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If you have ever considered taking HGH, HGH Vallarta has an HGH dosage available for various applications. Please contact us if you have any questions about how HGH can help transform your life.

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HGH Vallarta is your go-to source for high-quality HGH dosages. Human growth hormone therapy is a common treatment for various conditions. If you have certain fitness goals, HGH can also help you achieve them with natural supplementation. You can browse our HGH options here and see what is best for your specific needs.

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What is the Most Common HGH Dosage Range for Adults?

HGH dosages vary depending on individual circumstances. The maintenance dose for adults is typically between 1.5iu 0.5 mg daily and 3 iu 1mg daily. s in GHD patients 40-60 years old, or 1.5 IU/m2/day (about 2.5-3.0 IU/day) in GHD patients 20-40 years old. HGH dosage IU refers to international units of measurement. The pens measure in milligrams. One iu is 0.33mg.


HGH Dosages for Men

HGH dosages for men typically range between 2-4 IU per day. Age is not a significant factor unless the primary target is to increase height. The most important element is your IGF-1 level, which is a blood test that measures your HGH levels.


HGH Dosages for Women

Typically, a women’s dosage starts at around the same level as the HGH dosage for men – 1.5 – 3 IU per day. After several months, it is recommended to get your IGF-1 levels tested to see if the dosage needs to be adjusted. Every individual’s body is unique, which is why it is critical to monitor dosage amounts and the body’s reaction to it.


HGH Dosages for Children

HGH is most commonly used in children with growth deficiencies. Dosages can be increased for specific conditions like Turner syndrome or chronic kidney disease. Please follow your pediatrician’s recommendation for HGH dosages in children.

The typical dosage range is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor. The usual total weekly dose is 0.035 milligram (mg) per kilogram (kg) (0.136 mg per pound) of body weight. This is injected subcutaneously under the skin.


HGH can be continued for multiple years. It typically continues until the prescribed growth metrics are hit or when the child’s growth plates close – whichever comes first.

It is critical that HGH usage in children is continuously monitored by medical professionals. This allows for proper dosage adjustments in line with the child’s reaction and how fast the growth rate increases. The most common method for monitoring is blood tests, which measure IGF-1 levels and growth chart.

How Does HGH Work?

HGH affects your liver’s production of insulin-like growth factor 1, otherwise known as IGF-1. This hormone regulates bone and other tissue growth. HGH also binds to specific receptors within your cells to kickstart processes like protein synthesis, mobilize fat stores, increase muscle mass, and support the maintenance and regeneration of organs and tissues.

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Medical Conditions HGH Can Assist With

Growth Hormone Deficiency in Children

Perhaps the most common use of HGH is to treat children with growth hormone deficiency. An HGH dosage for kids will help kids dealing with slower growth and shorter stature. By administering HGH, kids affected by growth hormone deficiency or short stature can achieve a in line with their genetic potential. The current doses of recombinant growth hormone (rGH) are two to three times those used in the pituitary growth hormone era. These rGH doses (0.025 to 0.043 mg/kg/d) are similar to or moderately greater than the physiologic requirements.


Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

If left unchecked, growth hormone deficiency can affect you in your adult life as well. It will lead to reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, and decreased quality of life. Adults with growth hormone deficiency can use HGH therapy to reverse these effects, improving body composition, increasing energy levels, and enhancing overall well-being. Patients less than 30 years of age should start at 0.6-0.8 mg/day. Older patients (over 60 years) might need a higher dose of 0.8-1.2 mg/day. The dosage depends on how each person’s IGF-1 blood test reacts.


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Chronic Kidney Disease

HGH therapy can help those dealing with chronic kidney disease. Studies have shown that HGH can slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. Clinical trials suggest that a dose of 28 IU/m2 /week (0.05 mg/kg/day or 0.35 mg/kg/week; 1 mg = 3 IU) is optimal for children with CKD.


Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is most prevalent in females and leads to decreased height and possible loss of ovarian function. With HGH therapy, girls will see increased height over time. HGH therapy is usually started at the recommended dose of 0.375 mg/kg/week divided into daily injections.


Prader-Will Syndrome

This is another genetic disorder with symptoms like decreased muscle tone, low levels of sex hormones, and a constant appetite. People with Prader-Will syndrome often become obese due to their frequent hunger. HGH therapy helps level out growth and body composition to a more normal level. Adults with PWS should be started on hGH therapy at a dose of 0.1-0.2 mg/day up to 0.96 mg/day.


HGH Dosage for Bodybuilding

HGH is commonly used in the fitness industry, particularly in bodybuilding. Its benefits of enhancing muscle growth, fat loss, and recovery boosts are the perfect complement to a rigorous weightlifting regimen and proper diet. HGH bodybuilding dosages are individualized, but most begin with 1-2 IU (international units) of HGH per day. Many bodybuilders take 4iu per day. 


Benefits of HGH Dosage in Bodybuilding 
Muscle Growth: HGH will stimulate muscle protein synthesis. This leads to increased muscle mass over time with consistent dosages.  
Fat Loss: Bodybuilders are constantly trying to lean out to make weight for competitions. HGH promotes lipolysis, which reduces body fat around the abdomen area.  
Recovery: Recovery is critical with muscle growth from lifting weights. HGH accelerates tissue repair from torn muscles (which happens naturally when working out) and reduces general soreness, allowing people to get back to their workouts faster.  
Skin and Joint Health: HGH therapy can also improve skin elasticity and 
support joint health, which can prevent harmful long-term joint damage from frequent weightlifting. 
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HGH for Hair Growth

You can also use HGH therapy to accelerate hair growth. It will improve the health of your hair follicles and lead to the creation of keratinocytes, which are the cells responsible for hair growth. HGH will also increase blood flow to the scalp, promoting better oxygen flow and delivering quality nutrients to the area.

The recommended HGH dosage for hair growth results should start at about 1.0 IU/day and can gradually increase by about 0.5 IU/month until the optimal dosage is achieved.


Benefits of HGH Therapy for Hair Growth 
• Increased Hair Thickness: HGH will grow the diameter of hair strands, 
causing thicker hair.  
• Enhanced Hair Quality: With HGH, you will see better vitality in your overall 
health. This leads to more natural shine, thickness, color, etc. 
• Reduced Hair Loss: Slow or reverse the effects of hair loss and hair thinning 
with HGH dosages. 

HGH Dosage Calculator

Calculating your optimal HGH dosage is simple! Body weight (BW) and body surface area (BSA) are both used in different forms of calculation to achieve your target dosage.

You can use formulas like Costeff’s Formula and Mosteller’s Formula.

Age, gender, and the exercise routine’s intensity may also be considered when determining the proper dosage. By using an HGH calculator formula, you can identify a range that is not too low or too high, which can lead to adverse effects.


Is HGH Legal?

Yes, but only if you have a valid doctor’s prescription. There are many online products claiming to be HGH, but these are often counterfeit and illegal. This is why it is recommended you only get HGH from a licensed medical facility. While there are many brands of HGH, they all use the same primary ingredient, somatotropin.

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When Should HGH Be Used?

There are multiple circumstances in which HGH therapy would be beneficial. HGH therapy will provide additional supplementation for children and adults with confirmed growth hormone deficiencies to achieve normal growth rates.

For those looking for performance enhancement, HGH enhances muscle growth, burns fat, and accelerates recovery cycles. When using HGH for fitness goals, it is important to monitor dosages and the body’s reaction to HGH cycles.

HGH is also helpful for people experiencing hair loss. Its nutrient stimulation promotes hair growth and health over time.

Common signs of growth hormone deficiency include:

  • Poor quality sleep
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Cognitive problems
  • Mental cloudiness
  • Sexual health issues
  • Poor skin health
  • Muscle loss
  • Fat gain

Speak with a medical professional if you think you are experiencing some form of growth hormone deficiency. Your doctor will be able to provide more information on how HGH can help and the proper dosage for your age, size, and situation.

Common signs of growth hormone deficiency include:

• Poor quality sleep
• Weakness and fatigue
• Cognitive problems
• Mental cloudiness
• Sexual health issues
• Poor skin health
• Muscle loss
• Fat gain

Speak with a medical professional if you think you are experiencing some form of growth hormone deficiency. Your doctor will be able to provide more information on how HGH can help and the proper dosage for your age, size, and situation.

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The HGH Vallarta Process

Step One: Blood Panel Examination

The doctors at HGH Vallarta will conduct a blood panel examination to determine your eligibility for HGH therapy. We will ask questions about your symptoms to determine the proper dosage and how HGH can help. If you already have an HGH prescription, contact us to place an order for your prescribed dosage. Get your blood work done and find out if your IGF-1 is low and that there are no red flags.

Step Two: Finding the Right HGH Treatment

There are different brands, dosages, and application processes of HGH. Our doctors will source the best option based on your condition, size, age factors, and needs.

Step Three: We Ship Your Medication

Once you have your prescription, HGH Vallarta will ship your medication right to your doorstep. We ship throughout Mexico. If you are near our clinic in Puerto Vallarta, you can also stop by to pick up your medication in person.

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