HGH Diet and Lifestyle Explained

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The body secretes and synthesizes many substances and hormones that are vital for the everyday functioning of the body. One vital hormone that we constantly need and is often heard is Human Growth Hormone.   Lacking or excessive human growth hormone production can cause serious problems. However, if you were able to maintain the right levels of human growth factor, there are several advantages you can have. Here are some of the advantages of natural HGH Booster: 

1. Better Heart Health with improved HGH level

Individuals who produce low levels of growth hormone have a higher risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions. As you age, the production of growth hormone also decreases and may result in the development of arterial plaque. This factor can increase the risk of heart problems. By boosting the human growth hormone naturally, it can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and prevent any heart-related disease.

2. Improved Immune Function

The human’s immune system exists for only one thing: To help protect the body and fight infection and illness. However if your growth hormone level is quite low, it can affect the immune system’s effectiveness. With the right level of growth hormone productions, the immune system can increase the production of cell soldiers or T-cells that fight infection, helps fight bacteria by stimulating the production of macrophages, and helps in synthesizing new antibodies to prevent the risk of rare illnesses. In addition, a boost in the levels of growth hormones can help speed up the maturation of the white blood cells and the production of the red blood cells.

3. Better Looking Skin

The process of aging can be very harsh on the skin. When the skin’s elasticity decreases, it may appear droopy or wrinkled. Since the human growth hormone is primarily a key component for skin longevity, a boost in the human growth hormone can help fight the signs of aging and possibly return the skin to its healthy appearance and state.

4. Lessen Muscle and Joint Pain

The Human Growth hormones are an essential part of muscle and joint health. When there is a significant drop in growth hormone levels, an individual might experience muscle and joint pains. Boosting your growth hormone can be a great way to improve the strength of muscles since growth hormones stimulate collagen synthesis in the muscles and tendons.

5. Loss of Body Fat

It is a proven fact that when the human growth hormone decreases as we age, the body also gains fat and weight faster. By boosting the production of growth hormones in the pituitary gland, it pushes the liver to produce IGF-1 to break down fat that is stored in the body, thus allowing the body to lose stubborn fats and extra weight.

6. More Lean Muscle Gain

With the loss of stubborn body fats and extra weight, an individual will achieve more lean muscles and body figures. As the growth hormone levels are boosted it also promotes a lean muscle mass. Also, the fat burning process converts fats into energy that can give you more motivation to follow a workout session or exercise regimen.

7. Increase in Libido

Low levels of the human growth hormone can cause a significant decrease in libido levels. Certain issues might arise like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. As we age, a drop in the hormone levels is also equal to complicated and low sexual drives. Boosting growth hormone levels can help in treating impotency and returning the libido levels to a normal state by stimulating the smooth muscles of an individual’s corpus cavernosum.

8. Increase of Energy Levels

As we age, our energy levels dramatically drop because of the lower production of growth hormones. Boosting the growth hormones can help in the processing of fat and conversion to energy. Also, certain factors like difficulty in sleeping and stress levels can be a result of low growth hormone levels and play a significant role in the significant decrease of energy.

9. Stronger bones and better healing

The production of human growth hormones is mainly for the normal growth of bones. It makes the bones sturdy and strong and helps in repairing and in the regulation of bone growth. If the production of growth hormones decreases, the bone replacement process will slow down and will result in weak bones and a long time of healing for damaged bones. With the right amount of growth hormones, bone mass will increase and in turn stronger and tougher bones.

10. Boost mood and cognitive function

The right level of growth hormone can help improve your mood and cognitive functioning. It helps an individual to have a clearer mind and in turn, decreases the many issues and problems of your overall mental health. Boosting growth hormone levels will help a person’s ability to think and cope with stress in their everyday lives.

Ways to Naturally Boost your levels with an HGH Diet

With the advancement of medical technologies and treatments, there are many supplements and medical processes available for boosting your growth hormones.

However, before turning to synthetic processes and supplements, you can first try some natural ways that can help naturally boost your HGH levels.

Sleep more to improve the HGH level

Sleep plays a very big role in the natural production of growth hormones. Many studies showed that an individual’s natural production of growth hormones increases during sleep. If a person has a bad sleeping pattern or lacks sleep, the pituitary gland cannot produce the right amount of growth hormone. By improving the quality of sleep and getting more zzzz’s, the body can increase the production of growth hormone that is needed by the body.

Lose excess fat

Although growth hormone itself helps in the fat burning process, losing excess fat through effort can help a lot in the normal production of growth hormone. Individuals with higher levels of body fats might experience abnormal production of growth hormone and in turn an increased risk of certain diseases. Getting rid of stubborn fats, particularly in the belly area will optimize your growth hormone production and improve your overall health.

Reduce sugar intake

An increase in insulin levels will likely cause the low production of growth hormones. It is because insulin has a physiologic inhibitory effect on growth hormone release. Also, aside from insulin levels, too much sugar intake is one of the factors for obesity and gaining weight which can also result in the low production of growth hormone.

Increase your Vitamin C intake

There are many studies that show low vitamin c levels also decrease growth hormone production. Not only has that it also become a big factor in your increased risk of heart disease. By increasing your vitamin c intake you will also help your pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormones which are needed by the body.

High-Intensity Workouts to improve HGH level

It is a proven fact that exercise is the most effective way to naturally increase the production of growth hormones. However, the increase largely depends on the intensity and type of exercise and also the food intake and diet plan during the work out session. For example, a weightlifting session with only limited and short rest periods shows a great increase in the production of growth hormones.

Because of the metabolic nature and lactic acid increase, high-intensity workouts increase the growth hormone levels significantly. However, exercise in any form is also beneficial to the production of growth hormones.

Eat beneficial food for growth hormone production

Increase certain food intake for the production of growth hormones. Foods that can help stimulate the secretion of growth hormone include:

  • Pineapple: eating pineapple before sleep can stimulate serotonin and helps release melatonin that influences growth hormone secretion.
  • Goji Berries: it contains 18 amino acids, 22 minerals, rich in vitamins and fatty acids, and compounds called sesquiterpenoids which stimulates growth hormone productions as well as L-Glutamine and L-Arginine that is beneficial for boosting growth hormone.
  • Coconut Oil: essential in the fat burning process and directly affects the secretion of growth hormones within 30 to 90 minutes of its consumption.
  • Fava Beans: it is rich in L-Dopa agents helps increase growth hormone, testosterone, and dopamine levels.
  • Chocolates: a great source of tryptophan which pushes the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormones and dopamine.
  • Watermelon: a good source of L-Citrulline amino acid that the body converts into arginine to help produce growth hormones naturally.
  • Nuts: a food rich in L-arginine for the production of growth hormones.


The human growth hormone naturally decreases as we age. However, there is a natural HGH diet and there are certain advantages we can get from it. After all, having a healthy level of growth hormones is very important to every individual, young or old.