Human Connection on V-Day

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The true path to happiness is having someone special in your life. You can dispute that all you want, but it’s as true as the day is long. If you take a close look at someone who is unhappy, depressed, anxious, or out of sorts in any way, there is a good chance they do not have a solid human connection with someone.  

And “human connection” goes farther than just having a bro to schlep beers with at the local pub on weekends. It’s way deeper. It’s having contact with someone. Hugs, kisses, shoulder rubs, sharing of personal information, support for each other… Those are the characteristics of true human connection.

If you have balance with everything else in your life but lack this all-important aspect, then you might be in a tough spot.

Fast forward to your HGH injections. This will get you headed in the right direction because it will balance out your hormones. And any time you do this, you will become happier. But the black hole left behind from lack of human connection cannot. It still needs filling.

Now being that Valentine’s Day is on the brink, it is in your best interest to ensure you take care of your significant other! This will keep the bond strong and further deepen your human connection with one another.

In case your eyes are a bit glazed over right now because this thought never occurred to you, here are some tips you could use to make Valentine’s Day a good launching pad to take your relationship to a whole new level.

Leave Your Mark in the Morning

And no, this is not something sexual or perverse, so get your mind out of the gutter! Women love the little things in life. Something as small as writing them a note on a sticky pad in the morning before you leave, saying “You are beautiful” will melt her heart.

Perform this act without her knowing and you can expect to get a phone call or text later in the morning, stating how much that meant to her. And, you can also bypass the written note, go to work and send her a text message too.

Write a Poem

This is getting really mushy, but it works. If you write a poem for your woman, it will show that you do have a romantic bone in your body, and she will be thrilled that you took the time to do it and think about her in this way.

You don’t have to do it first thing in the morning though. A better approach is to get her a nice Valentine’s Day card and write it on the inside. And make sure to sign off by telling her how much she means to you and that you love her.

Stay in bed for Some Cuddle Time – Human Connection Exposed

Don’t forget that human connection includes touch. Instead of jumping out of bed first thing in the morning, allot a mere 5 minutes to wrap your arms around your significant other, pull her in close and kiss the side of her neck or cheek.

You literally will not have to say a single word. Just be in the present moment, listen to her breathe and enjoy the feel of her body pressed up against yours.

If you customarily get up at 5 am, then set your alarm 5 minutes earlier so you don’t have to stress.

Give her a Massage for even better HGH results

Here’s another chance for human touch. Women love massages. Or at least, they love when men take time to give them a massage and at least put forth the effort.

Far too many times, men are too rugged and act like they can care less when their lady is discreetly asking for a massage.

Heed her signal and be the man that she expects you to be. This is the best course of action to get busy later on too. But you first have to think with the head that’s on your shoulders!

Again, treat her like she’s the greatest thing on earth since almond butter. Tell her all the things you love about her, and MEAN it too! Women know when you’re being fluffy and just giving them lip service.

Don’t be a doofus-face and get your punk card pulled. Make her know you love her through your actions, not just words. If you can do this, then you’ve won.

Prepare Dinner for Her

You’d be shocked at how far this selfless act will take you. You’ve already heard that women love a man in uniform right? Well, they also love a man in the kitchen with a spatula in hand! Especially when the food being prepared is for her. It’s another one of those affection things.

And here’s where you have to pay attention. She may offer to jump in and help. That’s totally fine, and it can be romantic as well. At least, you can make it romantic by doing the following.

When her back is turned, sneak up behind her and start caressing her shoulders and neck. Tell her how sexy she is and how it turns you on to see her preparing food. Then kiss the back and side of her neck, give her a tight hug from behind, and walk away.

Go back to chopping your broccoli and act as the incident never happened. You will have lit an internal fire in that woman and one of two things will happen.

Your regularly scheduled program will be rudely interrupted for a quickie on the countertop, or as soon as dinner is over, you will be led hand-in-hand to the bedroom for some adult activity. You win either way!

V-Day for Life

OK, here’s a reality check. If you get HGH results and reach a goal weight, what are you going to do next? Hopefully, not serial eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts to celebrate your victory. The better-case scenario is you stay on track and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Well, look at the human connection the same way. Don’t ever take your mate for granted again! Treat her like she is the greatest person in the world every chance you get, and continue to carry out the tips you learned above. That will be the best plan of action you could ever want for eternal happiness.