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Lowtiyel is a testosterone substance prescribed in cases of hypogonadism. Unlike traditional testosterone injections, Lowtiyel comes in a gel form, most commonly sold under the brand name AndroGel. To use Lowtiyel, apply the 1 or 1.62 testosterone gel across your chest and upper arms, only on areas that can be covered by a T-shirt. Allow Lowtiyel to dry sufficiently before showering or coming in contact with another’s skin. Lowtiyel is easily transferable. If signs of masculinity or testosterone appear in women, children, or anyone not prescribed the medication, consult a professional.

*Lowtiyel is approved by the FDA for treatment of hypogonadism.

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LowTiyel Injection

Lowtiyel, commonly known as the brand AndroGel, is a prescription substance used to treat men with low testosterone. Usually, to get a prescription, you have to be diagnosed with hypogonadism. For those wishing to take testosterone without this diagnosis, there are options to buy Lowtiyel or Androgel for sale in Mexico, – the exact same drug, completely legally, completely safe.

AndroGel is a topical gel that contains testosterone. It is usually used as a replacement therapy in men who have low levels of testosterone. The gel is applied to the skin, and it is important that the application site have intact skin in order for the gel to be effective. The gel concentration varies, and the amount of gel that is applied will depend on the concentration that is being used. Androgel is typically applied once a day, and it should be applied at the same time each day in order to maintain a steady level of testosterone in the body.

Why Buy Androgel Mexico?

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Obviously, if you suffer from hypogonadism, there could be medical issues that require exogenous testosterone for regular hormonal functioning. In this case, your doctor will likely prescribe exogenous testosterone. AndroGel is a great way to administer testosterone as it’s a simple, effective cream, and it doesn’t involve any needles or injections.

Additionally, those with low testosterone (without hypogonadism) or who want to enhance testosterone for sexual reasons, muscle mass building, or more can use AndroGel easily. Simply apply it underneath a t-shirt, and you’re on your way to more testosterone.

LowTiyel for Sale as Testosterone Enhancement

lowtiyel for sale as testosterone enhancement

Lowtiyel adds exogenous testosterone to increase serum testosterone levels. AndroGel specifically comes in 1 and 1.62 concentrations for different applications. Getting Lowtiyel for sale as testosterone enhancement can be difficult for those without hypogonadism. It’s a prescription medication that requires blood tests and a doctor’s visit for approval.

You can buy Lowtiyel for sale as testosterone enhancement on multiple sites online. Plenty of shady websites will claim to sell you cheap lowtiyel directly ordered and shipped through their site. First of all, this is illegal to do without a prescription in the United States. Therefore, they’re likely getting their medication from another country. In this case, it’s illegal to ship drugs across country borders. The DEA notes this as a criminal offense that can result in imprisonment.

So yeah, maybe don’t take that chance.

Instead, you can get Androgel for sale in Mexico directly from a pharmacy with a real doctor giving you a prescription. The regulations in Mexico allow prescription and sale of lowtiyel for “off label” use in the USA. You’re allowed to travel across the border with up to a three-month’s supply of prescription medication.

Using LowTiyel

Once you’ve received Lowtiyel, make sure to clean the skin at the application area. Apply the gel on to your upper arms and shoulders – only on areas that will be covered by a short-sleeved shirt. Skin contact with others can transmit AndroGel, so be sure not to rub against anyone else after the application site has been applied.

Wash your hands thoroughly after applying Lowtiyel. Wait until the gel has dried completely, and then cover with a shirt. That’s it! Allow time for testosterone to absorb and kick in, waiting at least 2 hours to shower. AndroGel is flammable while still wet, so avoid open flames until fully dry.

Recommended starting dose will vary based on a person, the concentration of gel, and individual needs. Therefore, it’s important to meet with a doctor to assess how your treatment is going. They’ll be able to monitor the effects of testosterone treatment and increase or lower dosage accordingly.

Side Effest of Androgel Mexico

The most prevalent “side effect” of AndroGel is easy to transfer. Lowtiyel is not meant for use in women or children, so make sure to avoid skin to skin contact with others for a few hours after application. If any signs of testosterone appear in women or children, such as acne, signs of puberty in children, or increased body hair, consult with a medical professional immediately.

Other side effects of Lowtiyel include:

• Skin irritation
• Swelling of ankles or feet
• Enlarged/painful breasts
• Sleep issues such as apnea
• Mood swings
• High blood pressure
• High red blood cell count

Those who already have an enlarged prostate, increased risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, urinary problems, heart, liver, or kidney issues should consult with a medical professional before beginning any use of AndroGel. Serious side effects such as blood clots and increased risk of heart attack or stroke are rare, but may occur.

Finally, talk to your doctor if these or any serious side effects like chest pain, pancreatitis, shortness of breath, or more occur. 

Androgel Cost in Mexico

Cost of Androgel in Mexico

The price of AndroGel can run up to $700 for a 25mg container of gel without insurance. As it’s almost impossible to get insurance for off label use, much less get a prescription, it’s no wonder you’d look elsewhere. For bodybuilding, sexual stamina, or to combat the effects of aging, consumers should head to a pharmacy in Mexico to purchase their AndroGel.

The price of AndroGel in Mexico typically ranges around $150-200 for a single 25mg bottle of gel, depending on the pharmacy you visit. At HGH Vallarta, purchase of AndroGel not only includes your product, but we also offer airport pick up, consultation with an endocrinologist, and follow-ups for long-term treatment.