A Guide to Growth Hormone Injections for Children

Growth Hormone Injections child

Hormones are essential messengers that define a child’s growth, fertility, and metabolism. In the modern era, growth hormone injections for a child allow parents to rectify any hormonal shortcoming in children. 

The growth hormone, or HGH market, is growing due to its promising potential to influence height and muscular development.

In fact, the HGH market is predicted to reach around $ 3.2 billion by 2025. Amidst all the scientific benefits, this therapy can also induce side effects without proper precautions.

If you are concerned about your kid’s physical development, growth hormone therapy can prove effective. So, it’s vital to understand human growth hormone and subsequent treatments in depth.

Understanding the Human Growth Hormone

Before delving deep into the scientific part, understand this — the human growth hormone market’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) stands at 8.2%.

What is the importance of the above statistic?

  • The CAGR is high due to extensive R&D activities in the field
  • Treatment for growth hormone deficiency is becoming popular

What Are Human Growth Hormones?

A human growth hormone (HGH) is a chemical substance produced naturally in the body. The cells located in the anterior pituitary gland secrete this hormone.

These are the standard functions of this hormone that contribute to child growth.

  • Stimulates adolescent and child growth
  • Regulates muscle and bone development
  • Balances body fluids
  • Regulates fat and sugar metabolism
Serono, Pfizer, Genentech, Lilly, and Novo Nordisk logo

Some growth hormone injections child corporates produce HGH synthetically. These are some well-known names producing HGH.

  • Serono
  • Genentech
  • Pfizer
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • NovoNordisk

What Are Growth Hormone Injections?

You might have heard about ‘growth hormone deficiency treatment in child.’ This treatment uses HGH injections, commonly known as growth hormone injections.

Importantly, these are injections developed in a lab. A doctor determines hormone levels in a person.

However, we will concentrate our focus on children in this article.

Growth hormone injection age limit
Need of daily injections for children
Impact of HGH on child growth

Note: Adequate levels of natural growth hormone for child are vital for complete physical development. Lack of normal growth hormone levels in child lead to deficiency.

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Thus, you will know all details pertaining to children as follows.

  • Growth hormone injection age limit
  • Need of daily injections for children
  • Impact of HGH on child growth

Note: Adequate levels of natural growth hormone for child are vital for complete physical development. Lack of normal growth hormone levels in child lead to deficiency.

What Do Growth Hormone Injections Work in a Child?

Generally, you will notice a child shorter in height than their classmates. This short height can become an issue in the long term. HGH injections can rectify such issues.

How would parents identify low hormone levels in a child?

Experts suggest that height growth of fewer than two inches per year after the second birthday can indicate low HGH levels.

Parents might need to consider growth hormone therapy for short stature in such a case.

The child’s physician can diagnose inadequate growth hormone levels by different methods.

  • Detailed observation of child growth
  • Pituitary gland examination
  • Bone X-rays
  • Blood tests

How Do Growth Hormone Injections Work?

Growth hormone injections for a child work as a catalyst in the following ways.

  • Processing proteins
  • Increasing fat breakdown

Consequently, a rise in growth hormone levels can increase height. This increment can be around four inches in the first three years of the treatment.

In a nutshell, HGH injections stimulate growth by activating metabolism in the human cells. These injections work as a catalyst to produce cartilage cells.
So, this protein processing works to contribute to organ and bone growth.

What Are the Benefits of Growth Hormone Injections?

In most cases, normal growth hormone levels in child lead to normal body growth. However, poor growth can be a reason for several unknown causes in some children.

  • HGH deficiency
  • Turner’s Syndrome
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

Growth hormone injections for child can treat conditions that cause abnormal growth. Here are the benefits of these injections to boost child growth.

  • Positive effect on lean body mass
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Treating conditions like Idiopathic Short Stature
  • Regulating growth hormone deficiency

Thus, growth hormone therapy for child requires the systematic use of these injections.

Are Growth Hormone Injections Safe for Children?

HGH injections are generally safe in the early years of treatment. The side effects often vary as per the diagnosis.

If you belong to a non-medical background, consultation with your child’s doctor is necessary. The doctor can suggest vital details like the need for daily injections, potential growth hormone therapy for child, and other information.

What are the Side Effects of Growth Hormone Injections in Children?

Generally, a doctor prescribes an accurate dosage of growth hormone injections for a child. Still, depending on the body’s reaction, the following side effects are most common.

  • Headaches
  • Swelling of the limbs
  • Muscle pain
  • Discomfort in joints

However, it is essential to note that headaches are reversible and usually go away after the treatment for growth hormone deficiency ends.

Best Time to Take Growth Hormone Injections

The best time to take growth hormone injections for children is at an early age. Hence, it is crucial to know the signs of abnormal hormone levels in your child.

The recommended time of the day to inject HGH is one hour before bed. The reason behind this is — the body naturally produces growth hormones in REM sleep.

Administering HGH injections at this time replicates what the body naturally does.

How Should I Know if My Child Needs Growth Hormone Therapy

By now, you are aware of the HGH injections. Also, you understand that they can cause certain side effects, which aren’t very severe.

As initial years of treatment produce the best results, knowing if your child needs this therapy is vital. Here’s how you spot the necessity.

  • Slow height growth after 2nd or 3rd birthday
  • Low or abnormal hair growth
  • Delay in puberty
  • Comparatively younger-looking face than similar aged children

Your child’s doctor can diagnose the requirement accurately. The healthcare professional checks hormone levels by following medical tests.

  • X Rays
  • CT Scan
  • MRI

Note: These tests aren’t mandatory. They depend entirely on the doctor’s diagnosis. Consequently, the doctor can suggest growth hormone therapy for short stature or other body development. Also, the doctor can give a fair idea on growth hormone side effects teenager data.

At What Age Should a Child Start Growth Hormone Therapy?

According to a study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, the following observations apply to the growth hormone treatment age limit topic.

Early beginning of growth hormone injections child treatment leads to better chance to achieve normal height. The early treatment age group mean was 6.4 years. Hence, treatment for growth hormone deficiency doesn’t have a fixed age barrier. In the study, between ages five and above the maximum age was around 16 years.

So, the best time to take growth hormone injections will vary between ages five and above. Children and teenagers above ten years can take daily injections on their own.

Growth hormone injections for a child are usually pain-free.

The Need of Growth Charts for Proper Diagnosis

Doctors adopt a three-step methodology to get an accurate idea of a child’s hormone levels. Accordingly, they decide the intensity and frequency of growth hormone injections for a child.

Identification of Genetic Potential

Genetics plays a massive role in determining the hormone levels of children. So, doctors assess details that contribute to normal child growth.

  • Ethnicity
  • Parents’ height
  • Child’s weight

Consequently, doctors compare the information with existing data. Then, they determine the need for growth hormone injections child.

Study of Growth Plates

As mentioned earlier, doctors conduct MRI, bone, and X-ray scans for diagnosis. These reports help healthcare professionals in determining the potential for bone development.

So, the doctor can suggest the need for a growth hormone therapy for short stature.

Compatibility of a Child to HGH Injections

Blood tests accurately assess biomarkers that portray a child’s health. So, doctors check for suitability before quoting the growth hormone injection for height price.

Eventually, the endocrinologist determines factors like daily injections, possible side effects, and treatment duration.

After following this methodology, the doctor tracks the child’s growth progress by charts. Thus, the professional can assess the change in daily injections or alterations in the HGH injection dose.

Will HGH Make My Kid Taller?

In simple words, a growth hormone injection for height can help your kid attain normal adult development.

A study in the International Journal of Paediatric Endocrinology concludes that a child’s height growth of around 1 – 3 inches.

So, growth hormone injections for a child do not contribute to a massive change in height. Your kid can still gain other benefits like normal growth, fat breakdown.

Growth Hormone Injection Price

The growth hormone injection for height price ranges varies as per specific brands. Regulated HGH injections can cost around $ 1000 to $ 5000 per month in the US.

This price depends on the storage requirements and manufacturing costs. For instance, growth hormone therapy injections need a storage temperature of 36°F to 46°F.

So, these injections are expensive for long-term utility. The growth hormone treatment cost depends on the individual prices of these injections

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Here's What Customers Had to Say About Growth Hormone Injections

It is true that growth hormone therapy for a child can often become a subjective topic. So, this section contains reviews of customers who purchased injections on treatment for growth hormone deficiency.

“I was skeptical about letting my child face the growth hormone therapy for short stature. However, I was left with no choice. My kid was growing with zero confidence. As a parent, you could feel this. The doctor recommended daily injections and prescribed a nice timetable. Within a couple of months, we could observe swift height growth. Hopefully, the treatment produces a long-term impact.”

“Love the treatment. My teenage daughter had low human growth hormone levels due to unknown reasons. The HGH injections proved like a much-needed catalyst.”

“Yes, there are some side effects. You cannot deny the headaches. But my kid
notices some height growth. Perhaps, it all depends on how the body reacts.”

“The growth hormone injection price is my only concern for this therapy. In terms of my kid’s growth, the chart shows good improvements. We can notice a positive impact of growth hormone injections on a child. The best thing – these injections are pain-free. So, teenagers can take them without much fear.”

The Best HGH Patient Experience

Top endocrinologists can sometimes fall short of assessing a child’s growth
requirements. However, experts in HGH treatments understand the significance of
growth hormone therapy.

Such specialized experts have dedicated staff that assists foreign or inter-state parents to a suitable hotel room from the airport.

In the process, knowledgeable HGH experts consult child endocrinologists who study growth charts, bone age tests, and blood works.

These experts prescribe growth hormone therapy and provide detailed instructions for proper routine. Hence, parents can administer HGH injections to their children.

Eventually, the child can return home, feeling happy to get the best growth treatment.

Wrapping Up

Most growth hormone injections for a child prove adequate in addressing short stature. However, the child does not grow taller than the parents.

Diagnosis can lay down the need for daily injections. Also, an endocrinologist can give detailed information about possible side effects of the treatment for growth hormone deficiency.

If you recognize any apparent signs of hormone levels deficiency in a child, take quick actions. This therapy works better at an early age.

So, remember to consult a medical professional. You can buy the top regulated HGH injections for the best human growth hormone treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some more queries on this topic, the following section can prove beneficial.

1. How Can I Increase My Child’s Growth Hormone Levels?

A growth hormone therapy for a child can improve HGH levels considerably. Still, you can try other methods like losing body fat, intermittent fasting, reducing sugar intake, and performing high-intensity exercise.

In addition, parents can give children supplements like GABA, arginine, and melatonin. These are known methods that act as a catalyst for child growth.

2. What is the Growth Hormone Injection Name for Increasing Height?

SOMATROPIN is a prominent artificial hormone that helps children and adults. Importantly, this product is a famous growth hormone injection for height increment in kids.

This injection is available in brand names like Biotropin, Humatrope, Genotropin Intra-Mix, Genotropin MiniQuick, Genotropin, etc.

3. Does Human Growth Hormone Increase During Puberty?

Puberty is an excellent period for height and muscular development. Post this period, the human growth hormone ceases to increase.

This phenomenon occurs due to the fusing of growth plates with the bones. Thus, after puberty, the growth plates close, which leads to a halt in HGH growth.

So, treatment for growth hormone deficiency in case of height does not work after puberty. However, adults can use HGH injections for muscle growth.

4. Are Gains Due to HGH Injections Permanent?

Child growth is an important topic for many parents. So, concerned parents opt for growth hormone injections child therapies in case of stunted growth.

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