6 Core Benefits of HGH Injections

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The human growth hormone or HGH has robust benefits for the human body. If injected in larger doses, HGH supplements can increase muscle size and also promote weight loss. On the other hand, small doses can promote better health, start the anti-aging process and also be used for general recovery. Here are the benefits of HGH injections in adults, adolescents, and children, such as:  

Enhanced Weight Loss

Individuals who are overweight and even obese have had positive responses to the human growth hormone for weight loss. They have reduced their weight successfully for the reason that HGH accelerates lipolysis. Lipolysis is the process of the breakdown of lipids and it involves hydrolysis of triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol.

Dietary restrictions and HGH side effects on lipolytic and anabolic actions with the changes in insulin and growth hormone secretions have been studied published in Hormone Research. A number of obese participants, 24 in total, were put on a hypocaloric diet and were also treated with HGH or a placebo in a 12-week randomized study. The results were amazing; the growth hormone treatment caused an elevation in weight loss particularly in visceral fat compared to those who were only given placebos.

Participants in the placebo group lost lean body mass but participants in the HGH group gained lean body mass.

Erectile Dysfunction Improvement

Much has been said about how to use HGH and the many benefits that can be derived from it, and one of the things suggested by recent studies is that it helps improve erectile dysfunction. The loss of HGH has been associated with loss of desire and erectile dysfunction. In a German study, 35 healthy men and 45 men suffering from erectile dysfunction were exposed to stimuli that will elicit penile tumescence.

The study suggested that the growth hormone can induce penile erection because of its stimulating activity on human corpus cavernosum. Doctors believe that it is a potential remedy for impotence.

Decreased obesity

Adults with hormone deficiency often have insulin resistance and are often obese, specifically in the abdominal area. Human growth hormone has been tested and has shown positive results in adults in treating obesity, compared to adults who are hormone deficient.

In the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, 30 men between the ages of 48 and 66, who have visceral or abdominal fats, were given recombinant human growth hormones results in nine months. Some of the favorable benefits garnered from the use of HGH are improved insulin sensitivity and the decrease of abdominal and visceral adipose tissue.

Better sleep

Growth hormone secretion happens just after sleep and continues into the first few hours of sleep. People who lack sleep have altered pituitary and hypothalamus function and this changes the release time of the growth hormones.

In a study conducted by the University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine, when people were deprived of sleep for 24 to 36 hours, the levels of the human growth hormone decreased. The study suggested that sleep deprivation can reduce the release of the human growth hormone and disturb the sleep-wake cycle.

Better mood and cognitive function

One of the Best HGH side effects is that it improves a person’s quality of life and psychological well-being. After six months of HGH therapy, the cognitive functions and moods of 18 adult patients increased. Administering growth hormones is a viable treatment option for people who have hormone deficiency.

Stronger Bones

The release of HGH is stimulated by the pituitary gland. The growth hormone is important in the regulation of bone growth, especially during puberty. The production of IGF-1, released in the blood and produced by the liver, is stimulated by the growth hormone.

With an increase in age, there is a decrease in HGH and this decrease is the reason that older people are not able to form or replace bones rapidly. The combination of HGH and IGF-1 helps bone formation.