HGH Dosage for muscle gain, anti-aging, fat loss, bodybuilding & best time to take HGH

The body can be quite a powerhouse if you think about it. Take fitness into consideration, for example. A highly functioning body can do amazing things like run, jump, hop, swim, balance, lift heavy weights and contort into various positions.

None of this is made possible by luck. It all revolves around hormones. When your hormones are in balance, everything else is in balance. This includes your sexual function, brain function, body composition and physical ability.

Growth hormone deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a rare condition that can occur at any age. Growth hormone is responsible for the growth and development of the body. Deficiency of this hormone can lead to short stature, slow bone growth, and decreased muscle mass. GHD can also cause other problems, such as obesity, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol levels. Growth hormone hgh therapy can help to treat the symptoms of GHD and improve quality of life. This therapy involves injections of recombinant human growth hormone (hGH). hGH helps to stimulate growth and development in the body. It also helps to reduce body weight fat and increase muscle mass. Growth hormone therapy can be an effective treatment for GHD, but it is important to work with a team of medical professionals to ensure optimal results.

Among one of the most notable hormones in the body is human growth hormone, or HGH for short. Along with testosterone, it is key for muscle building and maintenance, energy production, sex drive and bone strength. When HGH levels are low, you will have a hard time hitting PRs in the gym or doing the simplest of aerobics classes.

It is at this time that you might want to consider getting an HGH dosage for muscle gain or HGH dosage for fat loss in motion. Because let’s face it, building muscle and burning fat is the holy grail that can boost your confidence and make you feel really good about yourself.

Box of Humatrope Somatropin with green Lilly injectable pen

Best Time to Take HGH

Deep inside your body you have this organ called the pancreas. Its main function is to produce a hormone called insulin. Insulin rises when blood sugar gets spiked. The usual way blood sugar spikes is when you consume high amounts of processed carbs, sugars and alcohol. You might also be surprised to know that protein has a profound effect on elevated blood sugar levels.

Insulin is a fat-storage hormone. You want to keep it in check as much as possible if weight loss or maintenance is your goal. We can go on a lot further about this when it comes to your diet and lifestyle habits. But to stay on task, the main thing you need to know is when is the best time to take HGH injections.


The answer is, when your insulin levels are low. And just when is that? There are actually two windows of time that work best. They would be right after a good, solid workout and the other time is before bed. And to take this one step further, consider fasting for a minimum of 2 hours before you hit the sack and your insulin levels will be even lower.

So if you are doing an HGH dosage for muscle gain or any other reason, keep this information in mind. Your doctor will also likely give you this same advice. At least, if he knows what he’s doing, he will. That’s a good reason to come to our clinic here in Puerto Vallarta; because we have a team of experienced professionals on board who will make sure you get the right treatment.

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HGH Dosage

For any end goal to come to fruition, you need to get your HGH dosage right. How do you do that? Well, if you are doing things by the book and not purchasing HGH on the black market, you will be given orders from your healthcare provider. And it will look something like 1 iu to 4 iu per day or week.

This will depend on how “off” your current HGH levels are. If your pituitary gland is barely producing any HGH, you will definitely need a higher dose and it will most likely be prescribed more often. It could even be twice per day.

But if it is determined that you are sort of hitting on half your cylinders, an HGH dosage closer to the 1 iu per day mark could be the answer. The most important thing in any of these cases is to take it when you’re supposed to and at the right time.

HGH Dosage Bodybuilding

Have you ever seen how massive and ripped bodybuilders are? Or, at least, some bodybuilders are. They spend countless hours, training, eating, sleeping right and getting as dialed in with their programs as possible. They truly show what hard work can do for you. And if this is an arena you’d like to enter, that’s great!

If you are looking to use HGH to get a boost on your process, just be aware that you should follow this path by legal means. You don’t have to look hard or far to find some contraband on the internet from a local hack artist portraying themselves as a doctor.

Obviously, your goal is to use an HGH dosage for muscle gain here. Without even that being your goal, you can see results when you’re administered an HGH dosage. When you want to go for the glory and have bulging, rippling muscles, it will take a bit more of a high gear.

Even with the advantage that an HGH dosage can provide, you still need to think smart about your journey. You might create a favorable environment, but muscle doesn’t build itself. You still need to hoist heavy weights, work out on a regular basis, integrate rest into your plan and be as clean as possible with your diet.

Follow those basic rules and you’ll notice that your HGH dosage bodybuilding plan will come together like pieces of a puzzle. Until eventually, you’ll create a beautiful picture.

HGH Dosage for Anti-aging

Anti-aging is a super big deal these days and an equally super big buzzword. People do everything they can to turn back the hands of time and look and feel like they did 20-plus years ago. This is often referred to as longevity.

And you might have also heard of the word “biohacking.” That is a process in which you hack your body’s natural mechanisms to produce an effect that reverses the aging process, balances your hormones, and makes you look and feel better.

Fast forward to an HGH dosage for anti-aging and you sort of have a biohack on your hands. Taking an HGH dosage on a regular basis will help produce intrinsic and extrinsic effects like smoother, younger-looking skin, less fatigue, more robust muscles and a higher libido.

This is often one of the primary reasons people seek out HGH treatment in the first place. Just be cautioned that you should always approach HGH treatment with a wholistic mindset. If you are using an HGH dosage for muscle gain, an HGH dosage for anti-aging or an HGH dosage for fat loss, it should be looked at as just one spoke on the wheel.

HGH Dosage for Hair Growth

There are some people out there who never have to worry about hair loss. Their follicles are safe and strong, and they have thick, flowing hair. But then you have the others who suffer some form of hair loss. Quite often it is the cause of genetics, which is referred to as male pattern baldness.

In the worst of cases, a horseshoe pattern of remaining hair can develop and the recipient can feel self-conscious and dejected over time. However, there are two bright sides to this story. Shaving your head with a razor and going “clean” has not only become fashionable, but it is now looked at as very sexy.

The second smoking gun is the advancement in treatments for hair loss. One of which is doing an HGH dosage for hair growth. Is it proven to work? No, not really. But neither has any other exogenous treatment. That shouldn’t stop you from trying it out though if this is your main focus.

Here’s the lowdown. When you are going through puberty, HGH is highly responsible for hair growth on the body. And it also contributes to normal hair growth on the head. When HGH levels start to decline with age, it often translates to hair loss on the head and eventually on the body as well.

By doing an HGH dosage for hair growth, the objective is to get back hair that you had lost. In some cases, this has actually worked very well, or at least showed promise.

HGH for Surgery Recovery

Surgery can stem from any number of reasons. But it is never fun to be sitting in a hospital bed, going through the recovery process. The good news is, you can look to HGH for surgery recovery and expedite the process.

In this case, HGH has the ability to speed up the body’s healing process. Inflammation has been known to go down with an HGH dosage, as well as the ability to build muscle faster and strengthen connective tissue. If you look at a particular surgery, such as knee surgery, all of these facets can come into play when you are in the recuperation phase.

Somatotropin HGH Dosage Bodybuilding

One specific pharmaceutical grade of HGH is called Somatotropin. You may have also heard of recombinant bovine somatotropin, which is administered to cattle to make them bigger before they get slaughtered. When it comes to bodybuilding, there is no doubt that Somatotropin can cause a boost in size and strength.

However, you want to be careful here not to go overboard. Any time you are using an HGH dosage in the world of bodybuilding or bulking up, you should first of all be doing it because you’re on a prescription. If not, it then becomes the wild west and you are left to your own devices. And that can quickly lead to a story without a happy ending.

Suffice it to say, you might be wondering how much HGH Somatotropin to take in order to get the results you are looking for. The answer here again is going to depend on your goals and your current status. It is not out of the question for some athletes to take upwards of 24 iu per day! And that’s where things start getting dangerous.

Professional sports try to regulate this and the use of HGH is widely not allowed at all. If you are not a professional athlete and you like to do things legally, you are better served, using the amount recommended by your doctor, which will be the lower end dosage mentioned above.

HGH Dosage for Fat Loss

Excessive amounts of fat can have a very negative effect on the body; especially when it resides in the midsection, which is called visceral adiposity. The viscera are the organs and they are centrally located in the gut area.

Fat that surrounds the organs can cause them to malfunction and this fat can also raise your risk for diabetes, fatty liver disease, high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome. If you do have excess fat and all of this scares you, it is in your best interest to start exercising and eating clean to reverse the effects.

But if conventional methods aren’t working and you’ve been diagnosed with low HGH levels, getting on an HGH dosage for fat loss can save the day. By balancing your HGH and also testosterone levels, you will fire up your metabolism and pack on more muscle. By itself, muscle contributes to a higher resting metabolic rate. So you are then left with a one-two punch that can get you where you want to go in one fell swoop.

The dosage in this case will be the same as with muscle gain and hair growth. It will depend upon your doctor’s opinion and how much of a dosage he feels is adequate.

Dosage for Different Conditions in Kids

Stunted growth and short stature in kids is often the result of a poorly functioning pituitary gland. Once tests are done and the exact cause of the condition is determined, a run of HGH treatment is then prescribed.

The exact amount that will vary, depending on the child’s size. It is based on weight. Obviously, kids who are heavier will get a higher HGH dosage than those who are skinnier. But a general range is .025 to .035 mg per kilogram.


HGH Dosage Calculator

When it comes to getting the right HGH dosage for adults, this will be the result of another hormone called IGF-1, which stands for insulin-like growth factor 1. As the name leads you to believe, this is a precursor to insulin and it is an important factor when it comes to building and maintaining muscle mass.

The amount of HGH prescribed to an adult in this case would be enough to raise IGF -1 to the upper end of the range that is naturally occurring. And this will vary among individuals.

HGH Cycle Dosage

You now have a really good understanding of the amount of HGH dosage you can expect to take, the timing and the duration. But one more thing you should think about is ways in which you can enhance your HGH cycle results. And there is no better way than to give yourself a natural HGH cycle dosage through the medium of food.

Get this… There are certain things you can add to your diet that will “organically” raise your HGH levels. To tap into this magic, include such foods as pineapple, goji berries, fava beans, raisins, good quality beef and watermelon.

HGH Dosage for Kids

Kids are different than adults when it comes to an HGH cycle. The amount they are given is based off their size. As a general rule of thumb, they are often prescribed .025 to .035 mg per kilogram of bodyweight.

Having said that, kids that are bigger will have to take more HGH than those who are smaller. And this doesn’t necessarily translate to height either. It has more to do with overall size. But, short stature is the main reason for kids to get put on an HGH cycle in the first place.

If you happen to have a child who you feel is not growing at the normal rate, it is a good idea to have them tested in a clinic to find out for sure. The earlier you get them checked, the sooner they can get on an HGH cycle and get back to a normal range.

Is HGH Compatible With Other Drugs?

One thing you always need to pay attention to is interactions that can occur when you mix drugs or supplements together. To answer the question of, is HGH compatible with other drugs, the answer is… maybe. The only way to truly know is to discuss it with your doctor.

A lot of times this depends on the individual too. Some people can get away with doing an HGH dosage for anti-aging and take a cocktail of other things with no effects at all. While others might experience a litany of side effects.

Stay safe and bring this up with your healthcare provider and you’ll be able to find out for sure.

HGH Dosage for Tendon Repair

Human growth hormone (hGH) plays an important role in the repair of injuries. hGH promotes cell proliferation and differentiation, which helps to regenerate tissue. hGH also stimulates the production of collagen, the main structural protein in tendons. A hgh dosage for tendon repair can help to speed up the healing process and improve the strength and elasticity of the repaired tissue. In addition, hGH can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

When tendons are damaged, the body’s ability to produce hGH decreases, which can delay the healing process.hGH injections can help to speed up the healing process by increasing the body’s production of hGH. As a result, hGH injections can be an effective treatment for tendon injuries.

HGH Dosage Final Notes

There is no need to stress about taking HGH if you do it within the right guidelines. Do yourself a favor and take just enough of an HGH dosage to give you the satisfaction you desire and not go off the rails.

If you are at all curious if HGH is right for you, give us a call at HGH Vallarta and we can get you set up with everything you need from your appointment with our qualified staff to your travels back home.