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Yoga for Better HGH results

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If you are a dude, you may be averse to stepping into a yoga class. You don’t have to strain your eyes to recognize that there would be a very high population of women in said yoga class. But you also won’t see a sign outside the studio that says, “Women only.” Well, I’m here to tell you that Yoga could be the answer to better HGH therapy results!  

Then what are you afraid of? Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that can benefit men just as much as women. In fact, the paradox is, yoga is probably even more important for men than women.

All that heavy weight-training that you likely do can take its toll on your muscles, joints, and connective tissue in general. If you’re doing an HGH cycle with Humatrope, it can help you build those muscles that you want. But it still won’t do much for your flexibility. And that’s where yoga comes to the table.

Just ask Mathew McConaughey, Adam Lavine, Sting, Woody Harrelson, or any of the professional athletes who do it on the reg. They are all yogis! And chances are, some of them might be doing HGH injections too. There’s nothing wrong with either of these when correctly and at the right time.

More About the Benefits of Yoga for better HGH Results

As quickly mentioned above, yoga improves flexibility and helps you get your dream body. And honestly, that’s pretty much all you need to know right there. Creating tension in your body from your gym workouts over and over again makes you less limber and more like a walking tree stump.

This impedes your ability to do other things like playing sports, climbing stairs, putting groceries in a car, and even delivering the goods in the bedroom. Do you really think it would be cool to experience a back spasm when your lover is waiting for you to perform?

Well, if you take your overall health seriously, then yoga is your answer!

Also, during a yoga practice, you spend a lot of time concentrating on your bodily position. This has a direct effect on brain function. In other words, it can help make you more alert and better able to concentrate when you are done.

Additionally, you have to take long, deep breaths while holding a Warrior II, Boat Pose, and so on. This has a direct effect on your stress levels. In other words, it can chill you the heck out and reduce your levels of anxiety.

Lastly, there are some really challenging yoga poses that can in fact make you stronger. Arm balances, for example, can do this, as well as multiple plank variations. And once you get the hang of it, you can craft your own workouts and make them as intense as you want.

As much as you might’ve believed half-truths, it is definitely not for sissies who wear yoga pants. And that’s not even a requirement. Shorts work just fine. And depending on where you live, you just might come across a naked yoga class too! That could be an eventful outing.

How it’s Done | Including Yoga for better Results

Yoga is not like your typical 3 sets of 12 beefcake stuff. You hold your body in a position called a “pose” or “asana” if you want to get fancy. This pose is held for an extended period of time and then you move to another one. The end result is you get a long stretch on your connective tissue, which makes it more supple and elongated.

And that’s what you want to do to achieve all of the before mentioned benefits.

When you attend a class or watch a video on TV or your computer, the instructor will take you through a flow of poses that target all of your major muscle groups. You will likely do balancing poses too—either on one foot or one foot and one hand.

These suckers really transfer nicely to balance when you are in an uncompromised position in daily life.

Frequency For Better Results

Unlike heavy lifting, you can practice yoga every day and for multiple bouts throughout the day. That’s actually the best way to experience the benefits it has to offer. And this is made possible because there is no real high load being placed on your muscles and joints.

But, if you happen to be brand new to exercise and you choose to start off with yoga, do take caution. Any new type of activity placed on weak or unused muscles can cause soreness in the days afterward.

Or, here’s another scenario. If you are as tight as a guitar string, and you’ve been lifting weights your whole life, you can still be in for a great big wake-up call with yoga. It is a practice that is very different than strength training.

You will be using your muscles in different ways than they’re accustomed to and you will also possibly target muscles you didn’t know you had. This sets the stage for possible soreness the next few days and you will likely gain respect for yoga if you didn’t have it before.


At the end of the day, you may not be able to pose your way out of everything. But you certainly CAN pose your way to better flexibility, better performance in the sack, better brain function, and maybe even more peace and produce way better HGH Results.

What part of any of this sounds awful? None of it, that’s what! So go make yoga a part of your daily routine and watch your body transform from a block of concrete to a stalk of bamboo.