Growth Hormone For Height

Human growth hormone is just one of many hormones the endocrine system secretes to regulate bodily processes. HGH comes from a small gland in your brain called the pituitary gland, and it triggers bone and tissue growth. Normal growth and height depends on HGH and other developmental hormones. If your child suffers from a growth disorder, it’s likely that a lack of human growth hormone is the culprit. To learn more about growth patterns, see our page on understanding growth.

What causes growth hormone deficiency?

If the deficiency is present at birth, it’s usually due to a pituitary gland issue or genetic abnormality. Later onset of growth hormone deficiency can come from severe trauma or illness that affects the pituitary gland. Unfortunately, sometimes there doesn’t seem to be a clear cause, which doctors identify as idiopathic short stature.

Children who are appear small for normal development might be treated as younger than they are by their peers. Social struggles can come with a psychological price for young kids. Always help your child understand their value and worth despite their smaller size, as that’s a critical part of treatment and development.

However, HGH therapy can assist in accelerated maturation to help them feel like they’re growing normally with their friends.

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Using Growth Hormone For Height

Growth hormone deficiency is generally characterized by the pituitary gland not functioning well on its own. Factors contributing to low hormone release include:

  • High stress levels
  • Poor sleep quality or amount
  • Abnormal exercise levels
  • Other endocrine problems

Evaluation from your child’s doctor might result in diagnosis of a growth hormone disorder. HGH shots for taller kids are the best form of treatment for growth hormone problems. With regular HGH for height, children can reach normal growth milestones in cases of Turner Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Small for Gestational Age, and Idiopathic Short Stature.

How Can We Help Small Kids?

Small for gestational age means a child is born smaller than expected, according to the length of pregnancy. Kids with SGA may catch up to others by two years old, some never do. These kids with SGA can benefit from the ongoing therapy of human growth hormone injections to facilitate regular growth patterns.

How Does it Work For Short Kids?

Short kids use human growth hormone injection to signal growth and use of insulin-like growth factor. The normal release of these hormones contribute to long-term growth and average height levels. Therefore, HGH injections play the same role. Without normal levels of growth hormone, no true growth trigger exists for your child’s cells. Getting treatment early on leads to a better chance of normal growth levels in to adulthood.

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