NEBIDO 1000mg – Testosterone / Box

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Nebido is a form of testosterone undecanoate produced by Bayer to treat testosterone deficiency. One package of Nebido contains 1000mg of active medication in 4mL of oil, designed to be injected intramuscularly. The muscle serves as a vehicle for slow, continuous release of testosterone into the bloodstream. As a longer-lasting drug, Nebido is typically injected every 5-10 weeks after a brief loading period. Store Nebido at a stable room temperature and carefully dispose of needles in a medical disposal container.

1000mg Nebido Testesterone box


To add to our collection of testosterone options, we give you Nebido. This is a quite popular “steroid” on the black market with unwitting muscle heads who think they can cut corners and get bulked up while cutting fat at the same time.​

Although we are not opposed to you gaining muscle and burning fat, we are in it for the right reasons. Trying to take an illegal course of action to boost your ego is not safe.

But what is safe is being prescribed Nebido for your testosterone-balancing needs.

Nebido Testosterone

From a scientific standpoint, Nebido injections contain an active ingredient known as testosterone undecanoate. It is specifically beneficial for having a lasting effect once injected into the system.

This gives your body plenty of time to adapt so you won’t be forced too far beyond your comfort zone.

How Often Do You Take a Nebido Injection?

A lot of people are reluctant to go the direction of testosterone injections because they do not like needles. Suffice it to say, this can be a scary process. Especially when left to your own devices.​

But our care team at HGH Vallarta insure your satisfaction and safety before anything else. And we also show you everything you need to know about how and when to take your injections.

​Nebido happens to have a long “shelf life” so to speak. Once you get in injection, you are good to go for 6 weeks. Then after you have gone through what’s called the “loading phase,” every 12 weeks thereafter is sufficient.

Nibedo Price

Cost efficiency is always on the forefront of people’s minds who are looking to obtain testosterone. It stands to reason that your overall health should not be compromised with a higher price tag. And the sad reality is, much like any other testosterone booster, Nebido is not cheap.

But, that is primarily the case in the United States. It’s all about supply and demand. Big pharma can charge big prices because they know people need and want the product. However, when you visit our clinic, that game changes quite a bit.​

A box of Nebido injections costs $135 here. It’s not out of the question to pay less for a trip down here and a prescription than it would to get half the amount at a place in the states.

Check Out Nebido Reviews

All and all, the reviews for Nebido are positive. Most patients have mentioned getting great results and they highly recommend the product.

The only negative feedback is, some people experienced a little pain from the injections in the very beginning. But as time goes on, your body adapts and there’s nothing to it.

Where to Buy Nebido

where to buy nebido

You already know that you can find Nebido cheaper in Mexico than in the United States. That’s a good reason for you to make an appointment and visit our clinic. Not only will you be in the best of hands, but you’ll also save money.
That gives you the best of both.