Home Tools for Staying Pumped on an HGH Cycle

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There’s not much wrong with that plan at all! But here is one potential problem. What if you do not have a gym membership and do not aspire to have one? Yet you still want to get pumped and stay that way over time, especially when on an HGH Cycle.

Well, extend your arm straight in front of your body and fix your gaze on your fingers. The answer to every problem on the face of this earth is never any farther away than that.

And when it comes to working out, while on HGH, you have all the tools you need right in the comfort of your own home. You just might not know it yet. But you’re about to find out. And when you do, you can use said tools to get about a thousand years’ worth of workouts in.

How does that sound? Good! Without any further ado, here is a list of gadgets with some exercises you can use them for to match.

A chair as workout home tool

Every kitchen has a table with chairs. Unless you are the world’s biggest minimalist, there’s a good chance you have at least one chair to sit on. If that is the case, you can use it to do exercises like dips, elevated push-ups, step-ups, seated knee pull-ins and hip bridges.


A towel comes in handy in a few different ways. First and foremost, it can be used to slide on the floor. You can assume a plank position, for example, place your feet on the towel and do knee pull-ins.

You can also place your hands on two towels and knees on the floor to do alternating forward slides. These are like push-ups, but one arm is going forward while the other arm bends.

Another way to use a towel is by draping it over an open, sturdy door. You can then grab the ends and do pullups.

Water Jugs

A one-gallon water jug weighs 8 lbs. That is all the weight you need to do jug chops and weighted crunches. You can also weave a towel through one or more jugs and use them as added resistance for squats, hammer curls and lunges.


A broomstick works well for stretching drills and as an instrument for ab exercises. For example, you can lie on your back with your arms stretched out behind your head with your palms up.

Then you can do a sit-up as you tuck your knees into your chest. As you get to the endpoint, wrap the stick around your feet and hold for a second. Slowly unravel to the starting position and repeat.


The bed can be used for more than sex and sleeping. You can lie across it on your stomach with your upper body hanging over the edge to do back extensions.


No, not Jim Beam! The beam in this case is an open beam that you might have in your house or basement. It can be used to hang from and do pull-ups and leg/knee raises. Another option is, you can use an open stairway with plenty of headroom or the edge of a deck.

All of these areas can be utilized for off-the-ground exercises. And these types of drills are super good for the upper body and posture.

Tractor Tire

Not everyone has a tractor tire sitting around the back of their house. You will most likely have to live on a farm or rural location for there to even be a chance of having one and using it as a workout home tool.

But, in the event you do, you are in luck. You can flip that sucker over and over again across your yard. This will essentially work every muscle in your body, and also blast your heart rate through the stratosphere.

So you can kill three birds with one stone. You’ll build muscle, burn calories and improve your cardiovascular endurance all at the same time.


Ah yes, the good old sledgehammer. You can simply take it out back and start smashing it into the ground. This would be a killer core workout, and also make you sweat like a mixed martial artist at the end of a 5-round title fight.

And you can also do this fun little game. In the event you DO have a tractor tire, flip it across your yard, then do 20 sledge smashes into it. Flip it back to the starting point and then back to the hammer, and repeat. Heck, you can do this for 20 minutes straight and call it a workout!

Putting the Pieces Together

Perhaps you’ve just been awakened to crafty ways you can get more exercise and activity at home. Or maybe your mind is now on fire with ways you are going to build entire workouts at home.

There really is no wrong answer. All that matters is, if you REALLY want results, you need to follow your HGH Cycle AND do supplementary things. It’s not really that complicated. Just make sure to execute discipline and you’ll do just fine.