How To get HGH online with a prescription

If a trip to beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico sounds good, then you are in luck. That’s what you’ll need to do to get HGH. Unfortunately, due to US regulations, we cannot ship it to you directly. But, when you come to our clinic, we can give it to you in person or ship it to wherever you are staying in Mexico. That is how you can get HGH online.

How to get HGH from your Doctor

We want to make things as convenient as possible for you. If you’d like to get HGH injections from your own doctor, our own doctor will do your blood panel, and then you can take these results to your personal physician. He can then give you a prescription or one of our doctors can provide a HGH prescription online as well. And when you purchase a package of 720 iu, your blood panel is included in the price.

“Thanks guys, what a good job, I would recommend you to all my friends. I was worried about crossing the border and coming through customs in the States It was flawless just as they had said customs did check my package after presenting them with the letter from the doctor and the prescription all was good. Thanks guys, you’re wonderful, I would give them 4 thumbs up but unfortunately I only have 2 thumbs. “

— Jackie Jack | 5 Star Google+ Review

There’s no better place then here and no better time than know! We can provide you with online purchasing access of HGH. And to go one step further, if you have a preexisting prescription and know the brand you want, just reach out to us to make an order.

We can ship anywhere in Mexico or you can personally come to our clinic in Puerto Vallarta to pick up your HGH injection. It’s that simple! Just be aware that you must have a prescription present to cross country lines.

We are not the bush leagues here. We ONLY sell, pharmaceutical grade, well known brands of HGH like Norditropin, Humatrope and Saizen. And for authenticity, you can verify expiration dates and lot numbers with the manufacturer. But don’t just take our words for it.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers with reviews to match that you can read right here. If real HGH is what you want, then that’s what you will receive. You need not look any further because we only sell the BEST, authentic FDA-approved brands of HGH injections.

At HGH Vallarta, prospective patients often express their concerns about traveling abroad with medications. This is especially the case with those who go through hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to balance out deficiencies. They fear losing the medications they so desperately need.

This guide is to help you better understand the periodic inspection by international authorities. First and foremost, there is a lot of sensationalism attached to bio-identical HRT. This is mainly due to the firestorm of controversy created over the years by athletes and others who have abused HGH.

But let’s take a quick look at history. Hormone replacement therapy dates all the way back to the 1930s. Yet, it’s only come to the surface for those seeking treatment for deficiencies over the past 20 years.

Nonetheless, there is nothing to hide when it comes to undergoing this type of therapy. Our treatments follow the high-standard, highly recognized, international protocols necessary. And you should not feel like you have to hang your head in shame or hide in the shadows.

From a legal standpoint, when prescribed by our doctors, this therapy is as safe and sound as getting a flu shot. All you need to do is complete a blood panel to figure out where your deficiencies lie and we will locate the best brand and dosage to fit your needs As with any other medication, the specific prescription you get will be determined by your doctor.

In today’s day and age, a large percentage of global citizens travel internationally. In addition, the CDC reports that 48.7 percent of the population has used at least one prescription medication in the past 30 days, while 21.8 percent have used three or more!

These high numbers indicate that if international travel were not permitted with a reasonable amount of personal medication, it would need to be stopped.

Therefore, it’s completely legal to travel with your prescription meds. But to further put your mind at ease, here are a few suggestions on getting across the border without any issues.

– Always carry your medication in its original container/packaging.
– Have the doctor’s prescription printed on the container.
– Only travel with 90 days of treatment. This is usually a “rule-of-thumb” guide used by border inspectors to judge those traveling with medications for personal use.
– There is no exact definition though, so be cognizant of this fact.
– Carry a valid Prescription or Doctor’s Note with you. In the event you are traveling with Norditropin, it’s best to have your physician print and sign the travel document by Norditropin for border inspectors and airport security to see.
– Always be honest about how you got HGH when speaking to border inspectors and government officials. But this does not mean give up your rights of free passage and medical care either. It is not unlawful for you to seek medical advice and care outside your country of origin. It is actually more common than many people think. Try to be respectful, carry your prescription documents, and always answer questions honestly.