The Best HGH Cycle for Athletes

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In today’s world, sports’ demands increase each day. Because of this, athletes are starting to look for any way to boost their performance. There is so much competition in the sporting world, and these athletes strive to be better. One of the ways athletes are improving their success is the use of HGH or human growth hormone. Together with other anabolic elements and exercise, an HGH cycle gives athletes numerous benefits. Just as the name suggests, HGH is responsible for many growth aspects.  

Why Athletes Use HGH

Enhance aesthetic qualities

The look of the physique. Research shows HGH contributes directly to the reduction of body fat and the development of lean muscle mass. According to one study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that had 21 men take regular doses of human growth hormone, most of the subjects experienced a reduction in body fat and increased lean mass. The study concluded that HGH cycles have some effects on these qualities.

Enhance performance

Experts believe the aesthetic enhancement effect also has some benefits on performance. For instance, in football, an increase in muscle mass can have an indirect advantage to specific positions. HGH cycles can also reduce the risk of injury. Extra mass can also enhance performance since it offers a stronger base of support for the athlete. However, you should note that there has not been conclusive evidence to show HGH directly enhances performance in athletes.

Injury recovery

Most people consider HGH a magic therapy that helps speed up the healing process and improve your body part’s usual function. For this reason, HGH plays a significant role in injury recovery. There is both practical and theoretical evidence to support this. There is a story of a Miami Dolphins football player that used HGH to reconstruct a seemingly untreatable knee. Several other athletes have used HGH for quick injury recovery, especially in the NFL. Maybe you are not aware of it, but your favorite player or coach might be using HGH for speedy injury recovery.

Human Growth Hormone Dosage

HGH doses vary depending on why you want to use HGH. However, when planning your HGH cycle, there are some crucial things you need to be acquainted with. This article will look at HGH doses for all possible levels and point out anything you might need to know.

Apart from your HGH dose, there is crucial information you need to know about the administration. The way you administer the drug will affect the hormone’s half-life and bioavailability, and it will change it in a big way.


When you inject HGH subcutaneously, the HGH half-life is around 3.8 hours. If you inject it intramuscularly, the HGH half-life is approximately 4.9 hours.


When injecting HGH subcutaneously, the bioavailability of HGH is around 75%. When you insert it intramuscularly, the HGH bioavailability is about 63%.

Therapeutic HGH Cycle

When being used for therapeutic purposes, the standard HGH Dosage for Men is 1–3 IU per day. Most individual doses fall in the 1 or 2 range or slightly below one IU. Some people might even receive a prescription of as much as 4 IUs per day, but such therapeutic HGH doses are not conventional.

For women, the standard therapeutic HGH dose frequently falls around 2 IU per day. However, most women generally receive less than 2 IU per day. Two IUs per day is common in long-term anti-aging plans.

Performance HGH Cycles

HGH doses for performance fall within an extensive range. For a male athlete, people mostly take HGH doses of 2–4 IU per day. Such treatments are highly beneficial and very affordable. With such procedures, the athlete will enhance recovery and fat loss and improve all HGH-related rejuvenation characteristics.

The HGH cycle above is the safest and most common, but most people, especially physique-minded athletes such as bodybuilders, will use higher doses. In a bid to enhance real lean muscle mass, most individuals need a minimum of 6–8 IUs per day for a more extended period.

Note that the assumption here is you are using high-quality HGH. Some people will use an even higher HGH cycles, above 10 IU per day. If you use a proper dosage, it will offer all the needed benefits. When you want extreme enhancement and growth, it is likely your dose will fall in the 3–4 IU per day range and sometimes even higher.

HGH Cycle Duration

Despite your HGH dose, HGH is a hormone that you should use for a long time to enjoy any benefit. Using HGH for a few days or weeks will not have any significant change or benefit. If you want to promote recovery and fat loss, 8–12 weeks is the minimum. Less than 8 weeks is almost a waste.

Studies show that many users are mostly satisfied after using HGH continuously for sixteen weeks. If you think you cannot afford sixteen weeks of treatment, it is better to wait until you can.

If you are after real anabolic enhancement, you will need a high HGH dosage for a minimum period of six months.

When using HGH for rejuvenation/anti-aging or therapeutic purposes, total use of HGH is indefinite and mostly lasts at least one or more years.

Final Thoughts on an HGH Cycle

Most know HGH is a master hormone because it controls many functions of the body. Countless studies have supported these claims of HGH improving the function of many body organs in the mental and physical sphere.

One critical function of HGH is its ability to enhance tolerance and the ability of athletes to perform strenuous activities with ease. Such HGH abilities have encouraged many professional athletes to use it. Additionally, bodybuilders have enjoyed numerous benefits of the HGH treatment used with other anabolic elements to improve their overall performance.

Even though there are regulations barring athletes from using performance-enhancing drugs like HGH, sometimes they need them to treat their injuries and bounce back. Maybe it is about time the regulating boards considered some of these issues.