HGH Cycle

What Is The Best HGH Cycle Dosage? (1iu HGH, 2iu HGH or 4iu HGH)

The term Cycle is primarily associated with bodybuilders who are training for competitions or by people hoping to get faster results on a truncated timetable. To get those fast results extreme measures are used during the cycle which can put your health at risk. We promote a HGH Protocol which you can download here for Men and one for Women. This is a six month cycle / protocol that includes 1iu HGH, 2iu HGH and 4iu HGH which through discipline, exercise, eating right and rest will get you phenomenal results. For more information on a very good HGH Diet please refer to this page or simply eat like a monk.

The cycle / protocol goal is to find your maintenance dosage, which will be between 2-4iu’s per day. The maintenance dosage is slightly different for everyone and each individual can find it through getting their blood work done periodically and checking their IGF-1 level. In regards to growth hormones for kids the dosage is determined in a different way than for HGH for adults. It is based primarily on weight but age and the child’s stage of growth are also factors.

We have clients who have been using HGH for over 30 years continuously.
Just ask Angel Gonzolez…

Angel is a Hispanic male born on 08-08-1947. He is 72 years old. At age 43 he was exposed to Hydrazine rocket grade fuel vapors which are very toxic, caustic (burn inside body tissue in vapor form), and provide systemic damage to the entire CNS (central nervous system) including sustained body tremors making normal functions impossible to accomplish. Desperate to find a medical cure after 3 years of gruesome pain, taking numerous antibiotics to control internal infections and lack of any progress, Angel tried HGH, a high dosage of B12, and testosterone and found that after a few months on this regimen of meds, that he finally found a potential improvement to his hydrazine fuel vapor exposure problem.

Using HGH is a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and as long as you keep your IGF-1 blood levels inside your natural range for your age you will be fine. Once you take your levels outside of your natural range for long periods of time you risk organ growth and unnecessary consequences. Just ask Rich Piana who was taking 20iu’s per day who’s heart grew so big it exploded while his wife was giving him a haircut.

“The drugs were an expensive undertaking for Piana. When he was competing on the national level, Piana said he would take 20 International Units of Serostim growth hormone a day – which, if bought through the prescription of a doctor, would cost him roughly $8,000 a month”

Using HGH together with testosterone has many benefits if done correctly.
We’re here to break those details down for you.

A Combined HGH and Testosterone Cycle

For those wanting long term healthy results in bodybuilding, use the HGH and Test cycle protocol’s together to find the dosage that will keep you in your natural blood level range. Again, each individual is slightly different and to find your correct dosage you will need to have periodic blood studies done and from there you can dial in your dosage. For example if you are taking 1ml of testosterone per week and your levels go outside the range you simply need to take 1ml with less frequency. Maybe 1ml every 3 weeks. After a few months with the new dosage get your blood tests done again until you optimize your dosage.

Testosterone is the male growth hormone that will give the human growth hormone a boost in functioning. The healthy testosterone protocol and Testosterone cycle that we promote is to simply stay in your natural range and maintain that dosage.

The healthy way to take testosterone is through injections because pills are processed through your liver and can overwhelm it. 

Getting The Best HGH Cycle Results

An HGH Cycle covers HGH injections over a sustained period of time with a specific objective. During this period, you will adhere to a specific dosage and protocol with the aim of reaching your goal.

Your HGH cycle and its success depend on your diet, exercise routine, rest and determination. Your intention could range from bodybuilding, weight loss, anti-aging, medication, to general health purposes and for children’s height increase.

Shorter HGH cycle lengths (up to 2 months) are typically for those looking to heal injuries. Also, if you decide to go for HGH and Test cycle together, be disciplined, stay focused, eat well, work out and rest properly. Within six months HGH cycle results will show.