Summer Six Pack Secrets on an HGH Cycle

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Let’s set the stage. You are going through an HGH cycle and you’re being a good little soldier by eating clean, getting adequate sleep, and saying your prayers every night. Yes, that is inspired by Hulk Hogan. But you have to admit, it is sage advice.   

Anyway, you want to feel and look good in revealing clothes. Especially when you’re walking on a beach in the summertime for all the world to see. Well, getting the chesticles to pop might be a good goal, but nothing catches the eye of the public like a svelte midsection.

The trick is to know the secrets on how to make this part of your anatomy stand out. By dedicating some time and attention to this during the day and while at the gym, you just might build a six-pack and be the envy of all passersby.

Use these secrets to your advantage!

1. Do Turkish get-ups

Abs are not built by doing sloppy sit-ups or crunches. They just subject you to lower back pain and make you look like a buffoon. Don’t be THAT guy! Be the guy who incorporates kettlebell Turkish get-ups into their weekly workout routine with good quality and form.

You see, defined abs are the product of tension in your gut. A “TGU” causes a high amount of tension that is held for an extended period of time. If you do a set of 10, slow and controlled TGUs, you are going to already feel like you did 1,000 crunches.

Except you will also be working your glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and chest. Basically, you’ll be doing a full-body drill that has a high return on investment when it comes to building a six-pack. That spells good news for your goals.

2. Ride your bike up steep hills while standing

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let us regress for a quick second. In order to see any definition in your abdomen, you must first burn that ugly layer of adiposity that lingers around like a psycho, ex-girlfriend.

Both need to be eliminated. And the best way to get rid of the fat is by burning calories through cardio. Basic cardio like running and swimming can get the job done. But riding a bike up steep hills is a secret for shredding the stomach.

When you stand and “grind” your way up a steep hill, you do two things at once. You burn a lot of calories because your heart rate will shoot through the roof. And secondly, you create an enormous amount of tension in your abs to produce power and keep your body upright.

That my friend is a winning combination. And you get a similar effect with TGUs, which makes them a great companion to uphill bike riding.

3. Perform off-the-ground-training

No, this does not mean squat jumps. Although, they are killer exercises and burn a ton of calories while scorching your legs. This is more like drills that are performed while hanging from a pull-up bar.

Pull-ups themselves are every bit as much ab exercises as they are back exercises. When you do them, you have to create a ton of tension in your abs to ensure you execute proper form.

This transfers nicely to your midsection and it can catapult your progress. Other drills like archer pull-ups, skin-the-cats, hanging leg raises and windshield wipers all work like magic too.

Plus, these drills contribute a high amount of caloric expenditure to brighten your day even more. Lastly, they all help with posture and building stable, strong shoulders.

4. Perform snatches

You’re going to need to break out the kettlebell again for this one. Snatches are ballistic drills that are performed by back swinging a kettlebell between your legs, then forcefully pulling it straight above your head in a locked-out position with your arm.

They burn as many calories as cross-country skiing uphill, while also creating a high amount of tension in your abs. Once you get good at them with one arm, you can also do them with two kettlebells.

5. Work out in a fasted state

People love to suck down shakes, bars, bananas, pre-workout formulas and exogenous ketones before they hit the gym floor. But why? The second you do this, your hormones shift inside your body and the HGH injections you are doing don’t really make as much sense.

That’s not to say that they don’t work. But there is a way for you to capitalize in a more efficient manner. And that way is by working out in a fasted state. Here’s the deal.

You have a short-term and long-term benefit of this. In the short term, your insulin levels are low and your HGH levels are high. This bodes well for building lean muscle mass, which translates to your stomach too.

In the long term, your body slowly becomes fat-adapted, which causes you to burn more fat all hours of the day. And this includes your belly.

Your best bet is to work out first thing in the morning after a good 10-hour fast. Chances are, you will notice results within a week.

Summing it all Up – HGH matters

OK, you are now in the driver’s seat to pass out all the other schmoes on the beach or the local public pool this summer. Feel free to do what you want with the information you just learned.

If you keep it to yourself, you can end up being the talk of the town. But if you leak it out to all of your peeps, it could come back to haunt you. Either way, stay dedicated, stay motivated and act like you are already in possession of that which you want.