What are the Dangers & Side Effects of HGH?

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HGH Side Effects

Side Effects and Dangers of HGH are typically experienced when the drug is abused. One should avoid HGH if they have a family history of cancer or an individual has active cancer. It can be dangerous to a patient who has cancer since it stimulates cell production and regeneration. When HGH is abuse it can also cause less production of HGH by the pituitary gland for a while, the duration is dependent on the person’s lifestyle and the level of abuse.  

Robert Butler, M.D., a Gerontologist have said that despite of the positive results provided by HGH treatment, it can also cause negative side effects in the form of risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, and behaviour changes.

Though regulated and supervised growth hormone therapy can also cause few side effects.

It can cause overproduction of IGF-1 concentrations

This will lead to some serious side effects like diabetes, general bloating, swelling in arms and legs. Acromegaly it is a disorder that is caused by the excessive production of growth hormone it leads to a change in physical appearance such as protruding jaw and eyebrow bones. People with acromegaly usually experience enlarged hands and feet as signs, people with this disorder often notice that they can no longer put on rings, change in shoes size and many more.

Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar

It is a condition where the level of sugar or glucose in your body drops down. This may occur in the starting or ending the HGH cycle or when changing the dose. It is manifested by a sudden “hunger attack”. Hypoglycaemia is noticeable mostly right after a physical activity. This can last up to 2 week after HGH cycle has been ended.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is characterized by occasional feeling of “pins and needles” it is often observed by people who are taking daily dosage of 4IU or higher. Other symptoms include tingling and numbness that most often occur in the index finger, thumb, and middle finger, half of the ring finger or repetitive strain in the wrist area during exercise. This effect is just temporary it will go away when the dosage is lowered or after stopping the cycle. As long as the pain is bearable the patient can still continue taking their normal HGH cycle. This effect is a common issue during initial cycles but will be gone especially after the wrist have adapted and the carpal is barely noticeable.

Water retention

It is a particular and a common side effect of HGH that usually diminished after several weeks of use. At doses of 4IU and above, patients will notice either a swollen face or a little fuller. This is a desirable effect for some people since it gives a more youthful glow. This condition can potentially increase the severity of carpal syndrome.

Morning aches

An individual will more likely to experience heavy and tiring feeling after the first few minutes of waking up. It is similar to having a heavy workout in the gym and waking up tired the next day, however this effect usually disappears within an hour but in some case it will last longer for several hours.

Bleeding: Another danger of HGH is bleeding, HGH patients may experience different kinds of bleeding this includes bleeding in the gum and even sudden nosebleed. Cases where patients cough up blood was also reported, blood is present in the urine, women can even have vaginal bleeding.

High blood Pressure

Since HGH is an anabolic steroid can cause sodium retention that will further lead to vasoconstriction and retention of sodium and water. The increase the volume of blood will lead to hypertension. The worst side effects include stroke, and chronic kidney disease. Patients with high blood pressure problems are advised not to take HGH therapy.

General Bloating

There would be a bloating in the different parts of the body including in the face when taking HGH this is caused by HGH water retention. Bloating is usually one of the most common side effects of HGH replacement therapy.

Injection site reaction. There might be an inflammation or damage around the injection site especially if it is not done rotationally.

Increased risk of diabetes

Though HGH treatment therapy can cause low blood sugar, this can also increase the risk of getting diabetes. Patients diagnosed with diabetes must take into consideration the possible dangers of HGH and must strictly adhere to their doctor’s instruction.

Gynecomastia (man boobs)

HGH has been known to increase prolactin which can cause boobs enlargement. HGH is works with estrogen in the development of gynecomastia. An increased risk of developing gynecomastia is found on individual who uses aromatizable anabolic steroids in combination withHuman Growth Hormone. TO combat this issue either an aromatase inhibitor or the use of a SERM is used to block estrogen from attaching to and activating receptor sites in breast tissue.

Important: Contact and discuss with your health care provider any Side effects you experience during the course of the treatment. There is nothing to worry about HGH Replacement Therapy as long as you get a doctor’s prescription and follow his/her advice.