5 Not-so Obvious Benefits of Biking

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The Tour de France is in full swing as we speak! And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out quickly that an event of this magnitude takes a type of mental strength unheard of by the common man. You need not one, but two more gears than even the most highly trained athlete. 

It’s basically balls to the wall the entire time you are gliding across the blacktop surface for days in a row. Do you remember Lance Armstrong? Although he get in trouble for doping, he was still a finely tuned specimen, also known as a freak of nature.

And you can be a hoss as well if you buy HGH legally, and that’s what our anti-aging clinic is for. But… this meeting hasn’t been called into action today to talk about doing beefcake workouts and having to purchase new shirts to fit your chesticles in.

We are going to address another perspective of biking that you may not have thought about before—the benefits that don’t completely jump out at you. Use these as key motivators to get off your lazy posterior and get more daily activity. It all adds up and can all help improve your overall health.

1. Less pollution

Have you ever seen some half-assed nitwit flick a cigarette butt out the window of a moving car? Or worse yet, have you ever seen someone blatantly throw a fast food wrapper or cup out the window of a moving car?

You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger bag of douche than the driver of that vehicle. Littering is one of the worst crimes that people get away with and it is absolutely inexcusable.

Fast forward to your human operated vehicle with two wheels and you have an apparatus that makes it really hard to litter. Sure, you can munch on a goo or nutrition bar, and simply drop it on the ground.

But the ability to eat and drink, and throw something off to the side is a lot harder. Plus, bike riders tend to be a lot more conscious of littering and simply do not do it.

Lastly, when you ride a bike, you are right out in the great wide open for everyone to see. If you try to litter, you will easily be spotted and pointed out. This is a built-in deterrent that can keep the ground cleaner.

2. Faster transit time than walking

This benefit predominately affects those who live in a bigger city like San Fran, NYC or Chicago. If you do live in one of these locales, you can conceivably get by without a car at all.

Most things, including work, are within walking distance. This can save on environmental toxins, but it can also afford you the ability to get some added exercise into your day.

However, the downside of walking is that it can take a little while to get from point A to point B. If you have an abundance of time to kill, that might not be a big deal. But, if you are a busy, important person, that may not be the best scenario.

That’s where the bike comes to the table. You can get honkin and be at your destination before you know it. Especially if you get yourself an eBike. A quick twist of the throttle can cut down on your commute even more.

3. Cost efficiency of biking

Cars are not cheap. And neither are trucks. Plus, public transportation like cabs, buses, Ubers and trains can all add up over time like your daily dose of triple mocha lattes. A much better option is getting a bike and using it as your main means of transportation whenever and wherever you can.

Granted, bikes these days are not as cheap as they once were. But they still cost way less than motorized vehicles. And, once you have one, the maintenance is next to nothing compared to a car or truck. There’s no gas, no oil changes, no transmission flushes or tire rotations to deal with.

4. Built-in cooling system

From an exercise perspective, here is something you probably haven’t thought too much about. When you go for a run on a hot, summer day, you will likely sweat profusely and get fairly heated up.

The same can be said about biking, but you get something with this activity that running does not afford you—a built-in cooling system.

You can grind your way up a long, steep hill and get gas’d, hot, tired and sweaty. But once you hit the top, you can cruise on down and get a nice homemade breeze in your face. This is not the case with running.

You’ll get a little bit of a physical break because you won’t have to work so hard, but you’re still in the hot sun and don’t get the breeze effect.

5. Avoiding crowded parking lots

It can be very stressful when going to local concerts, parks, malls, grocery stores, farmer’s markets and so on. First of all, there are a lot of schmoes out there who don’t know how to park and are disrespectful when it comes to staying inside the lines.

Secondly, you often have to sit and wait for hours on a hot and humid day. That especially pertains to outdoor concerts. Do you want to avoid all of this aggravation? Glue your ass to the seat of a bike and pedal!

You’d be shocked at how much unnecessary riffraff and struggle you can dodge by simply riding a bike to your local destinations. Most venues these days have provisions set up FOR bikers too. They even have valets for bikes.

And if you get yourself some racks or wear a backpack, you have a place to store and transport your cargo. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Coasting to the finish line

You may not have ambitions of competing in the Tour de France or even using the bike as a centerpiece in your workouts. But, it can be a really handy tool to get you around town and also to keep the pollution problem to a minimum. Go get yourself one and contribute something positive to the world and your body.