Glucagon Kit 1mg Red

Glucagon Kit 1mg

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Glucagon injections are recombinant versions of the naturally occurring hormone. They represent a medically necessary form of treatment for diabetics. Learn more about glucagon and how it can help you below.

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Glucagon Injection

A hormone that elevates blood sugar, glucagon is produced naturally in the pancreas. The human body sends out glucagon in response to low insulin and glucose levels, triggering the breakdown of glycogen in the liver. These glycogen stores, therefore, raise blood sugar, helping maintain homeostasis and deliver nutrients to the tissue.

When blood glucose levels get high enough, insulin gets released, signaling glucose uptake into insulin-dependent tissues. Thus, these two hormones are part of an essential feedback system that maintains homeostasis and feeds our cells. However, in case of diabetics, the pancreas can’t do its job properly.

How do Glucagon Injections Work?

Diabetics require insulin and glucagon injections to control blood sugar. In an absence of natural production, insulin injections allow them to uptake glucose and store it for later use. As glucagon is insulin’s counterpart, taking it can keep your blood sugar from dropping dangerously low. intervention.

Recombinant hormones are a synthetic version of what occurs naturally in our bodies. Since the pancreas can’t respond to the internal feedback in diabetes, glucagon injections are a potentially life-saving.

Glucagon Dosage

In cases of severe hypoglycemia, up to one milligram can be injected in adults as an emergency response. In children less than 20kg, doctors prescribe 0.5 mg injections, while larger, older children can have one milligram.

However, quick-digesting sugars should always be administered as soon as possible. Glucagon can only help break down stored glycogen reserves, which run out eventually. Diabetics still need to eat sugars as soon as possible. Complex carbohydrate help restore liver glycogen levels, while simple sugars replenish blood glucose.

Side Effects

Typical side effects of glucagon injections include:

• Changes in blood pressure
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Allergic reactions
• Elevated heart rate

As these injections can save your life, however, some side effects tend to be worth it. Severe hypoglycemia leading to loss of consciousness is often a worse problem than vomiting. If you have any concerns about side effects or allergies, consult with a medical progressional.

Pricing in Mexico

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