HGH Side Effects

Before we get to HGH side effects, let’s first talk about those commercials for pharmaceutical drugs. Have you ever really paid attention to them? It doesn’t matter which one. It could be for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, you name it. You hear a narrator telling a happy story while you see people smiling and interacting with each other in a nice location.

Then… his voice all of a sudden gets super serious and he starts rattling off all these side effects. “Taking XYZ can cause swelling of the face, breasts, chest, neck, head and esophagus. Do not take XYZ if you are allergic to cats, see spots on Sundays or have a highly creative imagination. Taking XYZ while sleeping can cause choking, hallucinations, blindness and suicidal thoughts..”

You get the idea. It’s as funny as it is sad that a drug designed to help you also comes with a laundry list of precautions that you need to be advised of. But that’s just how life works sometimes. Every situation is either safe or dangerous if you think about it. Even walking to the bus stop.

Now let’s shift gears to human growth hormone (HGH) therapy. The real reason for this is to get your HGH levels back into balance so you can live a healthy, happy life. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But it’s when people try to get their hands on illegal HGH that the problem sets in.

The motives in this case often center around losing weight quickly, building more muscle or excelling at a sport they might be involved in. But they often don’t know how much they are taking or they use it too often.

That’s when the REAL problems start to kick in. Not only are they breaking the law, but they are also subjecting themselves to HGH side effects. The last thing you ever want to do is push Mother Nature too far to the edge where she retaliates and screws up your body.

If you truly want to optimize your health, do things legally and by the books. Then the HGH benefits and side effects will be way more lopsided in favor of the benefits.

And in all honesty, the side effects from HGH are often sparse throughout populations. As long as you use it as directed and immediately report any unfavorable effects, you will be good to go.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

In order for you to operate on a daily basis, you need energy. An intricate series of events occurs within your body to give you this ability. Food is consumed for one thing, where it is either used for immediate energy or stared as glycogen and fat and used at a later time.

But, in order for that food to even be utilized, your hormones need to be in balance. Perhaps the most important of them all is human growth hormone. HGH is really the hormone behind energy production and usage.

It also keeps your brain working properly, promotes a healthy metabolism, is essential for sexual function and keeps your skin, hair and nails healthy.

What is Human Growth Hormone Deficiency?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for growth and development during childhood and adolescence. Growth hormone deficiency is a condition where the body does not produce enough growth hormone resulting in low growth hormone levels. This can lead to reduced muscle mass, bone density, and energy levels. Synthetic growth hormone can be used to treat growth hormone deficiency. Growth hormone treatment or HGH Treatment can improve muscle mass, bone density, and energy levels. It can also help to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass. synthetic growth hormone is a safe and effective treatment for growth hormone deficiency. This can lead to short stature, delayed pubertal development, and a number of other health problems. Growth Hormone Deficiency can be treated with growth hormone replacement therapy, which can help to improve poor growth and development. HGH injections can be used to increase hgh levels in the body.

Why take HGH Therapy?

Here is an interesting way of looking at things. HGH side effects male and HGH side effects female are two things that can also be construed as general side effects when HGH levels start to decline.

The side effects in this case though are not related to harm caused by doing an HGH cycle. It’s the complete opposite. It’s the effects felt in the body because your HGH levels are actually so low.

You might experience lethargy, lack of sex drive, muscle loss, strength loss, mood swings and lack of brain function in this case.

Fast forward to HGH therapy and you just found out why you might want to go down this road. Secondary issues can crop up from these primary concerns too like your work performance goes down, you struggle in your relationships and you fall into a state of depression that you can’t seem to shake.

Is HGH Therapy safe or dangerous?

Like stated above, every situation in life is safe or dangerous. If you bend over to tie your shoes, you might lose your balance and bump your head. A seemingly safe task all of a sudden became dangerous.

You might be sitting on a park bench, minding your own business when a biker comes by and loses his brakes. The next thing you know, he rams right into you and you’re knocked out cold. Another safe situation turned dangerous in one fell swoop.

That then begs the question, is HGH therapy safe or dangerous. The answer is, both. If you get a legit prescription through a notable clinic and take it as directed, then HGH therapy is safe.

If you get the same dose and go hog wild with your injections and timing of said injections, then it just got dangerous.

If you go to the black market to get HGH, then it’s 100% dangerous because you have no idea how clean it is or if it’s even HGH to start with.

So as you can see, HGH benefits and side effects are both possible if things are done haphazardly. You are always best served doing things by the books and not trying to rush through the process. Just like losing weight, getting your HGH levels back up to speed should be looked at as a slow and gradual process.

Are there any side effects for HGH Therapy?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world filled with sunshine and rainbows? Everyone would be happy and smiling, and they’d have this beautiful glow to them. But that’s just not the case. There is this sometimes ugly thing out there called reality.

When reality sets in, disappointment is often not too far behind it. That being said, HGH therapy can in fact come with unwanted side effects. But they are not set in stone and they also do not affect everyone. Those who do get affected also do not ALL get affected the same way.

Just like there are no two bodies that are completely identical in the world, there are also no two people who experience the exact same side effects. But the ones associated with HGH therapy are not off the rails like they often are with pharmaceutical drugs.

It’s more like there are things you should be cautious of about your health before you start doing HGH therapy. For example, you should avoid it if you have cancer, have any lung issues, have diabetic-related eye issues or have a condition known as Prader-Willi Syndrome.

The world of HGH side effects bodybuilding style is probably the most concerning. Or in other professional sports like football and baseball. Some of these guys are huge and they have very little body fat. It’s not good to assume, but they definitely look like they are enhanced.

In cases like these, they might be using more than their fair share of HGH, which can really set them up for harmful side effects, such as elevated cholesterol levels, fits of rage, the formation of breast tissue and extended joint and muscle soreness.

What are some possible HGH side effects for men?

The possibility of HGH side effects male are more likely to happen when they don’t have their heads screwed on straight. Men tend to have more of a “beefcake” mentality than women and they want results yesterday. This can send them down a spiraling staircase with a sudden, unhappy landing at the bottom.

The attitude mentioned here centers around the use of HGH in a way that can put them into threat instead of giving them the freedom of life they want. Instead of following the doctor’s directions, they have a tendency to get carried away and use two much of a dose, too often.

This can cause such side effects as acromegaly (enlarged bones and organs), chronic joint and muscle pain, liver damage, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), high cholesterol levels, mood swings and withdrawal symptoms, fluid retention and lethargy.

It’s funny that some of the side effects of HGH mirror that of having low HGH levels. But that’s the risk you take when you do not use HGH as directed.

Another thing to take into consideration is side effects at the site of the injection. It is always recommended to alternate your injections. You should actually not use the same area on your body two times in a row. Continuing at the same spot can cause irritation, bruising and minor pain.

What are some possible HGH Side effects for women?

When it comes to the growth hormone side effects female spectrum, things stay the same and change slightly compared to growth hormone side effects male. What is the major difference? Not really anything to be completely honest with you.

Females who do not use HGH correctly can experience all of the same side effects as men, except they might also cause blood sugar levels to be off. They can experience the same irritation with the injection site as well.

Are there any HGH side effects for teenagers?

Taking HGH before and after being an adult can come with some complications. In fact, teenagers who are still growing, shouldn’t even be taking HGH. The HGH side effects teenager situation can be complicated because they already have a good-working system.

Unless otherwise diagnosed with am HGH deficiency, there is no real reason for a teenager to get therapy. But, teens are curious creatures. They often like to be the biggest, fastest and strongest on the football field and in the gym.

And they have a reckless abandon where they think they are indestructible and can do no wrong. But, this is not the case. If they do get their hands on HGH and use it out of control, they are susceptible to the same side effects as men and women.

If they have a deficiency that has been diagnosed by a doctor, that is a different story. The best-case scenario here is that they actually feel the benefits from it and have better energy levels and are able to grow to a normal height.

How to take HGH Safely?

The last thing you want to happen is experience HGH side effects heart related issues. Your heart might not be the biggest muscle in your body, but it is the most important. Once it decides to stop working, you are forced to stop working too!

Not taking HGH safely can lead to this exact scenario. So, how do you take it safely? It’s really not that complicated.

Once you get a blood test and your doctor makes a diagnosis, you will then get a treatment plan. It is then up to you to take HGH correctly. It is going to be injections that contain a specific pharmaceutical grade of HGH with a specific dosage.

You are to take it by way of injection once a day or however often your doctor recommends it. And you are also to take it at a certain time of day as well.

If you follow these instructions to a tee, then you are being safe and you can feel good that you won’t suffer any major side effects. If you do not follow orders though, you are subjecting yourself to all the side effects mentioned above.

Who should avoid taking HGH Therapy?

There are several classifications of people who should not embark on an HGH therapy protocol. People with cancer or tumors, first of all. Remember, HGH is growth hormone. This means it makes cells grow. If you have bad cells in your body in the form of cancer cells or tumors, it can cause them to grow.

People with severe breathing problems or those who have other chronic illnesses should also avoid treatment. Lastly, if you have had any severe traumatic injuries, you should avoid HGH therapy.

Can we minimize the risks of HGH side effects?

You can always minimize risks when it comes to HGH or any other type of medical protocol. The best way to do this is by simply sticking to what the doctor tells you. If he gives you a month’s worth of HGH vials that you are to inject once a week right before bed, then follow these orders.

It doesn’t mean to inject yourself at will and some days do double what you are supposed to. That is a definite invitation to harmful side effects.

You also want to make sure to pay close attention to how you feel immediately after you do an injection and the hours after. It is not uncommon for some people to have a bad reaction just because their body rejects it.

This happens all the time with seemingly healthy supplements and foods. Take people with celiac disease, for example. They cannot have whole grains and whole-grain derivatives or else they will suffer major side effects. Yet, whole grains are loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The same can be said about anyone who has allergies or sensitivities with a host of foods. There are people who can’t have eggs, mushrooms, cauliflower, beans, sweet potatoes and turmeric.

All of these foods would be considered healthy by the naked eye. But you need to do further research to see that everyone responds differently to things. The exact same can be said about HGH therapy.

The bottom line is, you can minimize the risks of HGH side effects by taking the recommended dose at the right time and paying attention to how your body reacts.

Best ways to overcome the risk factor and HGH side effects

Smoking is probably the number one risk factor for lung cancer. Nobody in their right mind wants lung cancer, so what do they do? They don’t smoke! Or, they might have smoked for many years and then had an epiphany one day.

They realized that if they keep going, they are putting themselves at risk for lung cancer. So they decide to quit and avoid secondhand smoke as well. They just dodged a bullet that could very well have saved their life.

When it comes to avoiding the risk factor and side effects attributed to HGH, the individual in this case quite simply has to stay on the narrow path that can keep their health in good standing.

This involves taking the right dosage of HGH, following a healthy diet, exercising regularly and avoiding any negative people or circumstances in their life. You probably didn’t put much consideration into that last piece of information, but here’s the deal.

When you truly want to make changes in your life, you are best served avoiding any people or things that can bring you down. This creates a negative atmosphere inside your body and your hormones can get out of whack.

That defeats the purpose of using HGH in the first place. When you surround yourself with positive people who support you in everything you do, you will obtain success at a faster and far greater pace.

Take that theory with you when you start HGH therapy and you will be amazed at how much better your results will be.