PRIMOTESTON – 1ml/250mg / Box

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When testosterone levels are suboptimal in adult men, a consultation with a doctor may demand medical intervention. Primoteston is an injectable medication of testosterone enantate used to treat hypogonadism. Produced by Bayer, one of the greatest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Primoteston has a high potency and long-lasting effect. Therefore, it’s designed for injection directly into the muscle every 2-4 weeks. Primoteston should be stored at room temperature and disposed of in a medical container after injection.

*Primoteston is FDA-approved for men with medical conditions of hypogonadism

Primoteston Box Blue and White


To round out our options for testosterone replacement therapy, we have a yellowish, oily solution called Primoteston. This option is known medically as testosterone enanthate. Much like our other test boosters, this gets injected in the butt or close to it where there is a thick area of muscle.

And speaking of muscle, once again this product is often fancied by bodybuilders and iron pumpers who want to gain as much size as possible. On the black market, you will often just here this referred to as “Primo,” which can be taken literally or metaphorically.

But we all know that nabbing some “gear” on the black market is both a dodgy and sketchy practice. You should never go the illegal route when the overall health of your body is at stake.

Primoteston Depot

The word “depot” is used in reference to the way testosterone is administered into your system. Think of a railroad depot, for example. There are a bunch of derailed train cars setting in one area that will soon disperse for active duty. It’s basically a storage area.

​Well, Primoteston Depot is very much the same thing. It gets injected and then sets up in one area. Over time, it gets released into your bloodstream as your testosterone levels slowly begin to stabilize.

Primoteston Mexico | The Advantages

Toby Keith once said, “What happens down in Mexico, stays in Mexico.” Well, that might be the case if you are looking to get into mischief. But under general circumstances, you have nothing to hide when you come to our office.

In fact, it is advantageous for you to visit us because we have more than qualified doctors and a friendly staff that will make you feel right at home. And let us not forget about the cost of our services.​

Get your treatment plan taken care of a lot cheaper here than anywhere else in the United States. That’s perhaps the biggest bonus of them all.

Primoteston Depot for Sale

A dose of Primoteston contains 250 mg of enanthate. Inject every 2 to 3 weeks when starting off. Then, after the acclimation phase is over, you will need one every 3 to 4 weeks thereafter.

The doctors at our clinic are very precise and thorough when it comes to the dosage and cycling. They will make sure that you understand this phase of your treatment and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Primoteston Depot Reviews

HGH for increased muscle mass

Fortunately, Primo has gotten a lot of positive reviews. Here is one from a bodybuilder who touts the advantages it gave him when it came to packing on muscle mass.

Just be aware, apples and oranges don’t make apples. In other words, you are likely not a bodybuilder. If you are, and you’ve been going natural all these years but your t-levels are going down, you can rest assured that Primoteston will help your cause.

And if you are one of the many other people just looking to get back your energy, vitality, sex drive and strength, you’ll still be able to chalk one up in the win column.