Out With the old and in With the New! HGH for weight loss!

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Well heck, 2020 didn’t exactly turn out as everyone thought, now did it. In fact, it will likely go down as THE worst year in history. But then again, none of you reading this post right now were probably alive during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. So a fair comparison might not be available. 

But, there is one thing that’s for damn sure. This year has really sucked! Let’s just call a spade a spade and be realistic. And most people are counting the minutes until it’s over.

Aside from the economy being blasted with lockdowns, people have been forced to shelter in place, social distance themselves from others, and wear these god-awful masks around town, while doing even the most rudimentary of errands.

The experts keep talking about the spikes in coronavirus cases on a daily basis. However, no one seems to be addressing the spikes in depression, anxiety, loneliness, domestic violence, bad posture and weight gain. Sheesh! It’s no wonder everyone is chomping at the bit to look back on 2020 in their rearview mirror.

We here at HGH Vallarta do not live in fear. And we do not want YOU to live in fear either. So we are extended an olive branch of love and happiness to you and your family, and we wish you the best that 2021 has to offer!

The law of averages states that things can only be ass-over-elbows for so long before they start to turn around. And since things have pretty much been at rock bottom, this means they have only one way to go and that’s up.

Now, if you are one of those people who have put on some extra pounds during the pandemic, there is no time like the present moment to start whittling them back off. And yes, you can still do that during the holidays. Even with the ever-abundant piles of Christmas cookies, huge bowls of spiked eggnog, and mounds of mashed potatoes smothered in gravy.

As a present from us to you, here are a few tips of the trade that you can integrate into your daily affairs while on holiday. Also, learn how you can use HGH for weight loss along with other recommendations.

HGH for weight loss

If your hormones are out of whack, the rest of your body will be out of whack too. Your metabolism can be slowed, your brain can be out of kilter and your body can quickly go from a slab of rock to a pile of mush in record time.

Not to mention, you can become more depressed than ever before. And that can be the result of the days getting shorter and colder as well. Not only because of the “rona.” So, being strict with your HGH dosage for weight loss can take you a long way in maintaining a strong, healthy, fit body to go into the new year with.

The bottom line—don’t get lazy with your HGH cycle! And, if you feel your levels are low or have gotten out of whack, then come down to Mexico and visit us.

Limit your alcohol

Even with all the sheltering and banning of large gatherings, there is a better than average chance you will be subjected to some bubbly over the holidays. That’s cool. We’re not grizzled old curmudgeons. We believe in being happy and festive too.

But we also know the destructive effects of excessive alcohol intake. If you want to spare your midsection an additional layer of adiposity, try to alternate your alcoholic beverages with glasses of water.

This will keep you more hydrated and reduce the damages that can possibly be done to your organs and the rest of your even if you are using HGH for weight loss.

Go for a brisk walk before your big meals

You know what? Go even one step further and do a 20-minute, high-intensity interval workout in the morning. And you can do this with just bodyweight right from the comfort of your living room! Hell, make it a family affair too and invite your Aunt Sophie, cousin Cedric, and Uncle Charlie to join you.

Why? Very simply, because it will boost your metabolism and lessen the impact of that big meal you eat later on. Plus, it will plant a guilty seed in your head. Since you worked out in the morning, you will not want to jeopardize the good that you did to your body, so you just might not eat as much. That’s the best-case scenario, of course.

Try fasting – it goes along with HGH for weight loss

You don’t have to get too fancy or elaborate with this one, but it definitely works! On the day of your big meals, try to fast before you eat. Yes, that means do NOT eat before your big meal.

This could end up being 24 hours, depending on when you finished the day before and what time your meal is scheduled to happen. But by doing this, you will spare yourself the earlier calories and you will get full quicker when you do start to eat.

That is because your hunger-stimulating hormone known as ghrelin will become stabilized.

If you do get hungry earlier in the day, eat some sea salt and pound some water. That’s a quick trick of the trade to curb your appetite.

Become friends with the vegetable tray

There’s no doubt you’ll be subjected to casseroles, heavy creams and dips, fatty meats and appetizers at any holiday party or gathering that you attend. But this is where you need to put on your big-boy panties and man up!

Simply put, seek out the veggies! You may be lucky enough to find a whole tray of raw vegetables with hummus dip, which is going to be the best bet. Or, you might be lucky to find a huge salad or roasted or steamed vegetables.

Find whatever you can in this department and fill over half of your plate with the said fare. If you ever wondered how really ripped dudes stay that way, you just figured out one of their secrets. They know how to find low-calorie, high-nutrient foods and they fill upon them.

Vegetables, in their most unadulterated state, fall into this category. Do your body a favor and build your meals around them. They will help fill you up and make you less likely to go overboard at the other end of the table where the more harmful stuff resides.

Closing Message

On a final note, we wish you peace, love, and happiness this holiday season! And let’s all finish strong and focus our attention on a positive, productive, and healthy 2021. Keep on moving in the right direction, take it one day at a time and only think about that which you DO want.

Leave the fear, worry and doubt and to the others. You are the master and the only one in control of your life. Flip the switch, turn the volume up and crash into the new year with all guns blazing.