HGH Vallartas Top Tips to Survive Your Super Bowl Party

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It’s that time of year again. The football playoffs are kicking off, and that means only one thing… you will likely be invited to a Super Bowl party. And this can also mean something else… you run the risk of falling completely off the wagon with your diet and staying off it.  

In turn, this can spiral you out of control and derail all the hard work you’ve done to this point. And if you’ve been in construction, you probably know how arduous and painstaking it is to fix what others have messed up. DO NOT let this happen to your body!

All that being said, in case you are in need of some tips to keep your waistline exactly where it is, here you go. Commit these to memory, write them down or do whatever it takes to prevent a monumental collapse. You may not be able to prevent your favorite team from succumbing to defeat, but you sure can do it with your body.

1. Work out in the morning.

People often take holidays off from exercising. And these very same people often consider Super Bowl Sunday a holiday. Arguably, the day AFTER the Super Bowl should be considered a holiday, but that’s another story.

The bottom line is, if you work out the morning of the Super Bowl, you will be doing two things that can prove pivotal for you later in the day. First of all, you will boost your metabolism. Especially if you do a high-intensity interval workout.

This will help reduce any damage done with your diet later on, in case you do go off the deep end.

Secondly, if you exercise in the morning, it will create a bit of motivation for you to stay focused and on track when the pile of food you walk into starts to expand. Use guilt to your advantage in this situation.

2. Go light on the booze.

Don’t sit there with your face all bent out of shape. You know good and doggone well alcohol has a negative impact on your body. Not only is it high in EMPTY calories, but it also does a Mexican hat dance on your testosterone levels.

And aren’t you getting HGH injections? If you want to put in a bid to cancel those out, then go right ahead and slug down a metric ton of adult beverages. But if you want to keep your body intact, then stick to one or two drinks and call it good.

3. Fill up on veggies.

Although there is a gigantic amount of unhealthy fare at a Super Bowl party, you would be hard pressed to NOT find a veggie tray. Nosh on those tasty little jewels and feel the power!

They are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and they also contain fiber and a high amount of water. You will fill up like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in a matter of minutes when you eat these. Just be careful with the ranch dressing.

A better option would be to dip them in guacamole, since it is high in monounsaturated fat from the avocados. This is the good fat that keeps your testosterone and hormone levels firing on all cylinders.

4. Slow your roll!

Just because Ezekiel Elliot might be sprinting down the sideline to score a touchdown, it doesn’t mean you have to follow his lead at the snack table. Eating too fast can get you in trouble, because you will be consuming too many calories.

Take a tortilla chip, dip it into salsa and chew that sucker until it almost disintegrates in your mouth. Swallow, then repeat.

This will also allow your level of ghrelin to come back down to baseline, and you won’t be as hungry.

5. Bring your own booty!

Back in history, pirates would pillage what they could from unsuspecting people, and the term “booty” was coined from it. They would hold on to these possessions as if they were their own, and they’d take you out if you tried to steal them back.

Well, a good tip is to bring your own food, or booty, to the party and protect it with your life. You can then be in complete control of what you eat and drink. And if you prepare something über healthy, like a hummus dip with flax crackers and a kale salad, you just spared yourself a million calories.

The Final Score

Don’t be afraid of a Super Bowl party. In fact, don’t be afraid of anything at all, ever! Use the tips from above and walk in there with confidence and your head held high. With some strategic moves, you will be sitting pretty and won’t fall to the face of temptation.

Then there will be no food or alcohol hangover to contend with the following day. And you will still be as happy as a lark and maintain your healthy ways in the days afterward.