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All HGH medications require a prescription to travel with.  Click here to read more about traveling with personal medications prescribed by a doctor while abroad.

Norditropin by Novo Nordisk pens are convenient and easy to use. They come premixed and need to be kept refrigerated before use. Just take the cap off the pen, screw on a Novofine needle, dial in your dosage and then inject.  Norditropin is our best seller and happens to be the most popular brand in the world. After first use the pen can be kept out of the fridge if the temperature is below 77 Ferenheight.

*Norditropin is produced by recombinant DNA technology and has a sequence identical to that of human GH produced by the pituitary gland.

*Norditropin has been FDA approved as a treatment for GH Deficiency.

Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex, Norditropin Pens

When you hear the word “pen,” you automatically think about writing something down. But in the world of hormone optimization, there is a whole other use of the word and it revolves around a unit of serum that can help balance your levels of human growth hormone (HGH).

In this case, the pen is a small, hand-held tool that resembles a writing pen. But there is no ink involved and it certainly isn’t equipped for you to write a letter home to mom.

More specifically, there is a particular pen out there called Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex. Let’s take some time to flesh this out further and learn the basics. It might be just what you were looking for to get your body back into balance.

What is Norditropin prescribed for?

A Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex pen is obtained by prescription. It is a product of the Novo Nordisk company, which is one of the top pharmaceutical brands on the market. The main purpose of this device is to get your HGH levels back up to snuff.

But it goes a little further than that. Aside from adults, children often experience issues with their growth at a young age. This all stems from the pituitary gland not working at full capacity. In case you were unaware, the pituitary, which resides in the bottom, middle area of the brain, is the catalyst that sparks natural growth hormone release in the body.

When a child experiences a lackluster release of HGH, they end up shorter than their peers, which can set off a chain reaction of self-consciousness, depression, and isolation. The line of defense, in this case, is a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex dosing that will restart their growing process and help them try to achieve at least average height for their age.

From an adult standpoint, side effects of low HGH levels include, but are not limited to, declining sex drive, trouble concentrating, fat gain, weakness, mood swings, and muscle loss.

A doctor’s intervention after thorough lab tests might show that an individual in this position would be a good candidate for HGH injections and Norditropin is a likely candidate for a prescription.

Then you have to consider the Norditropin price. In a similar fashion to other pharmaceuticals, there can be a hefty cost attached to this form of treatment. Sadly, this is very much the case in the United States when visiting any basic healthcare facility.

You can be looking at a long-term treatment strategy that involves a Norditropin pen for sale several times per week. Over time that can really add up and cause you to look at alternative options.

Suffice it to say, the Norditropin pen price will be drastically different at our facility here in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, the cost of flying here, staying a couple of nights, and getting your treatment would be cheaper than getting Norditropin dosing from a doctor in the states.

Everything would be completely legal and safe too, from the time you make the phone call to the time you leave the building and head home. That’s something to think about when you are trying to boost your HGH levels and regain your youthful lifestyle.

What is Norditropin NordiFlex used for?

It is not out of the question for some kids to grow several inches in a year or so after a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex pen is administered into their weekly regimen. Suffice it to say, adult usage is quite different. It is not realistic for a grownup to gain any inches when they do a run of Norditropin. After all, they are called “grownups.” This is because, once your growth plates close, exogenous HGH does not have any impact on height.

In other words, your bones are done growing and there is no way to start that process back up through the medium of a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex pen. And just for the record, exogenous means a substance is added to the body from the outside world. But even though an adult cannot gain height with Norditropin, this does not mean a run of it will not be useful. Adults are often subject to naturally declining HGH levels. Males, in particular, experience a slow and steady reduction after 30 years of age. In some cases, this reduction is drastic and in other cases, it’s not so bad.

A run of Norditropin can quickly change the game here and get you back to where you want to be. The purported benefits include more strength, muscle maintenance, better sleep, higher energy levels, faster recoveries from workouts, and weight loss.

Pay particular attention to the sleep factor. When you fall asleep, your body goes through several very important processes that promote overall health. First of all, you naturally get a high release of human growth hormone. In doing so, you efficiently burn fat, your immune system gets boosted and you build muscle.

On a side note, this is why it’s a good idea to not eat before bed. When you do, your blood sugar levels rise, which causes an equal rise in insulin. When insulin is high, HGH is low. You don’t have to do too much-advanced math to see the problem here.

Your body is robbed of all the benefits that growth hormone brings to the table. So, even if your HGH levels are high, you should still avoid late-night eating. If you are on a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex dosing regimen, this doesn’t change. You should still be conscious of eating and drinking liquid calories before you go to sleep at night.

What is Norditropin made of?

There is a high amount of the population who likes to read ingredient labels. Some people are obsessed with it while others are concerned, and still, others don’t give a frog’s fat ass what’s in the fine print.

When you’re scoping out Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex price guides, you might as well take it one step farther and find out what the stuff is made of. The main ingredients include Somatropin (which is the generic name of Norditropin), histidine, phenol, mannitol, and water.

As you can see, there are just a few simple ingredients. All of these work synergistically to give you the best effect possible. If at any time, you have further questions about these ingredients, you can always bring them up with your healthcare provider. Our team of doctors here at HGH Vallarta is very well schooled and can answer any questions you might have.

Just for the record, there is always a chance of having an adverse effect from any pharmaceutical you take. But that’s also the case with the most natural of supplements too. You just have to know your body well and have awareness of what happens when you ingest or inject any outside substrate.

How many IU is in a Norditropin pen?

The abbreviation “IU” stands for International Units. This is a metric system term, describing how much volume is used in liquid measurement. Fast forward to a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex pen and you have IUs being used as the basis for the amount prescribed.

The answer to the question of how many IUs are in a Norditropin pen is multi-faceted. That’s because there is more than one Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex dosage. Depending on the severity of your or your child’s deficiency, the doctor you work with will prescribe a different amount.

The pens come in 5mg, 10mg, and 15mg, with 15mg being the largest presentation. It would be this pen that is prescribed for people who require the largest dosage.

Having said all that, IUs are different than mgs. A 5-mg dose is equal to 15 IUs. So that means 10 mgs equals 30 IUs and 15 mgs equals 45 IUs

How to use Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how to effectively and efficiently use Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex. But here is a little more detail so you know what to expect.

Do you remember earlier when you learned about not eating before bed? That comes back around now because it is in your best interest to take Norditropin when your insulin levels are low. And that normally occurs before bed.

If you don’t eat for 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed, you create a good window of opportunity to inject yourself with a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex pen.

As far as the frequency goes, that will also be discussed with your doctor. You may have to do a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex dosing once a day, twice a day, or only once a week. It will all hinge upon how off your HGH levels are.

In any case, the most important factor to remember is you should follow the regimen to a tee. The more disciplined you are with it, the better results you can expect to see.

Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex Pen side effects

Exercising is good for the body, mind, and soul. But it can still come with side effects. So can eating kale salad and reading self-help books. If you exercise too much or do high-intensity workouts too often, you can become injured.
If you eat excessive amounts of kale salad, you can actually cause toxicity in your system.
And if you sit in a chair for too long, reading about how to become more at peace with the world, you can develop back pain and rounded shoulders.
Simply put, every situation in life is safe or dangerous. You are always at risk of something bad happening if you overdo it or do not take certain precautions. Plus, no two bodies are identical. Everyone reacts differently to different stimuli.
That being said, the Norditropin price might actually be paid in the physical sense as opposed to in your pocketbook. However, side effects are still rare. If they should happen to crop up, you should contact your healthcare provider immediately and make sure they can be resolved. It might just take a small adjustment in dosage to stop the problem in its tracks.
Just so you are aware, here are some of the known side effects of Norditropin:

  • Blood in the stool
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Hives, redness, swelling, itching, and the development of rashes
  • Injection site warmth
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Muscle aches
  • Water retention in the limbs

Again, these are not experienced by everyone, and they range in severity. Most of the time, you have nothing to worry about when using Norditropin. But you should always be aware that there is a chance you can experience some unwanted effects.

What is Norditropin used to treat?

Let’s go back to somatropin. This is known as an analog, also referred to as a generic form of Norditropin. It basically acts as the identical version of human growth hormone that your body is unable to produce or creates in small amounts.

What this means is, Norditropin is mainly used to treat HGH deficiency in kids and adults. Both are for very different purposes, but when it’s all said and done, benefits can be experienced, which is the main reason behind doing a dosage.

Now, there is a small caveat to all this. A niche demographic of people sniff out a Norditropin Flexpro / Nordiflex pen for sale in an attempt to bulk up and build more muscle. In fact, they stock up on multiple pens for sale. This is done on the black market where there are no rules.

One should take caution in this scenario because they could be injecting themselves with bad stuff or fake stuff and wasting their money.

How long does a Norditropin pen last?

Norditropin can last up to 4 weeks when it is in the refrigerator. However, if you happen to be traveling and need to take your dosage with you, you can expect it to be good for 21 days out of the fridge.

Concluding thoughts on Norditropin

With all the variables to take into consideration around Norditropin, it really is something that offers great value to the body. If optimal health has eclipsed you for years because of declining HGH levels, you might want to make an appointment with us and get yourself back on the playing field.

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