General Tips for traveling with medication and growth hormone

Growth hormone in particular brings a lot of questions, as many wonder about the legality and ease of traveling with HGH injections. But we’re here to let you know it’s absolutely possible to travel with prescription medication, but there are a few guidelines to follow for smooth sailing. Let’s dive right in…

Traveling with Prescription Medication | Most Frequent Countries

When traveling with prescription medication, each situation will be different. Airport security staff are equipped to handle these situations, as tons of travelers bring their prescriptions daily. Be sure to bring the actual prescription, keep it in the original packaging, and add-on a doctor’s note for extra assurance.

Please note that any of the tips listed above are not medical advice, and you should always follow the direction of your doctor. Talk to your family physician if you have any concerns about the safety of traveling with medication, and consult the appropriate website for clarifications.

United States of America

For traveling to the US, there are a few references to look at which confirm the legalities of traveling with medication and more specifically Somatropin. The first is the FDA’s 5 Tips for Traveling with Medications and the second is the TSA Travel Tips – Traveling With Medication. For U.S. Customs Border and Protection, you can find information here which refers directly to the FDA who are responsible for the clearance of regulated medication.


For Canadian citizens, you can reference either of the following two links which clearly state the legalities of returning with medications, as well as the legality of shipping of medications. The first of the links is Travel.gc.ca and the second is Canada.ca.

United Kingdom

If you are traveling to the UK with Somatropin you can apply for permission beforehand. However, you can legally travel with up to a 3 month supply of medication. You can find all exact information by visiting the UK Goverment site here.

Flying with medication – Getting prepared

Before you leave, it’s a good idea to prepare your medication ahead of time. For over-the-counter drugs, you will be safe packing them in your carry-on. Growth hormone and other prescription medication require a bit more preparation.

If it needs to be refrigerated or stored, prepare a cooler ahead of time. Keeping medication on hand during travel avoids the problems of lost luggage, but prepare to talk to security at the airport.

TSA traveling with medication – At the airport

Bring your/your child’s prescription with you alongside medication. Prepare to ask the security staff to check your meds visually, rather than sliding it through the scanner. Make sure you avoid delays by pulling your medication out of your carry-on before security. For extra security, get a signed letter from your/your child’s doctor, stating the medical necessity of traveling with prescription medication such as growth hormone. Be sure to get a letter when traveling across country lines.

For more information, visit the TSA website for specific rules and regulations.

Traveling with medication internationally

It’s completely legal to travel with internationally with your prescription medication. To make the process easy, follow these tips to get across the border:

  • Keep the medication in its original packaging for easy identification
  • Get the prescription printed on the container
  • Try to travel with no more than 90-days’ worth of medication
  • Be sure to bring a signed doctor’s note alongside the prescription
  • Always be honest when questioned about usage, place of purchase, or anything else by airport security. You are well-within your rights to seek growth hormone or other prescription outside of the country and return home.
  • Finally, be respectful to airport security if any issues arise. But if you follow the above guidelines, you should be able to travel across the border without a problem.

Traveling with refrigerated medication

If your medication or growth hormone requires refrigeration, get everything ready well before you leave. First of all, double and triple check doctors’ instructions, as some growth hormone pens only require refrigeration prior to first use. If you have confirmed refrigeration is necessary, pack a cooler.

Get a cooler and ice packs that are carry-on friendly. Keep your ice packs frozen, as if they melt, they are considered a liquid. You cannot take more than 4 oz of liquid in a single package on the plane, so take special care to pack ice at the last minute and avoid hot temperatures.

If you are staying in a hotel, request a room with a freezer if possible. Most regular hotel refrigerators won’t keep your ice packs frozen for traveling home. If no in-room freezers are available, ask the hotel staff if you can keep them in the kitchen, and they should be able to accommodate.