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hCG can be another tool in your arsenal for health and wellness.

One of the unfortunate side effects for men turning 40 or 50 is the inevitable decline of testosterone production.
What follows is a slow chain of events that can include:

• Weight gain
• Difficulty losing weight while continuing the healthy lifestyle
• Increasing fatigue
• Increased risk of heart disease
• Decreasing fertility and sexual functioning
• Low sex drive
• Depression or other mood disorders

You can ask your doctor for “a little pill,” but that doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling better. Even with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you may not regain your youthful and active lifestyle.

Enter Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG.

What is hCG?

This is actually a hormone that supports the normal development of an egg in a woman’s ovary.

British physician Dr. Albert Simeons discovered hCG in 1954. hCG is known as the “luteinizing hormone” or LH. This is produced in the pituitary gland of males and females of all ages.

In men, the LH causes the testicles to produce testosterone. If your body is low in testosterone, the testicles signal the pituitary to produce more testosterone as needed. Because it mimics the effects of LH, using hCG triggers the same response from the pituitary gland, leading to more testosterone production.

hCG is now an FDA-approved injectable medication, and available from a licensed doctor. It’s been used for decades in both men and women for weight loss as well as other conditions. hCG can also be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to testosterone replacement to increase testosterone and preserve fertility at the same time.

The Benefits For Men

Weight loss is just one benefit of hCG injections when coupled with healthy eating and exercise. Used on its own or as part of hormone replacement therapy, hCG can also help with:

• Recovery from conditions that affect testosterone production
• Correcting sexual dysfunction caused by low testosterone
• Easier weight loss
• Building muscle tone faster and easier
• Reversing infertility
• Recovering or maintaining the testicular size
• Regulating testosterone production

By working to naturally restore your essential hormones, your body can return to its normal functioning state.

Why Men Should Consider hCG

Because hCG has so many benefits, why wouldn’t you?

TRT can replace your testosterone, but not increase your body’s production. hCG can do that, eliminating the need for injectable testosterone. If you’re under a doctor’s care, they may prescribe both for a period of time.

Men who have previously used anabolic steroids as part of a bodybuilding routine may use hCG to reverse the effects, such as infertility and shrinkage.

It’s important to note that over-the-counter hCG diet drops are not the same as medical-grade injectable hCG prescribed by a doctor. The drops are considered “homeopathic” and contain no active hormones.

How Much Should A Man Take

The usual dosage is 2000iu 3 times per week for 4 to 12 weeks. These should be administered, or at least monitored, by a physician. An exact dosage would be prescribed.

Injectable hCG is available only by prescription from a licensed physician. HGH Vallarta offers hCG prescribed by our own doctors at a fraction of what you’d pay in the US.

If you want to preserve your fertility and are taking synthetic testosterone, your doctor will discontinue the testosterone when beginning the hCG.

How hCG Can Work For Men

You may think of hCG as part of a “diet plan,” but that’s not entirely true. A course of hCG also triggers physical processes in both men and women.

Using hCG helps increase testosterone production instead of just replacing it. Your body then begins to heal and repair itself. Once your testosterone levels return to normal, you’ll also see:

• Improved cardiovascular functioning
• Better sleep
• A drop in stress levels and better relaxation
• Better workout results
• Faster healing from injuries
• Better health overall

hCG can help you have a better quality of life at any age.

Using hCG vs. TRT

You may be familiar with TRT, or testosterone replacement therapy. Similar to HRT and BHRT for women, it’s replacing testosterone in the body, usually with a synthetic version. However, there are some downsides to standard TRT.

A man will have a sexual function with synthetic testosterone. However, over time, TRT can lead to infertility as well as testicular atrophy, or shrinkage. But TRT will also impact the body’s natural testosterone production. This may not be ideal for a man who wants to preserve his fertility.

But hCG doesn’t have the same effect. Using hCG can help start—or re-start—the body’s natural production of testosterone. Once testosterone production is optimized, fertility is improved and preserved.

Adding hCG to TRT can also have the additional effect of gaining and keeping both sperm production and avoiding testicular atrophy.

What Side Effects Can hCG Have On Men?

Like any hormone, there could be possible side effects, including:

• Pain and swelling at the injection site
• Allergic reactions, such as skin rashes
• Stomach pain
• Nausea/vomiting
• Potential for gynecomastia, or the growth of male breasts

You can mitigate these possible side effects by working with your physician who understands the use of hCG and how it may affect you.

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