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The Role Of HGH In Your Child’s Future Isn’t Magic

Behore we talk about HGH Vallarta Magic Foundation, let’s talk about the role of HGH. Every parent wants their child to grow up happy and healthy, and reach adulthood with the foundation of optimal health. That includes normal HGH levels.

If you notice that your child isn’t growing as he or she should, you may have spoken with your pediatrician. Or your doctor has noticed it during checkups and mentioned it to you during consultations. Exams and testing including:

  • X-Rays of the hand and wrist that checks the growth plates
  • Blood tests to check levels of HGH and other vital hormones.

So what does this mean to your child?

Causes Of HGH Deficiency

HGH deficiency is the result of an injury to either the pituitary gland or the hypothalamus. It can have any number of causes, either before or after birth, from brain trauma or injury, or any type of head-based radiation treatment. It can also be genetic. However, most cases of HGH deficiency don’t have an obvious cause.

The pituitary and hypothalamus both release hormones that make the foundation that your child’s development depends on, including:

  • Metabolism
  • Blood pressure
  • Physical growth and development
  • Puberty
  • Cardiovascular function

What this means for your child is “stunted growth” along with slower physical development.

HGH deficiency confirmed? What Are Your Options?

The magic of being able to grow and being taller sets the foundation for a better future.

One option is to do nothing. This means that your child will struggle to grow, have delayed puberty, and have other foundational health problems. They won’t reach their normal height like other children.

An HGH-deficient child may also have a “baby face” as well as more difficulty with the weight and less growth of hair. There may be other problems such as hypothyroidism or kidney disease.

HGH deficiency does not have an effect on intelligence or cognitive development. However, some children may experience psychological side effects, such as depression.

A pediatric endocrinologist can work with you to determine the next steps in your child’s foundational treatment. He or she is trained specifically to work with childhood hormonal issues as well as the equipment needed to find them.

The most common treatment for growth hormone deficiency is the administration of prescription-grade injectable hormones. Your doctor can prescribe these injections for you to do at home, on a schedule, and teach you the right way to administer them.

Real HGH isn’t magic, but a biologically identical synthetic growth hormone that replaces what your child is missing. That means it is the same substance on a molecular level, with the same amino acid structure as the one produced by the body.

Although HGH treatments usually last several years, you may begin to see results as soon as three or four months after beginning the injections. Feet tend to grow faster, so you’ll be buying your child’s shoes more often!

The earlier your child starts treatment, the better chance he or she has to grow to a normal or nearly normal adult height in line with the rest of the family.

Will Your Insurance Cover HGH?

Even though HGH is the foundation of helping your child continue to grow, develop, and increase in height, your insurance company may not cover it or only cover part of it. This tends to be a big decision—and a problem—with parents whose children need to begin HGH therapy.

This therapy can be expensive, and many health insurers don’t cover it, or only cover it partially. That leaves parents paying out-of-pocket for something their child needs.

There’s a better way.

Getting HGH For Your Child

If you’re researching HGH deficiency in children, you’re likely to come across a considerable amount of information online from a range of different sources. Some are legitimate, like hospitals and medical schools. Others are websites touting “HGH,” in different forms. That website and may not be there the next time you look for it.

You may also find supplements that claim to “stimulate HGH production.” They may or may not help your child, but do you want to take that chance?

Of course, it’s easier to buy HGH online and have it delivered to your door—but do you know what you’re getting? You may—or may not—get real HGH.

There is only one way to get real, prescription-grade injectable HGH, and that’s through a licensed physician. But the cost may be a factor, especially if your health insurance doesn’t cover it or you don’t have health insurance.

There is another way to get your child the HGH he or she needs at a more affordable cost than in the US.

HGH Vallarta Magic Foundation Can Help

We understand the need for HGH, and the expenses associated with getting the prescription filled in the US. That’s where we come in with Magic Foundation.

HGH Vallarta offers FDA-approved HGH in injectable pens, the same as you’d get in the US at a fraction of the cost.

We care about your child’s health and wellbeing. Our certified endocrinologist and will work with your child’s physician to get you the right HGH prescription at a price that’s less than you’d pay in the US. And with a weekend visit to Mexico as well.

Magic foundation at HGH Vallarta provide effective support for your child’s growth. We are dedicated to help children or adult with growth-related disorders.

When you come to Mexico, we will work with you to take care of blood testing and diagnosis. You’ll receive a copy of all diagnostic testing. We’ll hand you a three-month supply of HGH to take home along with a signed doctor’s note and the proper papers for US Customs. Your child can start his or her HGH therapy right away.

Want to know more? Call us toll-free at 1 888 370 2144, or email us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to tell you more and help your child start their magic foundation for a better and healthier life.