Xerendip HGH

All HGH medications require a prescription to travel with.  Click here to read more about traveling with personal medications prescribed by a doctor while abroad.

Xerendip by Pisa labs is not approved by the  FDA as it is a Mexican brand. It has shown mixed results in children and adults. It comes in 2 different formats depending on IU, pen and vial.

Xerendip HGH Injections Blue and White Box

What Are The Results of Xerendip?

Xerendip HGH is a recombinant human growth hormone. It contains almost the same structure and function as the growth hormone produced naturally in the body by the pituitary gland. The human growth hormone is a chemical messenger in the body that controls numerous body functions. This includes the rate of growth of cells, the differentiation of different cell lines, and bone mineral deposition among others.

Xerendip is one of the most popular, yet cheapest, forms of HGH injections on the market. The popularity of Xerendip HGH is mostly due to its affordability. For the men and women in the USA and Mexico struggling with finances, Xerendip HGH is the best option to get all the benefits that come with using HGH injections without incurring huge costs.

Benefits of Xerendip HGH Injections

Xerendip HGH Benefits

Xerendip HGH injections come as a substitute for what the body cannot produce or as an augmentation of the already existing production of HGH. Some of the benefits of Xerendip HGH Injections include:

• Stronger bones, bigger muscle bulk, and a faster rate of wound and tissue healing allowing you to exercise as
much as you want and still get back to the gym the following day.
• Increased libido – One of the things that people hold on to so dearly in their youth is their hyperactive sexuality.
Xerendip can bring back the lost libido and take you down your youthful memory lane in bed.
• Boosted immune system – Have you ever wondered why young people could eat whatever, sleep wherever and
with whoever, and still somehow manage to get away with many illnesses? Well, HGH might just have the answers
for you. Get your HGH injections today and relive those invincible days.
• Good skin – Gone are the days where it was only women fussing about wrinkled and freckling skin. Nowadays
everyone is interested and invested in looking young. HGH is responsible for the growth rate of cells in the body;
the skin is the largest organ in the body and it is severely affected by a decline in the amount of growth hormone
circulating in the body. Xerendip HGH will keep your skin cells dividing like that of a twenty-year-old.
• Cognitive improvement – Old age comes with many things among them is the decline in cognition. Memory and
mood are bound to be affected the most. HGH injections especially Xerendip HGH serves to cushion one from
these deleterious effects of aging.

For those passionate about holding on to their youth as long as possible, Xerendip HGH might just be the thing you
are looking for.

Xerendip 16 ui Dosage

Human growth hormone is a medication that will affect the functioning of your body at almost every level. Caution is therefore advised before buying Xerendip HGH. Before you settle for any HGH products, first consult a doctor to get a proper prescription.

We at HGHVallarta have a team of specialized doctors with vast experience when it comes to using and prescribing Xerendip. We will be able to advise you on Xerendip HGH use, dosages and various indications and contraindications.

​There are two main types of xerendip HGH, the Xerendip 4IU and the Xerendip 16IU. Both are equally effective. Xerendip 16IU does not need reconstitution and can generally be taken as is.

Xerendip 4 ui Prescription

The dosage depends on the condition that is being managed by the doctor. Different conditions attract different Xerendip dosages. For instance, a professional bodybuilder will use Xerendip for bodybuilding at a higher dosage compared to someone looking to lose weight.

The Xerendip 4IU usually comes in two vials, this may require reconstitution especially in people with the prescription of 3IU per day. Your specific needs will vary based on your prescription.

Why Buy Xerendip From Us?

why you should buy xerendip HGH from HGH Vallarta

We stock Xerendip, a locally produced HGH injection from PISA pharmaceutical here in Mexico. The company is recognized internationally. It is the largest pharmaceutical company in Mexico. The company maintains the highest standards and adheres to the strict code regulating pharmaceutical companies.

Xerendip has since its inception, enjoyed positive Xerendip reviews both locally in Mexico and globally. The greatest cause of such positive Xerendip reviews being the affordability and the excellent effectiveness of the drug. Such amazing Xerendip reviews have seen PISA export the drug in large quantities from Mexico recently. Also, there has been an influx of foreigners flying to Mexico to buy Xerendip.

The price of Xerendip is way lower in Mexico compared to other countries globally. If you are a resident of the USA, you can fly down to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico with your prescription to collect your Xerendip HGH injections.