The correct HGH dosage for women athletes

HGH Dosage for Women

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What is Growth hormone deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a condition that can occur when the body does not produce enough growth hormone. Growth hormone is a protein that is critical for normal growth and development. It helps to regulate body weight, bone mineral density, muscle mass, and how much sugar is metabolized by the body. GHD can be treated with gh replacement therapy, which can help to improve the symptoms of the condition. However, it is important to note that GHD is a lifelong condition (adult growth hormone deficiency), and treatment will need to be continued throughout the person’s life in order to maintain their health and wellbeing. How much HGH is determined on an individual basis. Growth hormone deficient adults can benefit from growth hormone treatment. 

Finding the correct HGH dosage for women is key if you look at the intake of HGH for women. Part of your dosage will be pending on how your IFG-1 blood levels react to the dosage. Hence, it is important to get your blood checked before you start your treatment. About 3-4 months after you start treatment, you will check your blood levels again to see if the dosage needs adjustment.

Children and teenagers have the most natural production of growth hormone during the late child and teenage years. When you start to get older, the production of growth hormone starts to decline. Especially for women when they start reaching the age when their menopause appears. Particularly the estrogen production starts to decline. Therefor an HGH regime can help in many ways.

How HGH Dosage for Women is important?

The HGH dosage for women can be helpful in various ways. Firstly, it is said that HGH to lose weight is a super formula. HGH can also help make your skin look younger and helps your hair and nails.

During your whole life, growth hormones help with muscle growth and support your organs and bones.

To help with all these vital functions of your body, we can offer an HGH treatment protocol with a 24-week cycle. Effects of taking HGH are not immediate but will take some time before they start to show.

The first 8 weeks will have you take 48iu’s per 4-week cycle. Week 9-12 will see an increase to 50iu’s. These are the first 3 phases, each phase consisting of 4 weeks.

For the second part of the treatment,  you will inject another 60iu’s per 4-week cycle for two cycles. The last 4-week cycle increases to 72iu’s. These are the last 3 phases, each phase again, consisting of 4 weeks.

This regime of HGH for women will give you a grand total of 338iu’s (International Units). All HGH injections online are subcutaneous and not intramuscular.

HGH dosage for women athletes

Like any athlete, women athletes are generally on the lookout to improve their results. Using HGH in bodybuilding is beneficial for athletes. It has many benefits for your shape, but it is important to take the right dosage.

What is important for female athletes is that HGH improves the amount of muscle fiber in your muscles. Human growth hormone also seems to enlarge muscles. The breakdown of body fat is also something that may occur during HGH intake. To be able to add muscle mass and simultaneously lower fat mass is a welcome outcome for many athletes.

Workouts produce the best results if they last longer than ten minutes and have a high intensity. Going past your lactate threshold also improves the production of growth hormones.

HGH for skin

Human growth hormone is the material that will grow all your muscles. It can make you look stronger and younger at the same time. HGH basically produce in the pituitary gland and keeps producing during your whole life. However, once you get older, the production of your natural growth hormone becomes less.

Besides positive effects like muscle gain and hardening, a decrease in body fat percentage, and gaining strength, it offers more advantages. The previous is very much welcome by younger women and especially female athletes. However, for older women, it offers advantages related to anti-aging therapy.
This includes among others skin health improvement. Your skin tone looks younger and fresher and wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines tend to fade.

HGH dosage for women boosts the thickness of your hair and general hair health is increased, just like an overall anti-aging effect. Over time, HGH will improve your skin elasticity, even when you use a small dosage. Nonetheless, the best regime for your skin will be with HGH injections. Cellular regeneration is a direct result and this in turn, will improve your skin and rejuvenates you.

HGH for recovery

Because human growth hormone or HGH affects cell division, it can be used to speed up various forms of injury recovery. HGH plays an important part during the healing process because it helps the production of new cells.
With HGH therapy healing injuries can be improved at a cellular level. This might be an especially useful plan of action to prevent age-related slowing down of wound healing.

HGH can also help with healing wounds. Skin burns and the associated wound healing tend to heal 25% faster with HGH treatment. Hospital stays due to burn incidents can be shortened when HGH therapy is used.

When you grow older, you may also be more prone to tendon injuries. They tend to be a regular occurrence for both athletes and older people. The healing process can be slow and painful. There is research that shows faster healing results when using HGH.

Human growth hormone can also improve recovery after surgery. The surgical wound may heal faster, and recovery may be impro as well. One last recovery benefit that HGH can provide helps in nerve regeneration and arthritis.

Regarding the HGH dosage for women, female adults should not take more than 3-5 mg per day, which equals 9-15iu per day. 

HGH for sleep

Once you sleep, your body starts a repair process. HGH mostly releases in bursts whilst you sleep. Getting enough sleep is important in helping your body with releasing growth hormones and help with recovery. During your sleep, the highest amount of HGH produces during your entire 24-hour day. 

On the other hand, poor sleep or sleeping patterns can lessen the quantity of HGH your body produces. Take advantage of this ladies, and make sure you get enough sleep and give your body a helping hand with producing growth hormone.

There are a few ways that can help you with getting better sleep. Firstly, try to avoid blue light exposure. So, rather than using your mobile phone, TV, or computer before bedtime, read a book instead. Make sure your bedroom is not too cold or too hot and try to reduce caffeine intake and do not exercise before you go to sleep.

Try to aim for 7-10 hours of optimized sleep quality per night. It is a combination of quality and quantity that counts and gives the best results and maximizes your growth hormone production.