weight that is gained in older age is the result of declining growth hormone levels.

This is what often prompts people to take assertive action. Using human growth hormone to lose weight becomes a strategy to add to the mix.

What is Growth Hormone deficiency?

Growth hormone (GH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland and is essential for normal growth and development. GH deficiency can occur when the pituitary gland does not produce enough GH or when the body does not respond properly to GH. GH deficiency can cause a wide range of symptoms, including slow growth, decreased muscle mass, Body fat accumulation, and weak bones. GH therapy can help to improve these symptoms and allow children with GH deficiency to reach their full potential height. Adults with GH deficiency may also be candidates for HGH therapy if they have bothersome symptoms or health concerns related to their condition.

How does GH deficiency cause obesity?

Obesity is often referred to as a disease. But is it REALLY a disease? A disease is something that is beyond one’s control. Yes, it is true that you might be genetically predisposed to obesity or being overweight.

But the latest research on epigenetics is showing that lifestyle choices and decisions “carry more weight” in the outcome of someone’s body size and shape. This simply means that lifestyle has as much or more to do with obesity than the genes you were born with.

So, to call obesity a disease is a bit off center. It is often treated like a disease with medications, surgeries and a number of supplements to curb hunger, block the absorption of specific nutrients and accelerate resting metabolism.

But in the grand scheme of things, all of these approaches can come at a cost. Side effects are very common and they CAN be very severe and uncomfortable. And that’s a good segue to talk about the side effects of low growth hormone levels, or growth hormone deficiency.

The reason for obesity through low GH levels is pretty cut and dried. Growth hormone is one of the main hormones responsible for building and maintaining muscle.

When you have a high amount of muscle on your body, your metabolism hits on all cylinders. This, in turn, causes you to keep your weight in check. When growth hormone is low, you have a harder time keeping muscle on, and your body stores fat.

Additionally, by itself, GH regulates a normal to high metabolism. If it is low, you will naturally experience a two-fold problem in this regard.

Lastly, GH is one of the main hormones responsible for energy. If you lack energy and have a slow metabolism, you are predisposed to gain weight. That’s when someone seeks out an HGH injection dosage for weight loss.

Why Do Adults Gain Weight When HGH Levels Decline?

You just got a briefing on how GH deficiency causes obesity, but let’s expand a bit more on “why” adults gain weight when HGH levels decline. First of all, depression is a sign of lower GH.

You probably don’t know too many people who are depressed and are able to carry on normal daily functions with grace and effectiveness. They tend to sit around and serial watch movies or TV shows, and they don’t have an interest in doing anything physical.

Couple that with the fact that emotional eating is often attached to depression, PLUS, like mentioned above, energy levels tend to be lower when growth hormone levels are also low.

Combine all these ingredients together and you have someone who sits for long periods of time, does not have motivation to move and eats extra food.

And to add insult to injury, the foods in this case are not usually kale salads with quinoa and edamame. It’s normally high-fat, high-sugar foods that contain empty calories. That’s not stereotyping either. It’s just a fact. Emotionally-driven foods are more often than not things like doughnuts, chips, ice cream, cereal, cookies and French fries.

Consistently deploying this behavior pattern will quickly add up to excess pounds in the midsection and other outlying areas.

All of the anxiety, depression, added intake of calories and laying on the couch can be related to growth hormone levels being out of whack. That’s where HGH to lose fat comes to the table.

And get this… In the event your levels of GH are not very far off, you can still tank them by partaking in poor lifestyle habits. If you eat and drink late at night, consume excessive amounts of alcohol and disregard exercise as a daily practice, you will naturally lower your HGH levels.

The bottom line here is, do not take two steps forward and four steps back. Especially if your HGH levels are already borderline low. Follow healthy lifestyle habits while taking HGH weight loss injections and your progress will be exponential.

How fast does HGH make you lose weight?

Even if you are taking the best HGH injections for weight loss, you might not see immediate results. That’s because your body has to adapt to the new stimuli it is under. It’s just like expecting to get big guns after doing arm workouts in one week. It’s just not possible.

The use of HGH for fat loss is kind of similar. Usually, during the first month, you feel changes that are more directed on the inside of your body like better mood, better clarity, improved sleep and higher energy levels.

Once you enter month two though, that’s when the magic really starts to happen. You will notice that you have an easier ability to put on muscle. Of course, this will be more impacted if you actually go to the gym and lift weights.

By adding muscle to your body, you will also boost your metabolism because it takes more caloric expenditure to maintain muscle mass. Secondly, your resting metabolism naturally increases as well, so it’s a twofold benefit.

Overall, you can expect to start seeing weight loss somewhere in the second month of treatment.

How Does HGH Target Fat Cells for Weight Loss?

This is a very interesting question and it’s an indirect effect. By itself, HGH doesn’t swim through your blood stream and zap fat cells that it comes in contact with. Although that sounds like an amazing action to witness.

It’s more like this. As mentioned above, HGH is one of the key hormones that drives energy, metabolism and muscle building. Take it out of the equation and you run the risk of sitting around, not working out and eating poorly.

The end result is more weight gain than you can ever bargain for. Yes, that is a fairly unsettling situation. Now, once you get on the best HGH for fat loss, switches flip and tables turn in the opposite direction.

Your body becomes an inferno for fat melting. First of all, you experience a natural rise in metabolism. So it’s like a bank account that was almost empty and just had a deposit put into it that will keep you wealthy for years to come.

Secondly, your ability to pack on more muscle goes through the roof. If you get set up with a good training program and follow it diligently, you will add more muscle to your body, which further boosts your metabolism. The end result is more fat being lost.
And just for the record, in case you need motivation or direction, seek the services of a good personal trainer. If you try to do things half-assed and all over the place, you can expect to get the same results in return.

Third, your energy levels go up. You will then have more energy to push harder and longer at the gym.

Lastly, you will experience mood enhancement. If you are happier, you will be more interested to do physical activities and workouts. And every bit of additional physical activity can work out well for additional fat cell destruction.

One more thing to take into consideration here is the effect of fasting: particularly, working out in a fasted state. After about 12 hours of fasting, your HGH levels start to rise. Once you get to 16, HGH levels REALLY start to amp up.

If you can finish your dinner early, sleep through the night and work out in the morning after 12-plus hours of fasting, you will burn pure fat off your body for energy while your HGH levels are elevated.

It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to see the end result here. You will have an easier time building muscle and you will become fat-adapted where your body burns fat for fuel around the clock.

Does HGH Affect Men and Women Differently?

Men and women obviously have different chemical make-ups. The dominant hormone in women is estrogen and they have a low amount of testosterone. This is completely reversed in men who have a high amount of testosterone and low amount of estrogen.

Where does HGH fit into the equation? It’s the same as testosterone. Males have a high amount naturally and women have a lower amount.

Knowing this information, HGH does not really affect men and women differently though. At a young age, both boys and girls require it for growth. After all, it is called human growth hormone for a reason.

More specifically, it helps with the growth of muscle, bone, hair, skin and all forms of connective tissue. It is pretty high through the adolescent years, up until height increases stop.

And yes, even though females do not produce as much as males, it’s still key during this time period. But, this also explains why males are naturally bigger and taller than females.

HGH is also important for sex drive, energy, brain function, mood regulation and sleep patterns.

OK, now that you know the his and hers benefits of HGH, let’s address the negative drawbacks. If levels are too low, as a man or woman, you can feel lethargic, moody, you can have unexpected weight gain and lose interest in daily activities, including sex.

If either a man of woman was to start taking HGH to lose weight, they WILL likely lose weight and they’ll also gain back their confidence, energy levels, sex drive and ability to sleep soundly.

This means that overall, both men and women are affected in similar fashion with HGH injections for weight loss.

Why should women use HGH for Weight Loss?

It’s no secret that excess fat, especially around the midsection is dangerous stuff. This is often referred to as visceral adiposity and it surrounds the vital organs of the body.

Women tend to store more fat in the gynoid area, which is the hips and butt. But it is sometimes spread out to the abdominal region too.

This predisposes them to high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels and heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Plus, you have to take into consideration the mental effect it can have. If a woman has extra weight and her HGH levels are low, she can also feel self-conscious and depressed. All of these reasons make good motivators to see out HGH to lose fat.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with HGH?

Do you consider yourself motivated and dedicated? Do you have an iron will and strong levels of discipline? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then you stand a very good chance of losing a high amount of weight.

As for how much, that depends on several factors. If you do have discipline and motivation, then you will partake in other habits aside from HGH injections that can expedite your progress.

Following a healthy diet is first and foremost. If you eat clean, don’t eat late at night and fuel up on foods that are as close to mother nature as possible, you are taking a big step in the right direction. Of course, you still need to regulate your portion sizes.

Avocadoes and walnuts might be good for you. But if you eat copious amounts of both throughout the course of the day on all days of the week, you will sabotage your weight loss.

Working out on a regular basis is also crucial. A good strategy is to incorporate both weight training and cardio into your routine. This will maximize caloric expenditure during and after your workouts.

If you follow the above instructions while using HGH for fat loss, you can expect to lose a good amount of weight. As for exactly how much, that depends. If you are a person who has a lot of excess weight to start with, you’ll get better results than someone who doesn’t.

In this case, it’s not out of the question to lose 20 Lbs. or more.

Patients and their weight loss results on HGH

If you refer to the previous section, this can address patients and their weight loss results with HGH. Once again, if they follow a healthy lifestyle and have a lot of extra weight, they can lose said weight as well.

And some people may lose 50-plus Lbs. Just know that it can take a while for changes like this to occur. The best HGH injections for weight loss still take some time to produce favorable results.

But as with anything else, the harder you work and the more strict you follow the treatment plan, the faster you’ll see progress and the more weight you’ll lose.


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