HGH and diet! The REAL Power of Salad

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We all hear about how salad is good for you and you should eat it every day, and blah blah blah… However, we rarely talk about how to stimulate the human growth hormone secretion through diet. Also, do people sit back and really think about why is salad a good diet choice? Some of you probably do eat salad on the reg and you know it’s good for you. However, you just take into consideration that it’s good because an expert told you so. 

Well, if you were told to scrape barnacles off a boat and make a stew out of them because it’ll add an inch of muscle to your biceps, would you do it? It’s not like it’s an HGH prescription that can guarantee you results. It’s more of a hope ’n’ poke strategy.

All this being said, salad IS actually good for you and you are about to find out the real reasons why. If this isn’t enough to sway you into finally eating it, then you might be a lost cause. Or, you just plain hate vegetables. And if that’s the case, you best start trying to change your position on that.

HGH and diet! Forgotten Fiber

There was a time, not too long ago, when fiber had a great reputation and it was talked about daily as a viable substance to boost health. Well, with the advent of the Paleo, keto and high-protein diet crazes, it has slowly slipped into obscurity. And what a shame that is.

Fiber is arguably THE most important substance for building strong gut bacteria. And it is this same bacteria that enables you to break down the chicken breasts, avocados, nuts, seeds, eggs and anything else you might be eating when you go “keto.”

So doesn’t it make a lot of sense that you should be getting copious amounts of fiber in your diet? The answer is, yep… And an easy way to do that is through the medium of salads. Greens themselves, which form the base of most salads, are high in fiber.

A bag of baby spinach that you get from your local health food store has about 10 percent of your daily suggested intake of fiber alone. If you add other greens, then the content piles up even more.

Hydration for the Win

Are you one of those people who hate to drink water? That’s good… eat some salad! The water content in greens is high. Not to mention, when you add other veggies to your bowl like cucumbers, celery, squash, tomatoes, and green beans, the water content quickly adds up.

The bottom line here is, you do not have to drink twice your weight in ounces of water every day if you eat a salad or two instead. It’s much more fun and palate-pleasing to chew food than drink a colorless, tasteless beverage anyway.

Nutrient Density

There are so many vitamins and minerals in a salad that it’s not even funny. If you go back to baby spinach alone, you get a generous dose of iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, B vitamins, potassium, and magnesium.

Add romaine lettuce, kale, arugula, and the before-mentioned vegetables to the fray and you’re now talking about a one-stop-shop of power-packing nutrients.

Size Matters

Here’s something you might have never put much thought into. A single smear of melted cheese, spread across a loaded baked potato can run around 200 calories. An entire bowl of salad can take up a huge amount of volume and be about the same amount.

And it can take a lot of time to eat this portion of food. When you look at volume-to-calorie ratios, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more fitting option than salad. There is a lot of food in front of you, but it won’t break the calorie bank. Unless, of course, you drown it in dressing and add excessive amounts of cheese.

But if you stick to minimal toppings, it is a home run when you are looking to it as a weight-loss food.


There are many ways to stimulate HGH secretion through diet or to doctor up a salad to make it pleasing to your interests. They never have to be boring. For example, you can make it carnivorous by adding beef, fish, and eggs, vegetarian by adding only cheese, vegan by adding beans, tempeh, nuts, and seeds, or you can take the kitchen sink approach and add a blend of everything.

Such diversity makes it fun and functional in one fell swoop. If your food is boring, you may not want to eat it. And FYI, this is a good reason to visit a local salad bar. The options to choose from are aplenty!

Convenient Location

The convenient location here is the bowl itself. Once you throw down a bed of greens, you then have a convenient spot to pack a lot of other healthy goodies into it like olives, olive oil, raspberries, salmon, and fava beans.

Building a salad of this magnitude would be similar to getting Somatropin for sale and doing an HGH cycle. Only, you wouldn’t have to worry about injections. And the reason why this would be like getting HGH for sale is that all the foods mentioned above help naturally boost HGH levels.

Any time you can give yourself added reinforcement, you should go for it. And it’s as easy as whipping yourself up a big bowl of salad.

The Happy Factor

Here is one last tidbit of information that might be completely foreign to you. Certain species of lettuce contain this milky substance down near the base called lactucarium. This is often referred to as “lettuce opium.” With a name like that, you can pretty much spell out what it does for you.

It helps put you in a tranquil mood, it reduces anxiety and it can even help you sleep. Overall, it’s a mood-boosting, natural form of opium.

When you are prepping your salads, make sure to add romaine hearts and use as much of them as you can. They contain some of the highest levels of lactucarium.

Reality Check – Stimulate HGH Secretion through Diet

You really just got a quick glimpse of the magic known as a salad. There are so many other preparations out there and different types of vegetables that you can add, that you should never go hungry. You can make salads the main course or a side dish, and even eat them for breakfast. Get creative, get healthy, and always do what’s best for your body.